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Media Bias

There’s a dirty secret inside Build Back Better corporate media companies don’t want you to know about



Leftists in Congress are committed to reviving Joe Biden’s $3 trillion spending plan.

And the so-called “mainstream” media is all for it.

That’s because there’s a dirty secret inside Build Back Better corporate media companies don’t want you to know about.

As a “glamour” industry, journalism is swamped with young employees who are so desperate to become famous they’ll work for almost nothing.

Most eventually realize they’ll never get the attention they’re craving and bail for a cushy corporate or government communications job that pays the big bucks.

Over time, that system has resulted in low-quality reporting and plenty of pandering to potential future employers.

Things are about to get much worse.

In political science classrooms the press has been touted as the “fourth branch” of government for decades due to its role in holding elected – and appointed – officials accountable.

But now the newspaper industry is basically lobbying to become a state-owned enterprise you’d expect to find in a dictatorship or oppressive communist regime.

Biden’s massive Build Back Better package contains a provision to make that happen.

While past government bailouts were justified because businesses were “too big to fail” this time it seems Democrats are in a big hurry to prop up businesses that are simply too pathetic to survive on their own.

The bill would give local television stations, newspapers, radio stations, and digital news outlets huge payroll tax credits amounting to $25,000 per employee the first year and $15,000 per employee the next year for companies with less than 750 employees.

Considering that salaries for journalists in the US range from about $27,000 to $79,000 per year – and we can assume the lower end of that scale is in local news – this is nothing short of the federal government basically covering payroll.

And it’s likely only the beginning of an awful campaign to force taxpayers to fund mainstream media outlets bent on pushing a leftist agenda.

In fact, back in November a former President of the New York Press Club tweeted about what could amount to bribing citizens to subscribe to their local newspaper.

In a tweet Steve Scott wrote, “Local #journalism is struggling. Would you subscribe to your local newspaper in exchange for a $250 state tax credit? That’s the idea being floated by #NJ Assemblyman @AsmRoyFreiman.”

If an online subscription counts, taxpayers would only have to shell out $75 their first year and $100 after that – and pocket the other $150.

And even if the credit would be limited to the cost of the paper, it’s a nasty socialist response to an obvious market problem: if people who can afford to won’t subscribe to your lousy paper just get their neighbors to do it and make the government collect the fees in taxes.

Of course, the push to subsidize news at every level is a huge concern for Democrats who enjoy using local news outlets to push their progressive ideas.

In the last 15 years, half of all local journalism jobs have disappeared while a quarter of all local news outlets have closed down entirely.

What they’re not addressing is why local news outlets are failing in the first place.

There’s a good reason for people to stop using the so-called “mainstream” media as quality has been tanking over the past few decades.

These days it’s likely your best friend’s snarky social media post has more depth than the average local news article.

In fact, in recent years many companies have figured out that a well-written press release put out on news wires is likely to be printed verbatim by hundreds of outlets.

So much for journalistic integrity.

We can only assume that once newsrooms start depending on federal dollars the situation will only get worse as the elected officials they cover ultimately control their purse strings.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

Media Bias

Joy Reid dropped jaws with this move for a journalist who attacked Ron DeSantis and discovered the consequences




MSNBC’s war on Ron DeSantis continues apace.

Joy Reid has arguably been the network’s most dutiful crusader against the Florida Governor.

But Reid dropped jaws with this move for a journalist who attacked Ron DeSantis and discovered there are consequences for his actions.

Axios reporter Ben Montgomery spoke truth to power when he labeled a DeSantis administration press release “propaganda,” or at least he did so according to the people deeply ensconced in a left-wing echo chamber.

After Montgomery’s unprofessional outburst, he was let go by Axios, and now he’s being regarded as a hero of the journalist class.

Axios’ perspective looks like they had reason to let him go because he just refused to do his job, and did.

Nevertheless, MSNBC host Joy Reid decided to invite Montgomery to appear on her program “The ReidOut” to speak about the “injustice” against him.

Reid asked, “There is a bullying aspect and a lot of trolling. They do a lot of Twitter trolling. They tried to bully my dear friend and colleague Andrea Mitchell for asking a question not even to DeSantis, to the Vice President, Kamala Harris. Did you experience, before this, any kind of bullying behavior from the DeSantis camp?”

First, Andrea Mitchell was forced to apologize because she said Florida was banning the teaching of slavery.

Pushing back on that narrative is not “trolling.”

And neither Axios nor Mitchell’s employers at NBC News would ever be accused of being pro-DeSantis.

Montgomery responded, “I’m not writing about them every day. I’m not digging deep, in other words. So yeah, but this was propaganda and it was a waste of my time. That’s ultimately what I was saying to them. It’s wasting my time and it’s done in a clear vein of propaganda. This is objectionably propaganda.”

This was arguably Montgomery admitting that he refused to do his job.

Many self-proclaimed “journalists” in the legacy media have made whole careers doing little more than write-ups on press releases from administrations left and right.

But somehow Montgomery is now a martyr for essentially quiet-quitting from a left-wing outlet.

Montgomery continued, “I want to do right by my readers. And so when this wastes my time and it’s just propaganda, I feel like I have a right to say so. And I feel like what Axios did to me has a chilling effect on the entire news media. It’s a very sad thing.”

This is truly absurd.

If Montgomery thought it was propaganda, he could’ve written about it, done some actual investigative journalism, and enlightened readers with anything he uncovered.

But evidently he couldn’t or wouldn’t.

Instead, he chose to play the victim card, and there could be a financial incentive.

