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This top MSNBC host called for ending policing and capitalism in this shocking rant



The radical takeover of the Democrat Party is nearly complete.

MSNBC and other left-wing outlets often mirror the talking points of Soviet-era Pravda.

Now this top MSNBC host called for ending policing and capitalism in this shocking rant.

MSNBC host Tiffany Cross has uttered some of the most disgusting and disgraceful content on her show, particularly toward black Republicans.

Now Cross put together a panel that apparently wants to end policing and capitalism altogether.

During a discussion on alleged police misconduct, far-left panel guest Gyasi Ross insinuated that violence against law enforcement was necessary.

Ross began ranting, “And we can also expect to see the response, the very, very appropriate and reasonable response of ordinary people who are threatened by this constant oppression and this constant threat of physical violence and death at the hands of law enforcement.”

This was the justification used by the Left when Black Lives Matter and Antifa were rampaging through the streets and causing over $2 billion in property damages for several months in 2020.

Ross continued, “So this give and take, this back and forth that will continue to happen until there’s more than incremental change. But unfortunately . . . the way our capitalism – the way our system is set up, that is what we are going to continue to get is these little crumbs on the table that will encourage and indeed, will require these casualties of brown and black lives.”

This is a common refrain from radical leftists.

Anything bad that ever happens gets blamed on capitalism.

That’s used as a pretext by the Left to “dismantle” capitalism from root to branch.

They want to destroy the country and rebuild it with a more “equitable” system, which is sometimes referred to as communism.

The MSNBC segment shows just how radical the network and the Democrat Party have become.

Former MSNBC host Chris Matthews was taken out amid old #MeToo allegations shortly after he denounced communism.

Matthews and other old-school liberals were Cold Warriors who understood the threat of communism, but the modern day Left is ambivalent at best and supportive at worst of the evil doctrine.

Someone should’ve told Ross that she looked ridiculous calling for an end to capitalism on a show owned by Comcast, one of the biggest multinational corporations in the world.

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This top MSNBC host said one thing about the coronavirus that was absolutely insane



The corporate press is a disgrace.

Talking heads on left-wing cable news are doing nothing but radicalizing their audiences.

And this top MSNBC host said one thing about the coronavirus that was absolutely insane.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid has become completely unhinged.

The host who replaced Chris Matthews after he was kneecapped by #MeToo allegations has gone over-the-top with her rhetoric, perhaps to drum up ratings.

Reid, who’s still licking her wounds after a humiliating tête-à-tête with rapper Nicki Minaj over COVID hysteria, doubled down on the crazy with an attack on Republicans.

Reid contended that Republicans “love” COVID and enthusiastically want people to catch the virus and die.

This is sickening rhetoric.

Reid talked about the attempted recall of California Governor Gavin Newsom and said:

“[W]here people wanted to recall Newsom is where’s the most COVID. So, they’re like, ‘give us more. Inject it in us. Is there a way we can drink it in a kool-aid cup? Because we want it. And we want it bad and we want this man to get out of our way and we want our COVID.’ It’s insane.”

Reid’s rant is delusional and immoral.

People oppose COVID vaccine and mask mandates, and with good reason.

Australia, which attempted the insane COVID-zero policy, has turned into an authoritarian hellscape.

They’re literally building quarantine camps and chasing down people who break curfew.

Americans do not want to live under such a police state.

Reid then set her sights on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who scares the Democrats witless because of his popularity.

Reid said:

“[DeSantis] may be a sociopath . . . but he’s not stupid and I think that he understands that if he is going to inflict death on schoolchildren, he’s going to have to make it real hard for their parents to vote.”

This is truly despicable stuff.

And leftists like Reid crow about Fox News’s “incendiary” rhetoric.

Reid called a sitting Governor a “sociopath” who wants to “inflict death” on schoolchildren.

This is fear-mongering at its absolute worst.

By this logic, Reid must believe that the left-wing governments of Europe want to inflict death on school children because they have not implemented any of the draconian measures in schools that the Democrats are thirsty for.

DeSantis has been pro-vaccine from the start, so much so that the corporate-controlled press tried to smear him for getting the elderly vaccinated first as some sort of cynical ploy to lock up the senior voting bloc.

DeSantis simply does not want to go down the road of authoritarian mandates, and establishment shills like Reid are furious.

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One MSNBC host came up with the lamest excuse for her COVID hypocrisy



MSNBC has become a laughable propaganda network.

The channel will reliably defend anything the establishment says or does.

And one MSNBC host came up with the lamest excuse for her COVID hypocrisy.

MSNBC host Joy Reid bit off more than she could chew when she went after rapper Nicki Minaj.

Reid was condescending toward Minaj about her decision not to get the COVID vaccine at present, but Minaj fired back and called out Reid for her own vaccine skepticism last year.

The Democrats are freaking out because Minaj has 22.7 million Twitter followers and refuses to bend the knee to the establishment.

Reid tried to clean up her COVID double standard with the most absurd reasoning possible.

During her show, Reid claimed:

“Trump nearly broke the once trusted CDC and the FDA, to the point you couldn’t be sure that you were hearing from scientists and not just the political hacks when either agency spoke. And so, yeah, people like me were real hesitant. But luckily, there have been doctors and scientists who could reassure those of us who were willing to be reassured that the vaccines, once they came out, months later, were indeed safe and had been produced without any Trumpist input, whether or not they came through the unfortunately named Operation Warp Speed.”

This is a pathetic copout.

Donald Trump wasn’t poring over lab results at Pfizer or Moderna.

Reid and other Democrats simply spread skepticism about the vaccine because they wanted to prolong the COVID misery for as long as possible in order to torpedo Trump’s re-election chances.

Any time Trump said something positive about a potential vaccine, the corporate-controlled press said it would be impossible for the vaccine to come out before the end of the year – instead, the day after the election, it was announced that Pfizer had developed an effective vaccine.

Now that Biden is in office, people like Reid are attempting to cudgel everyone into getting the vaccine.

Everyone who wants the vaccine has had the opportunity to get it.

Minaj doesn’t need to explain her choices to Reid or anyone else, but the vaccine has brought out the inner-tyrant within all leftists.

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An MSNBC host just got blasted by one musician for the disrespectful thing she said



Hollywood celebrities and the corporate-controlled press often move in lockstep.

They work together to parrot the talking points of the establishment.

But an MSNBC host got blasted by one musician for the disrespectful thing she said.

MSNBC host Joy Reid routinely says the most despicable things imaginable about her targets.

But this time she bit off more than she could chew when she went after rapper Nicki Minaj.

The entertainer, whose real name is Onika Tanya Maraj, took umbrage at Reid for dressing her down over her reluctance to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Democrats, their media allies, and public health officials have gone to creepy lengths to get everyone vaccinated, irrespective of their personal situation.

Even entertainers have been roped into the propaganda campaign.

But Minaj wasn’t having any of it.

It’s bizarre how no dissent is allowed on the vaccine issue.

It makes no sense for such a relentless push when the country has likely already reached herd immunity.

Minaj even tweeted support for Tucker Carlson to her 22.7 million followers on the social media platform.

Minaj also said on Instagram that many entertainers feel the same way she does, but are afraid to speak out.

The COVID tyranny is real.

Anyone who crosses the regime could find their livelihood threatened.

Minaj might be too big to “cancel,” but she’s certainly ruffling feathers among the establishment.

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