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The so-called “mainstream” media was just forced to admit two giant mistakes



Democrats and their Fake News Media allies have been gaslighting the American people to an unbelievable extreme.

From COVID-19 to “mostly peaceful” protests, the corporate-controlled press has stifled dissent.

But the so-called “mainstream” media was just forced to admit two giant mistakes.

The corporate-controlled media narratives around the origins of COVID-19 and escalating street violence are crumbling.

Any discussion of the lab leak theory was deemed a “far-right conspiracy” that only racist and xenophobic crackpots would seriously engage in.

However, now that “Orange Man Bad” is no longer in the White House, the so-called “mainstream” media are finally doing their jobs.

Even Dr. Anthony Fauci is admitting that the lab leak theory cannot be ruled out.

That’s putting it mildly – emails released due to a FOIA request show that Fauci and other epidemiologists thought the lab leak was a possibility over a year ago.

It took a staggering amount of propaganda to convince the world that COVID-19 originated in a wet market that didn’t sell bats and was dozens of miles away from caves where bats were in hibernation instead of in the level-four biohazard Wuhan Lab of Virology.

Only stupid people and liars would ignore such a staggering coincidence.

The media also finally accurately reported on the sharp rises in crime in many blue cities around the country.

Last year, Democrats insisted that Antifa was just an “idea” or a “myth,” as Joe Biden and Jerry Nadler posited respectively.

But ideas and myths don’t beat people in the streets and raze police precincts to the ground.

The Washington Post finally admitted:

“How bad are things downtown? ‘Over the past year,’ Portland’s Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler told the Post, ‘the city has recorded an 85 percent decline in downtown foot traffic. The result has been economic despair and more crime.’

‘Over the spring…a mob of self-described anarchists, usually masked and dressed in black, has shattered windows at the Oregon Historical Society, at a Boys & Girls Club, at a public library, and at many small business, including some owned by Black merchants.’”

Independent journalist Andy Ngo and others have been reporting on Antifa violence for years, but the press refused to cover it.

But now that Donald Trump isn’t around to be the repository for all that is bad, Democrat leaders are finally being held to account for what’s happening in their cities.

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Fake News Media

The New York Times’ embarrassing double standard toward Hunter Biden just got exposed



The New York Times has entirely shredded its credibility.

The “paper of record” is simply another extension of the Democrat Party.

And The Times’ embarrassing double standard toward Hunter Biden just got exposed.

The New York Times and several other major news organizations refused to cover Hunter Biden’s use of the N-word with his $800-per-hour attorney.

If one were to make the argument that the story isn’t newsworthy, then that person would have to explain why The New York Times dedicated a Sunday feature to a 15-year-old girl’s use of the word.

Outkick reports:

“Mimi Groves was a 15 year old high school cheerleader who used the n-word in a three second Snapchat video to celebrate getting her driver’s license. When the video went viral, Groves, a Loudon County, Virginia teenager, lost her admission to the University of Tennessee, including her ability to be a cheerleader at the university. The New York Times wrote a front page article about her.”

The mainstream media allowed Hunter Biden on television to peddle his book that chronicled his debauchery, but they shielded him when it came to negative stories.

Outkick continued:

“Let me repeat this, the New York Times didn’t deem Hunter Biden’s use of the n-word to be newsworthy, but they believed a 15 year old high school girl’s use of the n-word was newsworthy. So newsworthy in fact, that they put it on the front page of their Sunday newspaper so the largest possible audience would see the story.”

Cancel culture is alive and well.

Only those who are useful to the establishment are spared.

Hunter Biden is useful because he’s Joe Biden’s son, which is why the entire corporate-controlled press and social media giants colluded to suppress the New York Post’s bombshell report on Hunter’s scandalous laptop.

This has become par for the course for institutions like The New York Times.

For example, The Times completely ignored the story of Eric Swalwell allegedly having a sexual relationship with a Chinese spy.

