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Media Bias

The smoking gun proving “The View” works for the Democrat Party just dropped



ABC’s “The View” is one of the most anti-Trump shows on TV today.

They are dedicated to taking down Trump by any means necessary.

And the smoking gun proving “The View” works for the Democrat Party just dropped.

The arrest of billionaire Democrat donor Jeffrey Epstein is troubling news for the Democrat Party.

Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, Christine Pelosi, even warned that “some of our faves” could be implicated during the investigation.

Of course, the most likely of those “faves” is former President Bill Clinton.

Clinton is a close friend of Epstein.

Epstein has donated to both the political interests of the Clinton family, and the infamous Clinton Foundation.

Clinton has also traveled on Epstein’s private plane, dubbed the “Lolita Express,” which is likely integral to his child sex trafficking charges.

But to the ladies on “The View,” it is Donald Trump who should be worried.

That is because, for a short while, Trump knew Epstein, like he knows all rich New Yorkers.

Trump once said something positive about Epstein, only to take it back after his crimes came to light.

Despite that, Joy Behar spent the entire segment about Epstein, taking the conversation away from Bill Clinton in order to attack Trump.

NewsBusters reports:

During a segment on the arrest of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein Tuesday, View co-host Joy Behar tried desperately to connect the longtime Democrat donor to President Trump. Despite the fact that Epstein was a major donor to the Clinton Foundation and President Bill Clinton reportedly took over two dozen trips with the sexual predator on his private jet nicknamed the “Lolita Express,” with underage girls in tow, Behar still tried to connect Epstein to Trump.

While the rest of the hosts were talking about acting Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta needing to step down for his involvement in Epstein’s plea deal in 2007, Behar butt in to get in some Trump bashing.

“You know what I love? What I love about this is Trump’s response,” she said, reading a quote from 2002 where Trump praised Epstein as a “terrific guy.” Behar suggested Trump was an apologist for men accused of sexual misconduct and he must hate women.

It is clear that if there is any politician likely to go down with Epstein, it is Clinton.

Clinton has a long track record of sex scandals and credible rape accusations.

But he is royalty in the Democrat Party, and apparently on “The View” as well.

Do you think Bill Clinton should be investigated for his ties to Epstein?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. Ivan

    July 11, 2019 at 6:46 pm

    Bill and Hillary should be investigated and if found guilty put on death row for the 100+ murders they are rumored to have committed.

  2. Becky

    July 11, 2019 at 10:27 pm

    I can’t believe how childish the View is. They can’t even be partisan. Why everybody wants to brainwash our children and young adults. DemonRats and their followers can’t even play fair. I hope the DemonRats falls hard. They are trying to oust our President with everything they can. NOT RIGHT!!

  3. Stephanie Cassity????

    July 11, 2019 at 10:29 pm

    You bet! I completely agree but I don’t think it’s going to happen! What really gets me is how many people are aware of the Clintons atrocities and nothing happens!

  4. Jim

    July 11, 2019 at 10:33 pm

    I agree with Ivan except for one thing, there is no “if” here. They are guilty. I have no doubt. Also, no white collar prison for them. Toss them in with the general population. They will not last a week.

  5. ChuckB

    July 11, 2019 at 10:35 pm

    This would be surprising to whom?

  6. PatDamore

    July 11, 2019 at 10:36 pm

    Sort of to bad these 2 did not go off to the dust bin { HilARY AND BILL} when they were caught doing what they do best
    pedophelia cannot be cured[ Look at all those in powerful positions of leadership in all of society ]and lack of a moral compass cannot be learned and breaking the 11th commandment always gets to be a problem as the cover up is always worse than the actual crime May be time for a complete disinfection of our country and a return to the rule of law and a respect for life,liberty abd the prusuitre founded

  7. Gerald Ladd

    July 11, 2019 at 10:37 pm

    LOL…there are a lot of DemonRATS getting nervous.If the perv thinks he’ll get a better deal, he will name all the DemonRATS that were on his plane, or island.


