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This co-host of The View just made an on-air confession that could cost her everything



Political news programs are now essentially scripted dramas where hosts play to the audience and deliver lines designed to please their partisan fans.

But things went off the rails when one host threw out the script.

And this co-host of The View just made an on-air confession that could cost her everything.

On ABC’s The View, the hosts played footage of Democrat Congresswomen Pramila Jayapal, Cori Bush, and Barbara Lee testifying about how they terminated the lives of their babies.

Democrats are trying to pass legislation codifying abortion on demand into law ahead of a Supreme Court case that could overturn Roe v. Wade and end the mindless snuffing out of nearly one million babies per year in abortion clinics.

Left-wing host Sonny Hostin surprised the audience by calling the abortion fanatics’ testimony cringe-worthy.

Hostin also attacked the idea of Democrats as the party of “science” by accurately noting that life begins at conception so any abortion is the taking of a human life.

“I don’t think that that testimony is going to change anyone’s minds. I was sort of cringing at it because I do think it’s so personal,” Hostin stated. “As everyone knows I think that life begins at conception, and I just kept on thinking about the fact that babies were aborted.”

Hostin dismissed their testimony as unconvincing and too much personal information.

“I wasn’t convinced by anything that was said, and I don’t think anyone would be. So I didn’t really like the fact that they were sharing that personal information even though I understand why they did,” Hostin concluded.

The corporate-controlled media is uniformly pro-abortion.

Ending the lives of unborn babies is one of the rally cries for members of the corporate-controlled media.

Hosts of shows like The View just don’t come out as Pro-Life.

And Hostin’s comments likely confounded the left-wing audience who tuned in to hear their pro-abortion views reaffirmed.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

The View

The View just launched an all-out war on the national anthem with this sick demand



The far-left ladies on The View love to attack America.

They believe this country is racist and must be destroyed.

And they just launched an all-out war on the national anthem with this sick demand.

Every patriotic American proudly stands for the national anthem.

But in recent years, the Left has decided that it is racist.

First they kneeled for the anthem, as a sign of disrespect.

And now they are outright calling for the national anthem to be banned, or in the case of the ladies on The View, played alongside some other song they consider non-racist.

The segment began with them playing a clip from HBO’s Real Time host Bill Maher, who spoke out against the idea, stating that it is nothing more than segregation.

“Maybe we should have one national anthem,” Maher said. “I think when you go down a road where you are having two different national anthems, colleges sometimes now have – many of them have different graduation ceremonies for black and white, separate dorms. This is what I mean. Segregation. You’ve inverted the idea. We’re going back to that under a different name.”

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg immediately responded to the clip by stating that the so-called “black national anthem” has always been a thing, and that people need to be re-educated to understand that.

“Bill, the Lift Every Voice has always been considered the ‘black national anthem,’” she said. “It’s always been that because the separation of the anthems has been so clear to us. Now maybe other people don’t feel like that, but I feel like, you know, we have to re-educate and retell people.”

Joy Behar agreed, stating that the national anthem does not appeal to black Americans.

“Maybe that’s got – the liberty of campuses, but the national anthem does not appeal to black America for very good reason,” Behar said, before continuing: “Black people don’t consider themselves – They don’t want this anthem, and neither do I.”

She further added that “this anthem does not reflect our values.”

In reality, when the national anthem plays, the vast majority of patriotic Americans, of every race and creed, stand out of respect for their country.

The only people who don’t are left-wing maniacs like the ladies on The View.

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The View

A host of The View just smeared Ron DeSantis with one ugly line



The Democrats are going after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

They know he presents a serious problem if he runs for President in 2024.

That’s why a host of The View smeared DeSantis with one ugly line.

Sunny Hostin of The View has joined the corporate-controlled media’s assault campaign against Ron DeSantis.

The Democrats and their Fake News Media allies recognize him as a serious threat in 2024.

That’s why Hostin used the leftist smear of Ron “DeathSantis” to cut him off at the pass before the 2024 race heats up.

Hostin said:

“[F]or those people that think Governor DeSantis, DeathSantis, is doing such a great job in Florida, well, he’s not doing such a great job because there are allegations that he hid the death numbers. There are allegations — and now he doesn’t want mask mandates. He’s coming after Joe Biden which is absolutely ridiculous. We know this is all political. He wants to run for president. I don’t want a president who directly led to the deaths of people, and may be hiding death numbers. That’s not what makes a great president. It’s definitely not Ron DeSantis.”

First, the allegations that DeSantis hid COVID deaths is absurd – they come from a former state employee who has been thoroughly discredited.

Second, a Governor who did cover up COVID deaths, and his name was Andrew Cuomo.

The View and other leftist programs don’t want to talk about that because they spent the past year billing Cuomo as “America’s Governor.”

Now the Democrat establishment wants to paper over Cuomo’s COVID malfeasance by forcing him out of office with sexual misconduct claims.

Cuomo is stubbornly denying calls to resign, which means that his failures on COVID can’t be sent down the memory hole.

As for DeSantis, people are voting with their feet – Florida has seen an influx of new residents fleeing blue states with terrible governance.

And there’s zero science that suggests mask mandates do anything at all to prevent the spread of COVID.

The attacks on DeSantis have been lackluster thus far, but they will only intensify.

Joe Biden’s mental faculties are already declining.

There’s no chance he runs again in 2024, and Kamala Harris is woefully unpopular.

If Donald Trump chooses not to run, DeSantis will have a great chance at the nomination, and the Democrats are worried sick he will be the next President.

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The View

You won’t believe why Joy Behar was screaming at a Democrat on The View



Joy Behar is the most rabidly far-left host on The View.

She loves to bring Democrats on and flood them with praise.

So you won’t believe why Joy Behar was screaming at a Democrat on The View.

Joy Behar seems to be angry all the time when on the air.

After all, the main part of her job is to whine and complain about Republicans.

But she very rarely shows that anger to Democrats.

Instead, she fawns over them, and at the hint of any criticism, she jumps into attack mode to defend the Democrat Party.

That is until this week, when she found a Democrat who infuriated her more than most Republicans.

Behar zeroed in on Democrat Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia.

Her rage was based on his opposition to the Democrat Party’s radical election bill, H.R. 1, known as the so-called “For the People Act.”

Manchin’s opposition is based on the bill being highly partisan.

Behar fired back at that claim, instead claiming that Manchin was just trying to “keep his job in West Virginia,” and that his reasoning is “a bunch of B.S.”

She goes on to claim that Manchin was standing in the way of Democrats trying to “save the country.”

“So come on, come on, Manchin. You know this is a bunch of BS,” Behar snarled. “You know you’re doing this just to keep your job because West Virginia will not have a liberal Democrat. But we’re talking about basically saving the country here and I feel very sad for us and annoyed with him frankly.”

The bill in question is meant to remove safeguards in place on the election system by mandating nationwide “vote-by-mail,” which has been known for causing rampant voter fraud.

Whether Manchin’s opposition is genuine is unknown.

What is known is that former President Donald Trump is extremely popular in West Virginia.

If Manchin were to provoke Trump, his job could be easily lost if Trump speaks out against him when he’s up for re-election.

Manchin has long tried to appeal to conservatives in the state of West Virginia, and has so far been able to squeak through at election time.

But Manchin has also infuriated the conservative voting base on numerous occasions, most famously when he co-sponsored the Manchin-Toomey gun control bill of 2013, which nearly put an end to private sales of firearms in the U.S.

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