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These hosts on The View said something insane about this Democrat sex scandal



The hypocrisy of the Democrat Media Complex is never-ending.

Republicans get attacked mercilessly while Democrats get defended.

And these hosts on The View just said something insane about this Democrat sex scandal.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is being put through the wringer.

Cuomo is not only grappling with an investigation into his administration covering COVID-19 nursing home deaths, but now Governor Cuomo is facing multiple accusations of sexual harassment.

The knives are out for Cuomo, but the harridans at The View took the opportunity to somehow turn the story onto Republicans.

RINO Ana Navarro appeared on the show and said, “The Republican model is to look away and look the other way and play dumb on the accusations against Donald Trump!”

This is absurd.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper platformed Trump accuser E. Jean Carroll, and the corporate-controlled press quickly and quietly kicked her to the curb after she came off like a crazy person.

She made Cooper visibly uncomfortable when she peered at him with googly eyes and said rape is “sexy.”

Joy Behar piggybacked off Navarro’s comments and said, “Well, yes, I do agree with them they should use the Republican model, which is to basically ignore everything like they did with Kavanaugh!”

The obvious retort to Behar’s ridiculous claim is the way the Democrats have circled the wagons around Bill Clinton for decades.

But focusing on Kavanaugh specifically, some Republicans were ready to buckle and throw him to the wolves until he gave a fiery defense during his Senate confirmation hearing.

The corporate-controlled press smeared Kavanaugh as a gang rapist without a shred of evidence, and believed accuser Christine Blasey Ford even though she couldn’t even prove she had ever met Kavanaugh.

Ford’s own friends wouldn’t corroborate her story.

Every Democrat scandal story somehow turns into “Republicans attack” instead of covering the actual Democrat wrongdoing.

Cuomo is the one who put COVID-positive patients in nursing homes, killing untold numbers of elderly New Yorkers, covered it up, and harassed the help all the while.

Democrats were willing to overlook his malfeasance because they wanted all of the political pressure on Trump.

And it’s understandable that The View would take this position after they spent a full year gushing over him.

A lot of members of the Left have egg all over their faces because they went all in on Cuomo.

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The View

One host of The View just accused Donald Trump of something outlandish




The talking heads in the corporate-controlled press have gone off the deep end.

Nobody typifies that more than the loudmouth hosts of The View.

And one host of The View just accused Donald Trump of something outlandish.

The View has become notorious for nonsensical political hot takes.

One of the worst offenders is co-host Sunny Hostin.

She’s gone on multiple rants against Republicans and conservatives, and now she just said Donald Trump made the GOP “morally bankrupt” during a rant.

While discussing an alleged sex scandal and extortion plot targeted at Congressman Matt Gaetz, Hostin said:

“I think this is out of the playbook of the disgrace former twice impeached one-term president. This is someone who changed the very moral fabric of the Republican Party. The Republican Party is no longer the party of family values. It’s the insurrection party . . . It is the party that’s morally bankrupt.”

However, Democrats like Hostin rebuke Republicans any time they have objections to left-wing indecency and cultural radicalism.

Republicans get smeared as prigs when they raise objections about Drag Queen Story Hour, even after participants have been charged with sex crimes – some including minors.

Democrats are the party of moral relativism, so they have no leg to stand on.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg once defended director Roman Polanski, who fled the country after statutory rape of a 13-year-old girl.

Goldberg argued what Polanski did “wasn’t rape, rape.”

Hostin continued:

“There was a President who, you know, paid off porn stars, who cheated on his wife, who was thrice married, who did all these reprehensible things and still had these cult-like followers. His playbook was deny, deny, deny the world of alternative facts, the world of gaslight, gaslight, gaslight.”

The projection is jaw-dropping.

Hostin has had little to say about Bill Clinton flying on sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous “Lolita Express” dozens of times.

The Democrat Media Complex was silent when photos surfaced of Clinton getting a massage from one of Epstein’s underage victims.

Many other Democrats have been embroiled in sex scandals, so Hostin’s finger-wagging falls flat.

The truth is Trump increased his support by 12 million voters and received the most votes of any incumbent.

Hostin and her cohorts in the media catastrophize every story about Republicans while ignoring stories about Democrats.

She’s beginning to believe her own fake narrative.

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The View’s Joy Behar made an insane comment about reopening schools that will leave you red with rage




The women on The View are just as deranged as ever with Donald Trump out of office.

The show has become infamous for making absurd political arguments, and that has not changed with Joe Biden in the White House.

Now Joy Behar made an insane comment about school reopenings that will leave you red with rage.

Pro-lockdown politicians and media members have been trying to scare people into their homes for nearly a year, but even the staunchest lockdown supporters are backtracking on reopening the schools.

Dr. Anthony Fauci had to do one of his patented flip-flops on schools because the data was overwhelming that children were not superspreaders of COVID-19.

But the teachers unions are using COVID as an excuse to get money for nothing and negotiate more favorable deals.

Since the Democrat Party is entirely beholden to the teachers unions, the establishment has not gotten completely on board with reopening schools.

That’s when The View co-host Joy Behar chipped in with her brain-busting solution.

That proposal is nonsensical.

Many medical professionals across the globe have warned that the mental, physical, and emotional toll on kids during the lockdowns have been catastrophic.

A study out of the United Kingdom showed that thoughts of suicide have skyrocketed among young people.

Similar trends are manifesting in the United States.

Depression, anxiety, and abuse are all on the uptick.

Society cannot stay locked down forever, especially the schools.

There’s no scientific justification for the schools to be closed any further.

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The View

The sick attack Joy Behar just launched at Melania Trump will infuriate you



The ladies of The View are some of the sickest anti-Trump voices today.

Joy Behar may be the most vile of the bunch. 

And the sick attack she just launched at Melania Trump will infuriate you. 

Melania Trump brought a class to the White House that hasn’t been seen since the days of Nancy Reagan. 

She is truly somebody that Americans can be proud of, unlike Michelle Obama, or the so-called “doctor” Jill Biden. 

But the Left despises her, all because they hate her husband. 

The View spent most of their recent broadcast talking about the legacy of President Donald Trump.

Naturally, they believe Trump will go down in history as the worst President in history.

But their attacks didn’t end with Trump.

After spending their time bashing Trump, they spent the last part of their show directing most of their hate at Melania Trump. 

This is just weeks after the ladies of The View boasted about how they had “been respectful of Melania,” as Pants on Fire News previously reported.

In her attacks, Behar questioned whether the First Lady is either a “co-conspirator” to the crimes they allege of Trump, coerced, or “brainwashed.”

“The question is, is she as bad as Trump?” Behar began. “That’s what people want to know. Is she an active co-conspirator? Does she agree with him or is she under duress? I don’t know. Is she afraid of him? She has seen what he does to anybody who turns on him.” 

Behar continued, “Maybe she’s afraid of him. Maybe she’s afraid of being ostracized, then where will she go? But on the other hand, I know from personal experience because I interviewed her in 2011, that she’s a birther or so she said. But did she find that out from him? Did he tell her to say that? Does she have a mind of her own?”

This shows their clear bias against President Trump and Republicans. 

Never once have The View questioned whether Hillary Clinton was a “co-conspirator” protecting her husband amid accusations of rape and sexual assault. 

In fact, co-host Sunny Hostin defended Hillary against those accusations in 2016, calling her a “victim” who stood by “her man,” adding that “she reacted like any other woman would.”

While leftists like the hosts on The View may put President Trump down as the worst President in history, the 70 million Americans who voted for him certainly won’t.

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