    July 11, 2019 at 10:38 pm

    The B’tches of the View need their asses whipped daily ! They are RACIST beyond belief !

    That show needs to be CANCELED !

  9. wayne

    July 11, 2019 at 10:43 pm

    PS: The VIEW should be taken off the air. There isn’t any excuse to

    bash President Trump every day. It gets to be a show of how ignorant

    people are. If they aren’t happy with the country, get your passport up

    to date, and go to Iran to protest.

  10. Jim S.

    July 11, 2019 at 10:52 pm

    SERIOUSLY? Please tell me YOU didn’t already figure it out that the paid WHORES from the view are ANTI_AMERICAN. Not just anti Trump. These skanks need to stay on the air. In NORTH KOREA or another like minded place. And hopefully God willing we will get to witness their EXECUTIONS once the Communist government gets fed up with them.

  11. James Bryant

    July 11, 2019 at 10:56 pm

    Hillary and Bill should already be in prison. Both are sexual predators. Bill does the act Hillary covers for him. Isn’t that true love? Common DOJ enough of the hand slapping games. Prosecute Clinton and Epstein. Let them rot together. The View-what a bunch of loser bigmouths that ABC adorns. ABC has no morale compass either.

  12. william couch

    July 11, 2019 at 11:15 pm

    Ivan,,,, Not death row.. In handcuffs,, taken out behind the courthouse, lined up against the wall and summarlarly executed

  13. Dennis B Anderson

    July 11, 2019 at 11:35 pm

    It will wipe out half of Washington D.C. so be it. We don`t need or should we condone this kind of behavior. This is criminal behavior and the people who let him get away with this the first time should be terminated immediately.

  14. Three Gowdys

    July 11, 2019 at 11:36 pm

    One show is for the left you have all of right wing talk radio, countless right wing hate websites including Youtube still, most TV stations, radio stations and newspapers are owned by very conservative businessmen. This complaint is laughable about the View.

  15. lisalles

    July 11, 2019 at 11:42 pm

    OMG…do people actually watch the view? I can not imagine anybody in their right mind sitting down for an hour to watch these women foaming at the mouth. Who watches this show? Take the typical viewer….and run mental stability tests on this person. I would love to see the results of that test.

  16. Del

    July 11, 2019 at 11:44 pm

    We have known this for Year’s which is why so many Conservatives have been screaming to take them off the air they don’t belong on TV spewing their Hatred..

  17. don

    July 12, 2019 at 12:10 am


  18. Mike

    July 12, 2019 at 12:11 am

    Lock up Slick Willy whit Hilary the pedifile and all them beaitchs on the view.

  19. Hurley Henson

    July 12, 2019 at 12:16 am

    Ain’t gonna happen. The Clintons have long ago bought and paid off the top FBI and DOJ. Those two crime cartels has actually helped them get away with many serious crimes including murder.

  20. ahem tonto

    July 12, 2019 at 12:23 am


  21. Keith D

    July 12, 2019 at 12:49 am

    They BASH all Republicans President Trump is just the latest!!

  22. Jo C

    July 12, 2019 at 1:42 am

    Apparently the Clintons are made of Teflon, no matter what they’ve done over the years they get away with anything. Hopefully, AG Barr can uncover the real Russia collusion and find the missing emails!


    July 12, 2019 at 1:57 am

    what I’d like to see is most of the idiots on the View take a long walk off of a long pier without a life jacket. Idiots!

  24. neo

    July 12, 2019 at 3:13 am

    Trump, like me, treats somebody that you just met with respect UNTIL they give you a reason NOT to….to me that is ALL Trump did.

  25. Jim1937

    July 12, 2019 at 1:10 pm

    The Pew is an arm of the DNC and you call that news?

