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The Washington Post tried to obscure the uncomfortable truth this CNN anchor admitted to



Democrats have gone insane.

Some on the Left are even beginning to call it out.

But The Washington Post tried to obscure the uncomfortable truth this CNN anchor admitted to.

CNN host Fareed Zakaria is reading the tea leaves.

He sees that Democrats are on a collision course with a brick wall in November’s Midterms.

Zakaria is attempting to sound the alarm, but others on the Left are not having it.

He recently penned an opinion piece for The Washington Post where he urged Democrats to de-emphasize the insane culture war issues – but his message was blunted.

Zakaria essentially warned Democrats to stop focusing on preferred pronouns, but The Post scrubbed the talk of pronouns from the headline.

“There is plenty of evidence that the Democratic Party has moved left, that it is out of sync with Americans on many of these cultural issues, and that it needs to correct course,” Zakaria argued in the piece. “But it needs to do so clearly, forcefully and repeatedly. Republicans are clever at weaponizing the words of a few left-wing Democrats and branding them as the face of the party.”

Unfortunately for Zakaria, those “few” left-wing Democrats include President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and many other top Democrat “leaders.”

For instance, Biden Department Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra said he was fully in support of “gender-affirming” surgeries for children.

That is wildly radical, and it is being promoted from the top of the Democrat Party on down, not just on the fringes on the Internet.

Zakaria also quoted New York Times columnist Dave Leonhardt who wrote, “Many Democrats — both politicians and voters, especially on the party’s left flank … seem more focused on divisive cultural issues than on most Americans’ everyday concerns, like inflation.”

That’s because the radical leftists control and set the agenda for the Democrat Party.

Zakaria also called out bureaucratic red tape and government inefficiency, which have come to define the Democrats.

“Democrats have become paralyzed by their own ideas and interest groups, and no one seems able to break through and actually get things done,” Zakaria explained. “It’s not that there is any shortage of money. Consider the state where I live, New York. The state budget is an eye-popping $220 billion. Florida, with nearly 2 million more residents, spends half that sum.”

“New York City’s budget is $100 billion…And yet, New York’s infrastructure and services at every level are in bad shape,” he continued. “This is not a perception problem. It is a reality problem. Democrats need to once more become the party that gets stuff done, builds things and makes government work for people. That’s a lot more important to most Americans than using the right pronouns.”

But a leopard can’t change his spots.

This is who Democrats are at their core – it’s how they are wired at a molecular level.

They are the Party of Big Government, innovation strangling red tape, and radical left-wing special-interest groups.

They are also the Party of preferred pronouns and “Drag Queen Story Hour” in kindergarten classrooms.

None of it is popular, and Democrats are no longer able to obscure that fact, even with the corporate-controlled media’s propaganda.

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Washington Post

This so-called “journalist” claimed taxpayers like you are to blame for Joe Biden’s mistakes



Members of the corporate-controlled press regularly make fools of themselves to prop up Joe Biden. 

And when Biden’s handlers started pushing a massive lie, the corporate-controlled press stepped up in a big way. 

Now, this so-called “journalist” claimed taxpayers like you are to blame for Joe Biden’s mistakes.

With the incredibly critical Midterm elections approaching, Democrats can’t afford the recession that the country just sank into. 

In response, they’ve launched a full-fledged campaign to redefine the term “recession.”

But one Washington Post columnist took that to the extreme, blaming American citizens for all the problems President Biden’s disastrous agenda has created. 

“On the one hand, you have consumers saying this economy is really lousy, that they’re unhappy, that inflation is very painful,” Washington Post columnist Catherine Rampell said during an appearance on CNN Newsroom. “On the other hand, they’re still spending like crazy.”

Of course, spending is up because American families are forced to shell out more cash than ever before to cover their basic necessities. 

The Consumer Price Index shows Americans have paid 12.2% more for the food they’ve eaten at home over the past year – the biggest jump since 1981.

And that’s even with many Americans — including those with relatively high incomes — pinching pennies. 

“As the cost of everyday goods continues to rise, consumers are shopping around to find value,” Eric Belcher, CEO of Numerator, said in a press release. “Many of these shifts, including high-income households trading down to dollar stores, are unexpected.” 

Business is booming at discount grocery chains, like Aldi, and yet Rampell has the gall to complain about consumers blowing through cash.

Of course, blaming consumers for their financial woes was a lead up to the argument Rampell really wanted to push: the idea that we’re not really in a recession. 

“A lot of people think, ‘oh, if you have two consecutive quarters of GDP declines, that in and of itself is a recession.’ No, that’s not the definition,” she claimed.

Except for the fact that it has been a literal textbook definition for decades — until Democrats decided it was inconvenient, of course.

Now, leftists are busy trying to make the definition of a recession so vague it couldn’t possibly be used to drag down Democrats in November. 

The trouble is, no matter what they call it, voters know they are working harder and getting less in exchange than ever before. 

And the pain they feel every time they pull out their wallets isn’t going to lessen just because a self-righteous member of the media decided to brow beat them for continuing to buy groceries. 

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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A Washington Post columnist borrowed tactics from the deadliest communist leader ever with one unhinged rant



Recent Supreme Court rulings have provided terrifying insight into the minds of leftists — especially those in charge of shaping culture through the media. 

And the radical agenda at play was abundantly obvious recently when a Washington Post columnist borrowed tactics from the deadliest communist leader ever.

Her unhinged rant will floor you.

