Trump VP candidate shoots down one ugly Democrat smear job in spectacular fashion

Donald Trump is still deliberating on who his running mate will be.

He is unlikely to go with an establishment pick like Mike Pence this time around.

And a Trump VP candidate just shot down one ugly Democrat smear job.

Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) really gets under the skin of the Democrat Party.

He is a popular black Republican in an important state who’s also an effective communicator, which is why he has received some buzz as a Vice Presidential pick.

Democrats despise him so much that he was denied entry into the Congressional Black Caucus because “black” is a substitute for “Democrat” in the eyes of the Left.

Donalds getting smeared

Congressman Donalds recently spoke at an event in Philadelphia, and he talked about the growing fatherlessness rate in the black community, which accelerated with the Great Society welfare programs of the 1960s.

Dishonest Democrats twisted his words to suggest that he argued black families were better off in the Jim Crow Era.

Donalds appeared on CNN to set the record straight.

CNN host Abby Phillip asked, “What did you mean by black families were more together during Jim Crow?”

Donalds responded, “Frankly, what that is, is about the empirical fact that before the Great Society, before Lyndon Johnson’s policies, there was more black families united. The marriage rate in black America was significantly higher before the Great Society, the period of time that coincides with that obviously is Jim Crow era. And then after the Great Society, the marriage rate in the black community plummeted significantly.”

This is objectively true.

The Great Society program disincentivized intact families.

That does not mean that Donalds believes things were peachy for black people under Jim Crow.

Donalds continued, “The Great Society is a part of that reason, not completely, but it’s definitely a part of that. And what you’re seeing right now in America is a reformation of black families in America. That’s a good thing, not only for the black community and for black families, but it’s also a good thing for the country.”

Phillip asked again, “So what was the point of tying together the black family and Jim Crow, specifically? I mean, Jim Crow, as you know, was a period of racial segregation, of racial terror. Why would you make that connection?”

Donalds answered, “All I was doing was referring to the time periods when you talk about the historical timelines in America and coinciding with black families and what the marriage rate in black families are. The overarching point is obviously talking about what polling shows today that about 20, 25 percent of the black vote, depending on what poll you’re looking at, is leaning towards supporting Republicans and supporting President Trump. The corollary to that is, is that when you’re in a family unit, husband and wife living together, working together, thriving together, you’re raising your kids, your thought process is now talking about building generational wealth.”

Two-parent privilege is the greatest privilege, yet leftists do everything they can to undermine the family.

They have to usurp the family in order to get people to be subservient to the state.

Phillip continued to pepper Donalds on the same talking point.

Dishonest Democrats

He replied, “Abby, let me put it to you like this. Let’s agree on something. I am, you know, obviously one of the better communicators in the Republican Party. I know how to put words together. I do it very, very often. So, I’m not going to say something that I do not agree with. What America is seeing right now, especially black America, is the gaslighting that unfortunately does happen in politics, where you take my comments and you want to weave your own political viewpoint into what I said. What I said is very clear.”

Phillip and  Democrats are playing a game.

They know that Donalds does not believe that black people were better off under Jim Crow.

Democrats and their media allies are being dishonest in order to generate a bad headline.

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