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The Washington Post broke some major news about mandating the COVID vaccine



Liberals insist that every American should submit to forced coronavirus vaccinations.

Everyone is wondering when the first domino will fall.

And The Washington Post broke some major news about mandating the COVID vaccine.

Washington Post publisher Fred Ryan, Jr. announced that all Post employees would have to show proof of vaccination as a condition of returning to work in person this fall.

There would be exemptions for medical reasons and religious objections.

“Even though the overwhelming majority of Post employees have already provided proof of vaccination, I do not take this decision lightly,” Ryan wrote in an email to staff. “However, in considering the serious health issues and genuine safety concerns of so many Post employees, I believe the plan is the right one.”

The Post is among many left-leaning outfits moving to require vaccines.

CNN, the NFL, and the Biden administration are all set to mandate employees submit to forced vaccination in order to return to work.

Fox News is the one institution not aligned with the political Left that is requiring vaccine passports in order to enter the workplace.

Many Americans dismiss claims from the Biden administration that the government will never mandate vaccines.

In the last several years, the American Left quickly learned it can count on corporate America to enact its policy agenda for them.

The government cannot censor the Internet.

But Democrats know if the media yells loudly and long enough at social media companies, then Big Tech will suppress conservative speech and escape any First Amendment issues.

Biden administration officials know a government mandate for Americans to surrender to a forced vaccination regime would invite massive political pushback.

And now it looks like the administration is once again turning to its allies in woke corporations to enforce a national vaccine mandate.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

Washington Post

Mark Levin wants every American to boycott this anti-Trump book because of one act of treason



Fake News Media members are still trying to cash in on Donald Trump by churning out books about his Presidency.

But two members of the corporate-controlled press crossed the line.

And Mark Levin wants every America to boycott this anti-Trump book because of one act of treason.

Washington Post reporters Robert Costa and Bob Woodward began leaking excerpts of their new anti-Trump book Peril.

The juiciest scoops in the book centered on woke Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley.

Costa and Woodward wrote that during the 2020 election, Milley called his counterpart in Communist China and told him that Milley would warn him if America planned an attack on the Communist Chinese.

The book also claimed Milley tried to curtail Donald Trump’s ability to order a nuclear strike and made military officers pledge loyalty to Milley instead of following orders from the Commander-in-Chief.

Appearing on Sean Hannity’s show, Levin tore into Costa and Woodward for keeping the details of what many believed to be treason on the part of Milley secret.

Levin argued that had Costa and Woodward not sat on this scoop, Milley may have been out of a job long ago and America could have avoided a military humiliation in Afghanistan.

“Wouldn’t it be good to know about Milley before what happened in Afghanistan so his ass could have been kicked out of office – so we could get a General in there like a George S. Patton who would not leave American citizens in enemy territory and leave patriotic Afghans in enemy territory who are being hunted down and killed . . . with 85 billion dollars of our equipment [left there],” Levin stated. “General Milley is the worst General we have ever had.”

“Woodard and Costa are reporters for The Washington Post. It takes 3 months to print a book. That means Woodward and Costa and The Washington Post – if this is true – sat on this story for months and months: Why would two reporters sit on a story like this for months and months and allow this man (Milley) – who I believe, if this is true, is utterly unhinged – to serve as the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff?” Levin added.

Levin continued on encouraging Hannity viewers to boycott this book over the reporters putting the national security of the United States at risk because – if the reports are true – Levin argued that General Milley committed treason and sedition.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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Washington Post

One Washington Post RINO just called for corporations to do something insane



The corporate-controlled press doesn’t even try to hide its naked partisanship.

They’re all in for the Democrats, and they don’t care who calls out the bias.

And one Washington Post RINO called for corporations to do something insane.

Former so-called Republican Jennifer Rubin is one of the most unhinged Never-Trumpers.

The Washington Post columnist and MSNBC contributor has essentially become a mouthpiece for the Democrats’ progressive agenda.

Now Rubin is calling for corporations to influence politics in a quasi-fascist manner – she wants CEOs to help the Democrats enforce their absurd gambit to nationalize elections.