Leftists simply can’t handle the fact that they aren’t allowed to kill unborn babies anywhere, anytime, and just because they feel like it. 

After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, corporate-controlled media outlets have been running one article after the next that amount to nothing but toddler-style temper tantrums disguised by four syllable words. 

Recently Washington Post columnist Karen Attiah took a shot at railing against Democrats for “losing the abortion war” and exposing the “nation to danger.”

Ironically, in the process, she made a parody out of the rule book used by the deadliest political figure in history. 

In a piece she clichely titled, “The Art of Losing the Abortion War,” Attiah reamed Democrats for failing to somehow magically demolish our entire federalist system of government and make abortion legal everywhere before the Supreme Court could strike down Roe v. Wade. 

In what was apparently supposed to be a cute literary trick, Attiah used The Art of War by Sun Tzu, an ancient Chinese military general, as the standard for political action. 

“Do not, under any circumstances, heed warnings from women, the LGBTQ community and people of color in your ranks who have attempted to alert you to threats to your society or institutions,” Attiah wrote unironically. “Instruct any activists that they are out of step with the mainstream, and cast them out.”

She then took a swing at Democrats for apparently failing to put the Supreme Court leak ahead of the ruling to good use. 

“If your leaders receive intelligence weeks in advance that the enemy will make a strategic move against vulnerable people, a commander in chief seeking defeat should conceal his strategy under the cloak of night, even from his aides,” she continued. “O, the divine art of secrecy!”

She then went on to bemoan the failure of Democrats to take radical, violent measures — in spite of the fact that an unhinged leftist was actually caught armed to the teeth and ready to kill Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

“In losing war, let your great object be civility, not victory over your opponent or safety for your people,” Attiah added. “If your enemy begins attacking the rights of women and minorities, do not allow the peasantry to protest at your opponents’ houses, at restaurants or in the streets.”

Clearly, she would have preferred it if Democrats had followed Sun Tzu’s advice like a real radical leftist leader.

China’s Mao Zedong certainly knew how to put the principals in Art of War to work in his own left-wing political career, which involved killing somewhere around 65 million people in order to subjugate his nation’s people under his Marxist regime.

Left-wing radicals’ continued obsession with death for the sake of convenience and winning at all costs points toward the reality that the type of Marxism that leads to state sanctioned mass murders is alive and well in American newsrooms.

Pants on Fire News will keep you updated on any developments to this ongoing story.

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The Supreme Court leak triggered The Washington Post to write one article that will leave you in stunned silence



Democrats claim to care about maintaining “democratic norms.”

But in reality, they’re dismantling norms with radical proposals like packing the Supreme Court.

And the recent Supreme Court leak triggered The Washington Post to write one article that will leave you in stunned silence.

For the first time in the Supreme Court’s history, someone inside the Court leaked a draft of an opinion well in advance of the Court issuing a ruling.

The leaked draft opinion, which was written by conservative Justice Samuel Alito, appeared to overturn Roe V. Wade.

The leaker, presumably a left-wing clerk, wanted to create a furor among the Left, and that’s precisely what happened.

Unhinged protesters have gathered outside the homes of conservative justices for weeks, and one even tried to assassinate Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

And leftist journalists have written one pro-abortion “think piece” after another, but The Washington Post took the cake, writing such an over-the-top defense of abortion that it ironically turned into a pro-life piece.

The Post’s Caroline Kitchener penned the piece detailing the life of 18-year-old Brooke Alexander, who did not get an abortion because of a recent law passed in Texas.

The teen ended up having twins, and The Post tried to report this as a harrowing, life-crushing development.

“Sometimes Brooke imagined her life if she hadn’t gotten pregnant, and if Texas hadn’t banned abortion just days after she decided that she wanted one,” Kitchener wrote for The Washington Post. “She would have been in school, rushing from class to her shift at Texas Roadhouse, eyes on a real estate license that would finally get her out of Corpus Christi.”

“She pictured an apartment in Austin and enough money for a trip to Hawaii, where she would swim with dolphins in water so clear she could see her toes,” she continued.

This sums up the materialist feminist view.

Instead of having kids, get a real estate license and an apartment, and perhaps take a trip to Hawaii one day.

Of course, The Post presents those modest goals as unattainable now that Brooke has twins, which is preposterous.

Kitchener also tried to demonize crisis pregnancy centers for “tricking” women into not killing their babies.

“As the ultrasound technician pressed the probe into her stomach, slathered with gel, Brooke willed the screen to show a fetus without a heartbeat,” Kitchener wrote. “The technician gasped. It was twins. And they were 12 weeks along. ‘Are you sure?’ Brooke said. ‘Oh, my God, oh, my God,’ [Brooke’s mother] recalled saying as she jumped up and down. ‘This is a miracle from the Lord. We are having these babies.’”

Again, leftists believe this development is a bad thing.

The piece also delivered the nail in the coffin to the pro-abortion argument.

“[Brooke] couldn’t stop staring at the pulsing yellow line on the ultrasound screen,” the piece continued. “She wondered: If her babies had heartbeats, as these women said they did, was aborting them murder? Eventually, [the case worker] turned to Brooke and asked whether she’d be keeping them. Brooke heard herself saying ‘yes.’”

Leftists desperately try to avoid pondering this question, but there was no getting around it.

The entire piece is an unintentional nod to the pro-life movement.

But Democrats are so ensconced in their ideology, they cannot see the cracks in their argument.

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