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The Washington Post tried to bully companies with one enraging tactic



Donald Trump woke up tens of millions of Americans.

He showed them that the press is simply an extension of the Democratic Party.

And The Washington Post tried to bully companies with one enraging tactic.

Many reporters for corporate press outlets are not journalists, but activists.

They believe their goal is to bring about social change, i.e. promote left-wing causes.

The New York Times essentially said as much after the election of Donald Trump in 2016.

That naked partisanship in the media has only intensified.

And it was taken up another notch after the Supreme Court leak of a draft opinion from Justice Samuel Alito that signaled the reversal of the horribly decided Roe V. Wade case.

Democrats have been screeching and wailing about abortion, and they have deployed their foot soldiers in the media to get active.

Now, video game reporters for The Washington Post are pressuring gaming companies to comment publicly on the abortion debate.

Post video game beat reporters Nathan Grayson and Shannon Liao wrote a piece entitled: “As Roe v. Wade repeal looms, video game industry stays mostly silent.”

The reporters essentially called up video game companies in hopes of coercing them to give rhetorical or financial support to the Democrats’ pro-abortion cause.

When Grayson was called out on Twitter for his absurd column, he responded that “game companies were extremely vocal following george floyd’s murder, covid-born anti-asian hate, etc. silence here is telling; it suggests broader disingenuousness.”

Grayson is just now learning that major corporations often virtue-signal when it’s easy for them to do so.

But that isn’t the case with the abortion issue.

Abortion is incredibly divisive with national support split roughly right down the middle.

Also, the pro-life side gains majority support after the first trimester.

According to polling data, 65% of Americans are against second-trimester abortions, and 81% are against third-trimester abortions.

The current position of the Democrats is government-funded abortions on-demand up until the point of birth.

That is wildly outside of the mainstream.

Video game companies are not in a rush to jump on that grenade, especially in light of Disney getting smacked by Ron DeSantis and Florida Republicans for jumping into politics.

Even if the companies were completely sincere, as Grayson has perhaps imagined, there is zero reason to believe they would always side with the Left.

The CEO of a video game company can donate to causes related to George Floyd while also being against abortion.

This is why it never pays for companies to pander to the Left.

The demands will never stop. 

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Washington Post

The Supreme Court leak triggered The Washington Post to write one article that will leave you in stunned silence



Democrats claim to care about maintaining “democratic norms.”

But in reality, they’re dismantling norms with radical proposals like packing the Supreme Court.

And the recent Supreme Court leak triggered The Washington Post to write one article that will leave you in stunned silence.

For the first time in the Supreme Court’s history, someone inside the Court leaked a draft of an opinion well in advance of the Court issuing a ruling.

The leaked draft opinion, which was written by conservative Justice Samuel Alito, appeared to overturn Roe V. Wade.

The leaker, presumably a left-wing clerk, wanted to create a furor among the Left, and that’s precisely what happened.

Unhinged protesters have gathered outside the homes of conservative justices for weeks, and one even tried to assassinate Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

And leftist journalists have written one pro-abortion “think piece” after another, but The Washington Post took the cake, writing such an over-the-top defense of abortion that it ironically turned into a pro-life piece.

The Post’s Caroline Kitchener penned the piece detailing the life of 18-year-old Brooke Alexander, who did not get an abortion because of a recent law passed in Texas.

The teen ended up having twins, and The Post tried to report this as a harrowing, life-crushing development.

“Sometimes Brooke imagined her life if she hadn’t gotten pregnant, and if Texas hadn’t banned abortion just days after she decided that she wanted one,” Kitchener wrote for The Washington Post. “She would have been in school, rushing from class to her shift at Texas Roadhouse, eyes on a real estate license that would finally get her out of Corpus Christi.”

“She pictured an apartment in Austin and enough money for a trip to Hawaii, where she would swim with dolphins in water so clear she could see her toes,” she continued.

This sums up the materialist feminist view.

Instead of having kids, get a real estate license and an apartment, and perhaps take a trip to Hawaii one day.

Of course, The Post presents those modest goals as unattainable now that Brooke has twins, which is preposterous.

Kitchener also tried to demonize crisis pregnancy centers for “tricking” women into not killing their babies.

“As the ultrasound technician pressed the probe into her stomach, slathered with gel, Brooke willed the screen to show a fetus without a heartbeat,” Kitchener wrote. “The technician gasped. It was twins. And they were 12 weeks along. ‘Are you sure?’ Brooke said. ‘Oh, my God, oh, my God,’ [Brooke’s mother] recalled saying as she jumped up and down. ‘This is a miracle from the Lord. We are having these babies.’”

Again, leftists believe this development is a bad thing.

The piece also delivered the nail in the coffin to the pro-abortion argument.

