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This top MSNBC host just said something insane about Megyn Kelly for a ridiculous reason



MSNBC doesn’t even pretend to be a news organization anymore.

The network simply boosts Democrat talking points and smears anybody right-of-center.

And this top MSNBC host just said something insane about Megyn Kelly for a ridiculous reason.

MSNBC host Tiffany Cross might be the most outrageous voice at the network, and that’s no small feat.

Cross routinely says the most despicable things about race – e.g. calling black speakers at the Republican National Convention a “minstrel show,” and slandering Senator Tim Scott as a “clown.”

Now Cross is insinuating that former Fox News host Megyn Kelly is racist for criticizing women’s tennis star Naomi Osaka.

Outkick CEO Clay Travis pointed out that Osaka withdrew from the French Open because of her supposed crippling introversion, then proceeded to brand herself in multiple public ways:

Kelly piggybacked on Travis’s comment and tweeted:

“Let’s not forget the cover of (& interview in) Vogue Japan and Time Mag!”

That triggered a response from Osaka who quickly blocked Kelly on Twitter.

Then Cross unleashed a screed against Kelly that included:

“It’s no coincidence that Snow White and the Seven Dumb Takes she’s had recently overwhelmingly target black women . . . Kelly is really just trying to crawl her way back into social relevance and the hearts of Fox News viewers.”

The whole ordeal shows that the corporate-controlled press will protect all sacred cows on the Left.

Osaka is “woke,” therefore the political class will protect her at all costs.

She’s a multi-millionaire athlete who doesn’t get to duck out of press conferences simply because she doesn’t feel like it.

Women’s tennis legend Martina Navratilova told Osaka to “woman up” after the French Open debacle, but made a heel turn and attacked Kelly after the outrage mob came for her.

Too many people are terrified of running afoul of the leftist outrage mob.

They don’t want to be called a racist by hacks like Tiffany Cross.

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One indictment just proved Trump right about everything he said about liberal media bias



The corporate-controlled media spent years chasing down the conspiracy theory about Donald Trump colluding with the Russian government during the 2016 campaign.

That narrative finally collapsed.

And one indictment just proved Trump right about everything he said about liberal media bias.

John Durham’s indictment of former Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussmann now means more people were charged with fabricating the Russian collusion hoax than were ever charged for colluding with Russia.

Durham alleged that Sussmann lied to the FBI about not working on behalf of a client when Sussmann met with FBI attorney James Baker in 2016 and peddled the story – one that Durham’s indictment shows Sussmann knew to be bogus – that a server in Trump Tower transmitted data back and forth with the Kremlin-affiliated Alfa bank.

Investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald wrote on his substack about how the collapse of the Alfa bank story revealed the worst practices of the corporate-controlled media, where some members purposefully told lies that were politically advantageous for Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party.

“Spurred on by Hillary Clinton herself, the liberal sector of the corporate media used this fake claim to bolster their narrative that Trump and the Russians were secretly in cahoots. And the story of how they spread this disinformation involves not just the potential criminality outlined in this indictment of Hillary’s lawyer but, even more seriously, a rotted and deeply corrupted media,” Greenwald wrote.

Greenwald wrote that the worst actors in the corporate-controlled media – Rachel Maddow and CNN’s Natasha Bertrand – were rewarded with massive ratings or financially lucrative promotions despite repeatedly misleading their audience by spreading Russian collusion lies and disinformation.

“Journalists who lied most shamelessly and frequently in service of the CIA and DNC’s Russia-gate narrative were the ones most rewarded by the industry,” Greenwald added, linking to an April story he wrote slamming CNN for hiring Natasha Bertrand from Politico after she pushed the Russiagate story for The Atlantic.

“Bertrand produced dozens of Russia-gate articles for the site that were so unhinged that they made Rachel Maddow look sober, cautious and reliable,” Greenwald wrote.

The Russian collusion hoax was not just a black eye for America because it exposed a Deep State that tried to overthrow democracy.

These conspiracy theories about the Trump campaign colluding with Russia only festered for so long because a corrupt media gave them oxygen because so-called “journalists” hated Donald Trump so much they were willing to run with a lie if they thought it would bring down Trump.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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Rachel Maddow will never want to show her face again after being hit with this truth bomb



Rachel Maddow is the biggest star on MSNBC.