Montgomery added, “I was talking to my agent today about whether there was a book in this, and maybe there is. Maybe it’s time that somebody isn’t afraid to stand up to DeSantis, write a true biography of him. So I might be the guy to do that we’ll see.”

And there it is.

Montgomery refused to do his job, and now he’s attempting to parlay that into a book deal.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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This Hunter Biden confrontation finally has the legacy news networks interested in the First Son’s legal drama




No First Son’s drama has ever provided the legacy media with as much fodder as Hunter Biden’s has.

But now Hunter really has their blood up.

Because this Hunter Biden confrontation finally got the legacy news networks interested in the First Son’s drama.

 When a bombshell report came out about a laptop containing all kinds of compromising information on Hunter Biden—and by extension Joe Biden—members of the corporate-controlled media, including legacy broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC), circled their wagons to protect the Democrat in 2020’s Presidential election. 

The story was effectively suppressed enough to help get Joe Biden elected with one poll showing 17% of those who voted for him would not if they had known about details regarding Hunter Biden’s sketchy business deals. 

While major outlets have been forced to admit that the Hunter Biden “laptop from hell” story is accurate, they’re still doing their best to prop up the Biden family despite evidence Hunter Biden’s “business deals” apparently revolved around selling access to his politically connected father.

 Their latest move is to cheer on Hunter Biden’s lawsuit against a Delaware computer repair shop owner.

The shop owner, John Paul Mac Isaac, says Hunter Biden dropped of three MacBook laptops for repair. 

Only one could be salvaged, but 90 days later Hunter Biden still hadn’t returned to pick up his computer. 

Since Isaac apparently wasn’t provided with correct contact information when Hunter dropped off the computers—no surprise since the First Son was clearly drunk at the time—he searched for email addresses on the computer in hopes of getting in touch with the owner. 

And he found way more than he bargained for. 

Recognizing the importance to national security, Isaac contacted the FBI then eventually members of Congress and others to ensure the laptop, which amounted to a landmine worth of evidence against the Biden Family, was being taken seriously. 

Now, Isaac is being sued by Hunter Biden for “defamation”—a charge that shouldn’t have a chance of standing considering that the law is always supposed to side with truth. 

The latest filing in that lawsuit brought with it one phenomenal “pants of fire” moment with ABC’s Lucien Bruggeman reporting that Hunter Biden is taking an “increasingly offensive legal tack” in a case that “until recently…largely avoided public confrontations about his business dealings.”

Bruggeman went on to falsely claim that the computer shop owner “emerged as a central figure in the drama surrounding Hunter Biden’s laptop in the waning days of the 2020 Presidential campaign, when images, emails, and text messages allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden emerged in public and galvanized the national conversation as voters took to the polls.”

Of course, that isn’t even close to true. 

The corporate-controlled media studiously ignored the laptop story in late 2020 even as their friends in Big Tech aggressively censored anyone who tried to share it. 

Bruggeman also noted that “ABC News has not reviewed nor verified the contents of the laptop or hard drive.”

That last statement was the most truthful part of the whole article. 

Other networks, including CBS and NBC, have finally admitted that the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop published by the New York Post in 2020 was legitimate. 

But ABC News remains loyal to the Biden regime acting more like the President’s press office rather than a legitimate news organization.

And the more supposed journalists choose to align themselves with the crooked First Son, the more likely they’ll go down with him in disgrace. 

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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Chris Wallace is finished after this latest report




CNN has completely tarnished its reputation.

Former boss Jeff Zucker leaned in hard on being the anti-Trump network and convinced former Fox News anchor Chris Wallace to come onboard.

But Chris Wallace is finished after this latest report.

Former Fox News host Chris Wallace seemingly thought he was leaving for greener pastures when he joined CNN+.

However, after the ouster of former president Jeff Zucker, CNN’s streaming service was quickly scrapped.

Wallace was left without a show, and he ranted and raved for a slot on CNN’s cable lineup.

He got his wish, but now the entire network is in peril.

The most recent ratings show that CNN has hit a ten-year low.

During the week of March 6th, CNN averaged a paltry 442,000 primetime viewers and 408,000 total day viewers – a 61% drop from last year in primetime viewers and a 54% drop in total day viewers.

In the key advertising 25-54 age demographic, CNN cratered to a ten-year low.

CNN had its lowest weekday total day audience since 2014 with only 81,000 average viewers in the key demographic.

The primetime numbers were just as bad; CNN only pulled in 95,000 viewers, its worst number since May 2014.

CNN’s attempts to boost ratings have largely failed.

Recently, Jake Tapper’s town hall with Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin only drew 364,000 viewers.

Primetime host Don Lemon’s move to mornings with co-hosts Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins has been a disaster.

Not only are the ratings abysmal, but in the show’s short run, it has already had to weather two embarrassing scandals involving Lemon.

Reports claim that Lemon yelled at Collins to the point where she was reduced to tears, which prompted the network to keep them two off set temporarily.

Recently, Lemon was pulled off the air for a few days when he claimed that women over 40 years old were “past their prime.”

When Harlow and Collins called him out on his braindead comment, he fumbled.

The so-called mainstream media have spent a considerable amount of time attacking Fox News and Tucker Carlson regarding the Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit that has yet to be adjudicated, but Fox continues to crush it in the ratings.

Fox drew 2.24 million primetime viewers and 274,000 in the key 25-54 demographic.

In second place, MSNBC pulled in 1.088 million primetime viewers with 108,000 in the key demographic.

In a distant third, CNN had 442,000 and 95,000, respectively.

CNN is quickly sinking without a trace.

*Pants on Fire News Official Polling*

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