Somehow a member of the House Intelligence Committee having a cozy relationship with a foreign spy doesn’t rate for The Times.

The New York Times even fired long-time science writer Donald McNeil for repeating the N-word when answering a question about usage of the word.

There is no logical consistency to the Left.

Republicans and conservatives have witnessed this double standard for years, but more independents and centrists are waking up to the deception.

Institutions like The New York Times have sacrificed their credibility in service to the establishment.

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Fake News Media

What the Fake News Media did to cover for Antifa will make you sick



Antifa has wreaked havoc across the nation for years.

Yet, the so-called “mainstream” media has done everything they can to ignore their violence.

And what the Fake News Media just did to cover for Antifa will make you sick.

Whenever anybody on the Right goes out to protest, extremists in Antifa are likely to attack.

They bring baseball bats, explosives, and even guns to shut down these demonstrations with intense violence.

And whenever anybody calls out their violence, they themselves become a target.

Tucker Carlson was famously targeted by a mob at his home, which forced him to move in order to keep his family safe.

The Fake News Media that covered it did their best to downplay the disgusting behavior of the left-wing extremists.

But now that there is yet another case of a high-profile figure being targeted, they are simply choosing to ignore the attack all together.

Republican Rep. Nancy Mace was targeted by the extremist group at her home, where they spray-painted slogans, demands, and vulgarity all over her property.

Alongside anarchist symbols, they spray-painted “all politicians are bastards,” which is a play on their infamous “all cops are bastards” chant, along with slogans like “no gods, no masters,” and a big “f*** you Nancy” spray-painted in the street.

As for their demands, they wrote “pass the Pro Act” on her home.

The Pro Act is a bill that would prohibit employers from discouraging employees from joining unions.

While this attack should alarm all Americans, the so-called “mainstream” media largely ignored it.

According to NewsBusters, the vandalism got zero airtime on morning or evening broadcasts of ABC, CBS, and NBC, despite there being an active police investigation.

Fox News did cover the attack, and had Rep. Mace on to talk about it.

Speaking to Sean Hannity, she called the attack “jarring” and “invasive.”

“This is the home where I live. I’m a single mom and I have two kids and I’m sad for my kids because they had – they had to see this. And I’m sad for my neighbors. They didn’t ask for this to happen,” she said. “But this is a Left coming after the Right, coming after us conservatives. And earlier today, I’m conservative, first thing I did was talk to local law enforcement, got them to my house.”

If this had been vandalism on a Democrat’s home, there would be round-the-clock coverage.

But the so-called “mainstream” media doesn’t care about Republicans being targeted with such vile attacks.

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Fake News Media

One top Democrat exploded at the Fake News Media over this question



Democrats usually enjoy a friendly relationship with the corporate-controlled media.

There are exceptions to every rule.

But one top Democrat exploded at the Fake News Media over this question.

Senate Republicans filibustered the Democrats’ bill to create a commission to investigate the events of January 6.

Republicans realized Democrats wanted to use their votes to create an investigative body that would publish a report forming the basis of Democrat Party attack ads in the 2022 midterm election.

Reporters used this as the chance to hound West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin about his opposition to eliminating the filibuster.

Manchin exploded at reporters demanding to know why they asked him the same question over and over again despite the fact that Manchin always tells the press he would not vote to nuke the filibuster.

The Democrats’ wish list of amnesty, gun control, and legislation to rig elections by eliminating safeguards against voter fraud all have no chance to pass the Senate because they can’t get 60 votes to break a Republican filibuster.

As each of these bills die under filibuster threat, the corporate-controlled media hounds Manchin about his opposition to gutting the filibuster.

At this point the press is not trying to report on Manchin’s views.

By constantly hectoring Manchin the corporate-controlled media is really lobbying Manchin to eliminate the filibuster so the Democrats can pass a radical Left agenda that has no bipartisan support.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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