Fresh off signing a new contract, Maddow is poised to take $30 million per year.

But Rachel Maddow will never want to show her face again after being hit with this truth bomb.

For nearly three years, no one on cable news spread more misinformation, conspiracy theories and lies about Russian collusion than Rachel Maddow.

Maddow never faced any repercussions for taking her audience on a ride with nonsense about Russian collusion.

Now Maddow was once again caught spreading misinformation on social media.

Maddow was one of a number of corporate media outlets spreading a fake news story from Rolling Stone falsely claiming Oklahoma hospitals faced bed shortages because too many people overdosed from taking Ivermectin.

It was all a lie.

But the corporate media attacks Ivermectin – a life-saving drug invented in 2015 which has been prescribed to treat humans suffering from river blindness and parasite infections – because they think it could complicate their narrative surrounding forced vaccinations.

A federal judge ruled in a recent defamation lawsuit against Maddow that she serves viewers “exaggeration of the facts.”

But this is hard to explain as anything other than flat-out lying.

Maddow left her false and inaccurate tweet up five days after the story had been debunked, leading Ohio Republican Senate candidate J.D. Vance to point out that Infowars host Alex Jones was a more reputable source of information than Maddow.

Jones – who the media blasts as a “conspiracy theorist” is censored online while Maddow is given free run to pollute social media with misinformation.

Vance explained that this is because Jones questions the regime’s narratives while Maddow parrots them.

Alex Jones is a far more reputable source of information than Rachel Maddow. One of them is censored by the regime. The other is promoted by it.

Pants on Fire Media will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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USA Today tried to smear the families of dead U.S. soldiers. This is how it backfired



Some parts of the corporate-controlled media desperately tried to defend Joe Biden from criticism over the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle.

So-called “reporters” view it as their job to deflect blame for failures away from the Democrat Party when its elected officials come under attack.

And USA Today tried to smear the families of dead U.S. soldiers. This is how it backfired.

One of the most sinister new beats in the “corporate media” is the “online misinformation” beat.

Reporters who cover “online misinformation” don’t honestly cover lies and falsehoods.

What these activists do is “fact check” attacks on Democrats and claim they are “misleading” because they don’t present the facts in the manner by which the Democrats wish to spin them into a political narrative.

The latest example came when USA Today tried to smear Gold Star families by rating as “false” a meme that showed Joe Biden checking his watch during the dignified transfer ceremony for the remains of 13 U.S. troops who died in Afghanistan as a result of Joe Biden’s incompetence.

USA Today wrote:

Based on our research, we rate PARTLY FALSE the claim that Trump saluted the caskets of fallen U.S. service members, while Biden checked his watch. The pictures are real, but they don’t accurately summarize the two events. The way Biden honored the 11 caskets presented at Dover Air Force Base, with a hand over his heart, was similar to how Trump paid respects to fallen service members during his presidency. Biden checked his watch, but he did so after the ceremony had ended.

USA Today was forced to issue a humiliating retraction after multiple Gold Star family members blasted Biden for repeatedly checking his watch while the remains of their deceased loved ones passed by.

USA Today reported:

“As my son and the rest of our fallen heroes were being taken off the plane yesterday I watched you disrespect us all five different times by checking your watch,” Shana Chappell, mother of Marine Lance Cpl. Kareem Nikoui, wrote in an Aug. 30 Facebook post.

Darin Hoover, father of Marine Staff Sgt. Darin Taylor Hoover Jr., and Mark Schmitz, father of Marine Lance Cpl. Jared Schmitz, told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that Biden checked his watch multiple times during the dignified transfer. Hoover said it happened after each casket was presented.

This led USA Today to change the rating of the attack on Biden for checking his watch to “misleading,” which is the corporate-controlled media’s way of saying the attack was true, but they don’t like the facts.

“Corrections & Clarifications: This story was updated Sept. 2 to note that Biden checked his watch multiple times at the dignified transfer event, including during the ceremony itself. The rating on this claim has been changed from partly false to missing context,” USA Today wrote.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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