Trump just called out the Fox News backstabber behind Tucker Carlson’s firing

Donald Trump is in a strong position to reclaim the White House.

That is making the establishment very nervous.

And Trump just called out the Fox News backstabber behind Tucker Carlson’s firing.

It’s been over a year since Fox News fired Tucker Carlson when he had the top-rated show on cable television.

No reason was ever stated as to why he was let go, but it’s become quite clear that establishment Republicans took him out because he was too critical of funding the war in Ukraine.

McConnell spills the tea

After Congress was finally able to squeeze through another multi-billion-dollar funding package to Ukraine, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) was asked by a reporter why the bill took so long to come together.

McConnell answered, “I think the demonization of Ukraine began by Tucker Carlson, who in my opinion ended up where he should’ve been all along, which is interviewing [Russian President] Vladimir Putin. . .He had an enormous audience, which convinced a lot of rank-and-file Republicans that maybe this was a mistake.”

That is ultimately why Carlson was fired.

Lo and behold one of the Fox News board members is former House Speaker Paul Ryan, the epitome of a Swamp creature.

Ryan almost certainly helped turn the screws on Carlson behind the scenes.

Now Donald Trump is calling out Ryan for his duplicity.

Trump wrote on Truth Social, “Nobody can ever trust Fox News, and I am one of them, with the weak and ineffective RINO, Paul Ryan, on its Board of Directors. He’s a total lightweight, a failed and pathetic Speaker of the House, and a very disloyal person. Romney was bad, but Paul Ryan made him look worse. As a team, they never had a chance. Rupert and Lachlan, get that dog off your Board – You don’t need him. ALL YOU NEED IS TRUMP. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

Since leaving Fox News, Carlson has been successfully building his own platform, the Tucker Carlson Network.

He continues to be a staunch critic of the warmongers in the establishment.

Tucker’s evolving position on war

In his younger days, Carlson wrote for the bygone neoconservative outlet The Weekly Standard, which was founded by Bill Kristol.

But Carlson turned on the Iraq War and reckless interventionism overall when he traveled to Iraq.

He recounted a conversation he had with a general during dinner.

Carlson said, “I didn’t realize how corrupt and disgusting and feminized the officer class was and politicized, just repulsive people actually at the flag officer level. So we’re sitting at dinner and this general is telling me about, ‘I saw something really touching today. I saw we had this female officer, and she was killed. Her legs were blown off by an IED, and her husband was there.’”

The general believed that he was recounting a touching story, but Carlson was enraged.

Carson continued, “And, he, you know, they’ve got three kids back in Virginia. But he held her hand as she died. And this ultimate sacrifice for America. And I was like—what you’re, like, celebrating this? A girl got killed, a mother. I thought we fought wars to protect mothers and children. First of all, if you’re sending girls to fight your wars, you’re disgusting.”

This is the giant machine that people who oppose endless wars are fighting.

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