“[Brooke] couldn’t stop staring at the pulsing yellow line on the ultrasound screen,” the piece continued. “She wondered: If her babies had heartbeats, as these women said they did, was aborting them murder? Eventually, [the case worker] turned to Brooke and asked whether she’d be keeping them. Brooke heard herself saying ‘yes.’”

Leftists desperately try to avoid pondering this question, but there was no getting around it.

The entire piece is an unintentional nod to the pro-life movement.

But Democrats are so ensconced in their ideology, they cannot see the cracks in their argument.

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A Washington Post columnist told a whopper of a lie about gun control that only further proves facts don’t matter to the Left



The rekindled gun control debate has brought out the worst takes from the Left.

Coastal elites are wagging their fingers about the dangers of gun ownership.

And a Washington Post columnist told a whopper of a lie about gun control that only further proves facts don’t matter to the Left.

The Left are resorting to horrendous arguments to push for gun control.

Jonathan Capehart of The Washington Post and MSNBC is the latest to throw his hat in the ring.

Capehart started off his Post column by suggesting he might leave the United States.

He wrote, “Things felt so dicey during the Trump years, I half-joked that my husband and I might have to reenact that scene from ‘The Sound of Music’ and flee the country. Now, an alarming new report from the Southern Poverty Law Center shows that my “Operation von Trapp” might need to go live. The ranks of ‘crazy’ White people appear to be growing — and the rest of us don’t know what to do about it.”

First, there is no way any of these “woke” progressives would ever leave the United States.

If they did, they would only go to other trendy enclaves in cosmopolitan cities such as London or Montreal.

Capehart continued, “Right now, I am defining ‘crazy’ as anyone who believes any aspect of the racist ‘great replacement’ conspiracy. This is the noxious idea that liberals are deliberately replacing White people with non-Whites and immigrants. It’s what allegedly drove an 18-year-old man to target Black people in Buffalo, killing 10 and wounding three.”

Capehart is either ignorant or dishonest; Democrats are the ones who have been making the “demographics is destiny” argument for 20 years.

Talking heads in cable news, politicians, and liberal social scientists have all gleefully made the argument.

Capehart added, “According to that Post-Ipsos poll, 51 percent of African Americans said they have not considered buying a gun since the Buffalo massacre. Why is no mystery. The right to self-protection, let alone the right to bear arms, doesn’t exactly apply to Black people.”

This is a despicable argument.

Gun ownership has continued to rise, including amongst black Americans.

And despite Capehart’s best efforts, most gun owners are not afraid of “crazy” white people; they’re afraid of unhinged left-wing mobs burning down their cities with impunity.

That’s why gun ownership hit record highs in 2020, then went up again in 2021.

In 2020, shops had lines out the door, even in blue cities like New York and Los Angeles.

Capehart and other liberals are twisting themselves in knots to make nonsensical gun control arguments.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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Taylor Lorenz got caught yet again spreading fake news



Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz has been making headlines for all the wrong reasons lately.

Much of that is due to her constant lying and total disregard for journalistic ethics.

And now Lorenz has been caught yet again spreading fake news.

Taylor Lorenz is developing a reputation for bad reportage and worse behavior on Twitter.

Her latest ignominy stemmed from a hit piece she wrote in response to the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard verdict.

Lorenz accused online content creators of capitalizing monetarily from the trial.

The piece had to be edited three times due to errors, which would be a fireable offense under normal circumstances.

The New York Post reported that “The Washington Post has issued two lengthy corrections to an article by its notorious ‘internet culture’ reporter Taylor Lorenz. The piece, which had already been secretly edited after it was published Thursday, detailed how content creators made out big in the sensational Johnny Depp-Amber Heard defamation lawsuit that ended last week. Two YouTubers, ‘LegalBytes’ host Alyte Mazeika and an anonymous user named ThatUmbrellaGuy, were singled out in the article.”

Lorenz used the analytics site Social Blade to guesstimate their earnings, but the Social Blade does not provide an accurate accounting of how much an influencer made.

Also, Lorenz claimed to reach out to the two content creators, but they both claim they were never contacted.

Mazeika stated, “Um. This says I didn’t respond to requests to comment? I know I’ve gotten a lot of emails over the past two months, but I’ve just double checked for your name, @TaylorLorenz, and I see no email from you…Also, I didn’t suddenly pivot. I started covering this before trial began.”

ThatUmbrellaGuy was equally frustrated and confused by the mischaracterization in the piece.

He responded, “The Washington Post LIED and DID NOT contact me before including me in their story on Johnny Depp, despite reporting they did so…The Washington Post also FLAGRANTLY misrepresented my earnings report and needs to correct it. Social Blade says I made between $4.9k and $79.1k. They ADDED TO the highest estimate, overreporting for dramatic effect.”

Lorenz again claimed that criticism of her work was the product of sexism and a right-wing smear campaign.

But even people on the Left have called out Lorenz for her shoddy journalism.

Lorenz has torched her credibility, and the Post is also feeling the heat.

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