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This MSNBC host called herself a “bigger patriot” than Tucker Carlson – but she didn’t stop there



MSNBC has become one of the most overtly leftist networks out there these days.

Hosts on the network don’t even try to hide how much they hate conservatives.

And now this MSNBC host called herself a “bigger patriot” than Tucker Carlson – but she didn’t stop there.

Tiffany Cross is the host of The Cross Connection on MSNBC and makes no bones about her love of the Biden administration.

Just this past December, Cross claimed that the “American people across the country are not interested” in how much Biden’s Build Back Better plan cost because they care more about the policy than the cost.

Never mind the fact that the cost of the plan could devastate everyday Americans across the country, that’s not important to radical leftists like Cross.

In her quest to take down conservatives, Cross was also one of the leftist “journalists” who attacked Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for being “MIA.”

Later reports showed that DeSantis was accompanying his wife to her cancer treatments.

Tiffany Cross is, quite frankly, a despicable human being who has made a career out of attacking conservatives.

Now, though, Cross is saying she is far more of a patriot than Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

In a recent episode of Cross’ MSNBC show, she played a clip of Senator Ted Cruz apologizing on the Tucker Carlson show for calling the Capitol riot a “terrorist” attack.

After the clip aired Cross declared to her MSNBC counterpart Malcom Nance, “After everything this country has done to folks that look like you and me, here we sit, bigger patriots than those two half-witted individuals with their feigned outrage and lies to the American people.”

Nance responded by saying that the types of things Carlson and Cruz were saying during the interview would persist because “they have the ability to inject the poison of the cultism through the veins of the news media.”

Once again leftists are demanding that the Right be censored and silenced.

In the minds of people like Tiffany Cross and Malcom Nance it is patriotic to silence dissent and to make sure the country is only exposed to one viewpoint – the Left’s.

Nance continued on to tell viewers that people like Carlson and Cruz are loyal to a man – Trump – and not to the nation.

Talk about some twisted logic!

Nance concluded by telling Cross that if Republicans win in 2022 that will be the end of democracy as we know it.

The Left is imploding and the lies they tell are falling down like a house of cards.

It’s so bad that they’re claiming to be patriots for silencing the opposition and trying to convince America that they care about democracy.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.


One MSNBC guest went on an insane rant about Republicans that will leave you red with rage




MSNBC has become a fringe left-wing network.

Even the so-called “Republicans” now sound like wild-eyed leftists.

And one MSNBC guest went on an insane rant about Republicans that will leave you red with rage.

Joy Reid hosts one of the most radical shows on cable news, and viewers are tuning out.

That’s why rumors are swirling that Reid could lose her show.

Ironically, Reid took over for Chris Matthews who called out his employer and the Democrats more broadly as moving too far to the Left.

Matthews was proven right again when frequent MSNBC guest Elie Mystal of The Nation, went on an unhinged rant against Republicans.

There was a time when there was separation between MSNBC and The Nation – a far-left outlet – but their rhetoric is almost indistinguishable today.

Mystal suggested that white Republicans act as if they own black people, saying, “If you look at the top states of African American population by population, you’ll see Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, those are the states. It ain’t California. It ain’t New York. It ain’t Minnesota. It’s these states. So, when these Republicans, as you saw . . . Marjorie Taylor Greene yesterday was just like, ‘we just want a civil divorce from the rest of the country.’ When these white people in these states talk about leaving, they’re talking about leaving and taking their black people with them, just like before.”

This is truly insane rhetoric.

First, it was the Democrats that owned slaves, not Republicans.

Second, people living in the south do not want to live the way progressives in New York live.

Leftists on the coast believe that everyone wants to live like them.

People of all races in the south do not want New York City or Los Angeles dictating policy to them, same as people in New York or LA don’t want people in Georgia or Mississippi dictating policy to them.

The authoritarianism of the Left was on full display in Mystal’s rant.

He added that “we have to fight for these people, and that means that we have to fight the Supreme Court and fight their interpretations of federalism.”

Leftists want their way, and they’re willing to bulldoze the Supreme Court to get it.

Mystal also contended that “it’s not free for anybody else, not for the black people, not for the brown people, not for the women in these states.”

The Left need victims in order to make pleas for more power.