  26. John Walker

    July 12, 2019 at 1:28 pm

    This is so sad the white house should be ashame of them selves Democrats and Republicans their no way nobody in the white house knew nothing about Jeffrey Epstein child sex trafficking right along with bill Clinton cover ups their no way nobody in that white no nothing my damn dog got more sense to see Jeffrey Epstein is a child Predator this country is soooooo sickening I just vomit up when I hear this story Donald Trump bill Clinton Jeffrey Epstein are sick Individuals I just can’t see why those people can live and just walk around the face of this earth this story really sickening

  27. Mark Brooks

    July 12, 2019 at 1:34 pm

    I think the investigation should go wherever it goes . Be it Former President Clinton or Don the Con. The important thing to me as a Citizen is it seems we have two sets of laws in America. One for the super rich & one for the rest of us !

  28. Marilyn Johnson

    July 12, 2019 at 2:12 pm

    Amen to that.

  29. Connie

    July 12, 2019 at 2:39 pm

    Completely biased in favor of the left, horribly disrespectful of our POTUS, unhappy and obviously frustrated women. I hope that someday they are able to find peace in their hearts…they’re not getting any [email protected]

  30. CA for Trump

    July 12, 2019 at 2:42 pm

    Why don’t these hags on The Spew go criticize the crooks in their own party who refuse to give back the donations Epstein gave to their campaigns and re-elections? Not a word on that, of course.

  31. greyfox

    July 12, 2019 at 2:46 pm

    Listening to the view only prove you are devoid of any critical thinking skill, for that matter any thinking skills at all.

  32. James

    July 12, 2019 at 2:46 pm

    I have seen first-graders with more logic and sense than any of these democrat hypocrites. I have an IQ of 140+ and I cannot come close to understanding the mindset of these automatons. There is no idividuality amongst them. When the Epstein thing came to light I knew some leftist idiot would try to tie in Trump. That is their modus operandi. Anyone who watches this TV show is really a vert shallow person. A candidate who fits the mold of the folks who backed the likes of Hilter, Stalin, Mao, et al. DUMB!

  33. Bruce

    July 12, 2019 at 2:55 pm

    The “VIEW” IS GUILTY OF TREASON. They are KNOWINGLY published CONFIRMED LIES. And are committing Sedition by publishing FAKE NEWS. READ: Treason explanation.

  34. maxx

    July 12, 2019 at 3:37 pm

    That is absolutely true. They alone put the term “arkanside” into American vocabulary. On top of that there were reports around the time of the Clinton Global Initiative and the Haiti disaster that both Bill and Hillary made trips to Epstein’s island. There was also reports of many young Haitian children being taken to that place and not for “humanitarian reasons”.

  35. Wilma

    July 13, 2019 at 12:46 am

    The Clintons may have bought off the FBI, etc, but they can’t buy off God. Unless they repent (which is very unlikely because they think they are some kind of gods), they will definitely have a reserved place in hell.

  36. Ann the garden gnome

    July 13, 2019 at 12:59 am

    Agree. They can’t support our President they should just shut up. They prove how ignorant they are everyday repeating more lies than they claim Trump tells. They are a bunch of low class foul mouthed losers. If they could have they would have moved in to a legitimate career. Gossip whores. They don’t care if it’s true or not.


    July 13, 2019 at 1:15 am

    Bill and hillary where investigated and found,what for it,oh my God they where innocent conservatives crawl back into your cave


    July 13, 2019 at 1:20 am

    You are fake news

  39. Holley

    July 13, 2019 at 1:45 am

    Donald Trump is guilty of adulterous behavior. He has partied with Epstein and with younger women. You can’t blame the Clintons
    For everything. Trump lies and has ruined our country.

  40. Marilyn

    July 14, 2019 at 4:48 pm

    Don’t know who you are Neo, but I’m with you. I treat everyone I meet with respect until they show they don’t respect me then they are out of here. As I believe POTUS does just that.