Rubin wrote:

“The letter, however, was silent on the rash of Jim Crow laws pushed by Republicans in state legislatures or on whether they would support some version of H.R. 1. This is totally insufficient. While the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act is important, their silence about the ongoing threat of voter suppression and vote manipulation (i.e., the empowerment of partisan players to overturn election results) amounts to enabling these nefarious activities.”

Rubin is parroting the lie that voter integrity laws are “Jim Crow,” which is truly disgusting.

Many of the laws being passed by Republican legislatures are more lenient than the pre-COVID provisions.

H.R. 1 would allow federal election laws to supersede local laws, which would destroy the American concept of federalism.

Also, the Left can’t seem to keep their story straight on voter ID laws.

The Washington Post recently wrote a piece highlighting the fact that over 75% of Americans are fine with showing ID in order to vote, including a majority of black Americans.

Stacey Abrams was even forced to backtrack on her incendiary language over voter ID laws.

But now the Left has toggled back to attack mode.

Rubin continued:

Voting rights advocates and the White House should encourage corporations to sign a democracy pledge that would include such concrete items as:

  • Supporting the proposed, slimmed-down version of H.R 1/S.R. 1 that Sen. Joe Manchin III (D-W.Va.) offered.
  • Refusing — and actually meaning it this time — to support any politician at any level of government who promotes the big lie of a stolen election or who sought to overturn the election results in 2020. (That would still leave them free to support scores of Republicans in House, Senate and state elections.)
  • Funding public service announcements and lobbying state legislatures in defense of voting rights.
  • Making clear that they would consider state voting laws when deciding to locate new operations.
  • Refusing to commit advertising dollars to social media platforms that do not follow their own guidelines on election disinformation and hate speech.

In other words, companies must do whatever the Democrats want, or else . . .

The greatest irony of the Democrat panic over voter ID laws and election narrative orthodoxy is that Abrams and several prominent Democrats continued to say that she was the duly elected governor of Georgia.

Clearly, only Democrats are allowed to question election procedures and outcomes.

Pants on Fire Official Polling

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Washington Post

The Washington Post was forced to call out one huge Democrat lie



The corporate-controlled press is obviously in the bag for the Democrats.

But occasionally the so-called “mainstream” media have to do their job honestly.

And even The Washington Post was forced to call out one huge Democrat lie.

Violent crime is spiking in many major cities across the country.

Residents in these Democrat-run cities are carrying the burden of rising crime, and they’re fed up.

Democrats are coming to the realization that their soft-on-crime policies are both ineffective and unpopular when the rubber meets the road.

Democrats have been openly flirting with defunding the police – The New York Times even ran an op-ed titled: “Yes, We Mean Literally Abolish the Police.”

But now they’re running sideways from that rhetoric.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and other prominent Democrats have tried to use the old tactic of blaming Republicans for what they are doing.

But not even The Washington Post could abide by the lie that Republicans are the ones trying to defund the police.

The basis for the absurd argument is that Republicans voted against Joe Biden’s pork-laden $1.9 trillion spending package.

The Post reported:

“[T]here’s not even a line item to attach to the White House’s claim that Republicans are trying to defund the police. The American Rescue Plan devoted $350 billion to ‘state and local aid,’ a pot of money that was designed for a variety of budget-plugging purposes. Among those is keeping police, teachers and emergency medical technicians at work, but going strictly by the bill text, lawmakers had no guarantee that police would get a slice of the pie. What’s more, voting against a one-time infusion of cash is not the same as voting to cut funding, so there is little basis to claim that Republicans are trying to ‘defund the police.’ Overall, we award Three Pinocchios.”

Washington Post fact checker Glenn Kessler stopped his daily fact check as soon as Donald Trump left the White House.

But the lie that Republicans wanted to defund the police was a bridge too far even for a left-wing rag like The Washington Post.

New York City is on the verge of electing former police chief Erik Adams as Mayor after the city deteriorated on communist Bill de Blasio’s watch.

Businesses are fleeing San Francisco because shoplifting is not even prosecuted.

Terrible Democrat policies have consequences, and people around the country are beginning to realize that.

Hopefully they don’t take their politics with them as they flee to red states.

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