Arguing that minorities and women are not free in red states is preposterous, but the Left constantly need things to be worse than ever in order to justify their political existence.

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MSNBC’s Joy Reid came up with the most ridiculous reason she says you “hate” Joe Biden




There’s nothing leftists want more than to create factions of people they can control completely.

And there’s no better way to divide and conquer than fanning the flames of race wars.

Now so called “journalist” Joy Reid has come up with the most ridiculous reason she says you “hate” Joe Biden.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid, the Harvard educated radical leftist, likes to push Critical Race Theory on her show, The ReidOut.

Lately, she’s apparently been hard at work coming up with a super creative way to slap a “racist” label on anyone who isn’t thrilled Joe Biden is running our lives.

According to Reid, Biden has “become for Republicans as much of a sort of figure of hatred, a hate object, as President Obama was. You know, the Black President. Like, he was his Vice President, maybe that’s part of it. I don’t know what it is.”

“But this is the like the most sort of norm, core Democrat ever. He’s a moderate, you know, sort of ordinary Democrat,” she added. “There’s nothing outrageous about him, but they have cast him as some sort of demonic character.”

If Biden is a “normal” Democrat, that explains why so many people are Republicans.

While Reid has programmed her brain to think only in terms of color and endless racist conflict, average families in America are struggling to survive in the country Biden created – and it has nothing to do with the color of his old boss.

Biden’s complete failure to manage the pandemic has led to record high food prices, skyrocketing gas prices, a supply chain crisis, and inflation that’s clearly here to stay.

At the same time, many families are bringing in less money as parents struggle to care for children during ongoing school closures and in many states – where good Democrats have been towing the party line – unemployment is as high at 7%.

Oh, and let’s not forget Biden’s diplomatic failures.

His recent “Democracy Summit” was a complete mess and pushed us closer to a huge conflict with China – including their threatened takeover of Taiwan.

If that happens, our current supply chain problems will look like a walk in the park.

(Of course, letting a communist regime run roughshod over the world probably isn’t bothering leftists in the least.)

It should also be noted that Biden managed to create all this chaos without really seeming to know where he even is half the time.

But “journalists” like Reid have zero interest in recording what is really happening in the world.

Instead, they have a job to do: convince as many people as possible to swallow leftist lies and blame you for all their problems.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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An MSNBC show was terrified a Republican Congressman would ask to do one thing




The so-called “mainstream” media exist to serve the Democrat Party.

No objective person can even deny it at this point.

And an MSNBC show was terrified a Republican Congressman would ask to do one thing.

MSNBC jokingly gets called “MSDNC,” and for good reason.

The left-wing network props up Democrats while smearing Republicans.

That became even more abundant when leaked emails from a producer on Rachel Maddow’s show revealed that she was worried North Carolina Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorn would request to come on the show if he were asked for comment on a hit piece that ran against him.

The Associated Press ran a story about how Democrats in North Carolina were attempting to bar Cawthorn from running for re-election in 2022 because he contributed to the “insurrection” on January 6 by speaking at a rally.

Democrats claim to care about democracy, but they’re also attempting to block candidates from participating in it.

The email came to light because the Maddow producer accidentally copied Cawthorn’s office on the communication.

The Maddow producer wrote to an NBC colleague, “1. Do you or any other NBC Hill folks plan to ask him for comment on this story? 2. If not, is that something you guys could do? We don’t have a relationship with his office and between you and me are a little worried that if we did inquire he might ask to come on and explain. I know that is HIGHLY doubtful, but don’t want to take that risk.”

Heaven forbid a Republican actually appears on MSNBC to defend himself and offer a different point of view.

Instead the Left prefer to smear right-wingers from afar.

The fact that MSNBC was “worried” Cawthorn might ask to come on the show illustrates how the corporate-controlled press operates.

MSNBC is a propaganda network that is not interested in getting at the truth of an issue.

They simply want to keep their Democrat base viewers in lockstep.

Cawthorn responded to the embarrassing email leak, “Fake news MSNBC doesn’t want to ‘take the risk’ that I’ll come on their show and trigger the left with my America First message and burst their woke dystopian bubble . . . The left doesn’t want debate from conservatives, they want silence. And now we have it in writing. Sad!”

Data points like this bolster Donald Trump’s argument that the corporate-controlled press is the enemy of the American people.

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