  41. Charles Thomas

    July 22, 2019 at 6:47 pm

    I don’t watch “The View” or any show like it. First everybody has two things that are the same one is an anus and an opinion when the same kind of stuff comes out of both openings then one is not learning positive information from such an individual. Shows Like The View, the late Night with Steven Colbret, The Jimmy Kimmel late night show, The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon, where they all attack one side of the political isle as opposed to total positivity for the other just shows a bias that shouldn’t be supported. They influence a great number of people who will allow them to do their thinking for them. The hosts of these programs also get involved with name calling or tagging the voters of the side that “They” believe to be wrong. There by help spread the hatred that is and has been coming from the Liberal Left. Back when George W. Bush ran we heard a lot of comparisons to Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Regime. When Obama ran against Hillary you heard that the Democrats were in a win – win situation and that regardless of which one got the nomination they should have the other in their cabinet which is what happened. Ms. Behar was the most dominate among The View to make the Nazi comparison. Herself being a Jew proclaimed she ought to know and she is correct , she should know but really doesn’t. To compare anyone to the monster of an individual that Hitler was, how and why he became that way would be calling another individual the most vile of an human being since Ghangis Khan. However, the Democrat Party of the past 10 years has changed Dramatically from the party of the 1960s, 50s,40s and further back. Obama didn’t initiate this change. No he only took it to a new and different level The big change in the Democrat party was brought on by the Clintons, Gore, Mondale and that era of Democrat leadership. What Obama did was show just how far one could go with their own power if they were willing to try. He obliterated our governmental system down to the point of a pen. He made both Congress and the Supreme irrelevant during his 8 yrs of office. If there was ever a Dictator of a President it was him. Hillary swore that she wasn’t going to change to far from how Obama had been President. Obama did not light the Hate candle he just poured gasoline on it! But everyone wants to blame Trump when in reality it is now being fueled by a George Soros from 187 different groups that he created to do just that at the right time. Now is that time.And the MSM is the Vessel to accomplish such a destructiveness to our social structure and government. This ame process took place in Germany, France, Great Briton, Finland, Belgium and various countries in Africa. With the Muslims leading the way. Just like what is taken place here. If things continue a lot of people are going to loose everything they have some will loose their very lives. So MSM should think long and hard as to whether it wants to be part of the solution or part of the problem. So far you are not in the first part of the task in front of this nation.

  42. RP

    August 13, 2019 at 8:51 am

    The 100+ murders they are rumored to have committed………Let them defend themselves against accusations that may or may not be true. There’s bound to be one or two of the deaths, they were directly involved in. Trump has gone through three years of this, time for the paybacks to the Clintons.

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Media Bias

Joy Reid got more angry than she ever has on The View after what a black Republican said



Of all the ladies on The View, Joy Reid is by far the most vile in her anti-Trump views.

Anybody who supports Trump is evil in her eyes.

And Joy Reid got more angry than she ever has on The View after what a black Republican said.

When a pro-Trump figure comes on The View, the hosts always do the same thing.

They ask the guest a question they already know they will disagree with the answer to, and then viciously launch personal attacks on them, generally led by Joy Behar.

This is what happened when they brought on GOP congressional candidate Kim Klacik, who is a black woman running in Baltimore.

She created a powerful campaign ad about how Democrats have destroyed Baltimore, immediately thrusting her into the national spotlight, which naturally comes along with left-wing attacks.

When she went on The View, it didn’t take long for the attacks to begin.

While co-hosts Meghan McCain and Sara Haines were polite to her, the rest of the co-hosts, Sunny Hostin, Ana Navarro, and of course Joy Behar couldn’t stand her.

There had been clear animosity from those three hosts throughout the interview, but things took a major turn when Klacik explained that there was blame to go around in response to a question about if Trump was responsible for minority coronavirus deaths.

Of course, Klacik is correct, considering that left-wing government officials like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo forced Covid-positive patients into nursing homes which resulted in many deaths.

When Behar attacked her over making this point, Klacik questioned her on her past use of blackface.

“Is this — is this Joy speaking?” Klacik began by asking.

Before Behar could answer, but instead angrily tried to interrupt stating that “the guy lied,” Klacik hit back with her question about blackface.

“The same Joy that paraded around in blackface not too long ago? C’mon Joy I don’t think you should be asking me questions,” Klacik continued.

Despite there being photo evidence, Behar lied and said, “that’s not true!”

Behar went on to claim that the black community had her back when she did blackface that wasn’t really blackface to her, stating:

“Excuse me. The black community had my back. They know that that was not blackface.”

Klacik hit back telling her that “The black community has my back.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin yelled at her in response to this, questioning, “The black community has your back?”

Then yelling over Klacik she continued, “The black community did not vote for you!”

Klacik then pointed out that her last election was a special election during COVID-19 lockdowns, which resulted in Hostin rudely questioning her, “what planet are you living on?”

After this, Behar shut down the conversation.

They are clearly afraid of black conservatives.

If Democrats lose even a portion of the black vote, they are doomed.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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CNN had this jaw-dropping response to Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death



Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death shocked Americans and upended the Presidential campaign.

And panic set in at many centers of power in the Fake News Media.

But CNN had this jaw-dropping response to Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death.

The freak-out on the Left set in immediately following the news of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death.

Once it dawned on Democrats that Republicans will vote on Donald Trump’s nominee to replace Ginsburg, Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez threatened retribution in the form of packing the Supreme Court if Democrats seized power in November.

On fake news CNN, legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin didn’t think the Democrats would follow through on this threat.

“Democrats are great about talking big, but we’ll see if he has the — if he and the other Democrats have the guts to do anything. If they retake control of the Senate, will they really add the two seats on the Supreme Court?” Toobin began.

Toobin then called the Democrats wimps and called for unrest and protests in the streets to pressure Republicans not to go through with confirming Ginsburg’s successor.

“Because they’re weak and they’re wimps and they’re afraid,” Toobin added. “We think about Bush v. Gore and, which David [Boies] argued. In 2016, Al Gore said no street protests. This is just a legal process, while David saw in Tallahassee and Washington the Republican forces massing against them, literally on the streets. There is a difference to how Democrats and Republicans go about these fights, and we’ll see if Democrats learn anything from Republicans here. Yes, it’s interesting that Chuck Schumer said nothing is off the table, but that’s not a commitment to do anything.”

Left-wing activists on social media were already threatening riots the night Ginsburg died.

Critics contend it is irresponsible for CNN to feed into this mentality by having one of their top stars encourage protests.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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Joe Biden

CBS News is so afraid of Biden losing the Latino vote that they pulled a dirty trick you won’t believe



For decades, Democrats have taken the Latino vote for granted.

Losing that voting block would be devastating to their future.

And CBS News is so afraid of Biden losing the Latino vote that they pulled a dirty trick you won’t believe.

The Fake News Media doesn’t understand how President Trump holds such strong support among Latino Americans.

He has a massive grassroots organization called “Latinos for Trump” that has been around since his 2016 election.

These patriotic Latinos understand more than anybody how important it is to have secure borders, and to have a President who stands up for law and order.

And after three and a half years of President Trump proving himself, Latinos for Trump is stronger than they ever have been before.

They continue to host massive rallies for the President.

Joe Biden can’t compete with the size of rallies they are holding.

For Hispanic Heritage month, Latinos for Biden held an event featuring the former Vice President in Florida.

The event was comically small, featuring enough people that you could count every attendee on both hands.

It was so embarrassing that it only lasted for a few minutes until Biden left.

Biden was obviously nervous about the embarrassing coverage he would get following such a disastrous event.

But Biden didn’t need to be worried at all it turns out.

When CBS News covered the event, they simply used footage of a Latinos for Trump event and branded it as a Latinos for Biden event.

If you look at the picture they used, you can clearly see the Trump hats and signs.

This is one of the most glaring examples of fake news, but really shouldn’t be surprising.

Democrats and their allies in the Fake News Media are desperate to get rid of President Trump.

They can’t stand having somebody in office who actually stands up for the American people, and who calls them out for their despicable actions.

This fake news lie is more comical than anything, but some of the lies the Fake News Media has been spreading are far more damaging.

In 2018, the Fake News Media claimed that President Trump called migrants “animals,” when in reality he was referring to MS-13 gang members.

They have also spread the fake lie that he called Mexicans “rapists,” when he was really referring to illegal immigrants who have committed crimes.

The Fake News Media is terrified of Democrats losing the Hispanic vote.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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