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The sick attack Joy Behar just launched at Melania Trump will infuriate you



The ladies of The View are some of the sickest anti-Trump voices today.

Joy Behar may be the most vile of the bunch. 

And the sick attack she just launched at Melania Trump will infuriate you. 

Melania Trump brought a class to the White House that hasn’t been seen since the days of Nancy Reagan. 

She is truly somebody that Americans can be proud of, unlike Michelle Obama, or the so-called “doctor” Jill Biden. 

But the Left despises her, all because they hate her husband. 

The View spent most of their recent broadcast talking about the legacy of President Donald Trump.

Naturally, they believe Trump will go down in history as the worst President in history.

But their attacks didn’t end with Trump.

After spending their time bashing Trump, they spent the last part of their show directing most of their hate at Melania Trump. 

This is just weeks after the ladies of The View boasted about how they had “been respectful of Melania,” as Pants on Fire News previously reported.

In her attacks, Behar questioned whether the First Lady is either a “co-conspirator” to the crimes they allege of Trump, coerced, or “brainwashed.”

“The question is, is she as bad as Trump?” Behar began. “That’s what people want to know. Is she an active co-conspirator? Does she agree with him or is she under duress? I don’t know. Is she afraid of him? She has seen what he does to anybody who turns on him.” 

Behar continued, “Maybe she’s afraid of him. Maybe she’s afraid of being ostracized, then where will she go? But on the other hand, I know from personal experience because I interviewed her in 2011, that she’s a birther or so she said. But did she find that out from him? Did he tell her to say that? Does she have a mind of her own?”

This shows their clear bias against President Trump and Republicans. 

Never once have The View questioned whether Hillary Clinton was a “co-conspirator” protecting her husband amid accusations of rape and sexual assault. 

In fact, co-host Sunny Hostin defended Hillary against those accusations in 2016, calling her a “victim” who stood by “her man,” adding that “she reacted like any other woman would.”

While leftists like the hosts on The View may put President Trump down as the worst President in history, the 70 million Americans who voted for him certainly won’t.

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The View’s Joy Behar made an insane comment about reopening schools that will leave you red with rage




The women on The View are just as deranged as ever with Donald Trump out of office.

The show has become infamous for making absurd political arguments, and that has not changed with Joe Biden in the White House.

Now Joy Behar made an insane comment about school reopenings that will leave you red with rage.

Pro-lockdown politicians and media members have been trying to scare people into their homes for nearly a year, but even the staunchest lockdown supporters are backtracking on reopening the schools.

Dr. Anthony Fauci had to do one of his patented flip-flops on schools because the data was overwhelming that children were not superspreaders of COVID-19.

But the teachers unions are using COVID as an excuse to get money for nothing and negotiate more favorable deals.

Since the Democrat Party is entirely beholden to the teachers unions, the establishment has not gotten completely on board with reopening schools.

That’s when The View co-host Joy Behar chipped in with her brain-busting solution.

That proposal is nonsensical.

Many medical professionals across the globe have warned that the mental, physical, and emotional toll on kids during the lockdowns have been catastrophic.

A study out of the United Kingdom showed that thoughts of suicide have skyrocketed among young people.

Similar trends are manifesting in the United States.

Depression, anxiety, and abuse are all on the uptick.

Society cannot stay locked down forever, especially the schools.

There’s no scientific justification for the schools to be closed any further.

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The View

The View made one insane comparison about Big Tech censorship that left viewers stunned



The View has become synonymous with bad political takes.

The women on the show spout off left-wing talking points while nastily attacking Republicans.

Now the show made one insane comparison about Big Tech censorship that left viewers stunned.

The despicable Capitol Hill riot gave Democrats a pretense to not only censor Donald Trump, but all Republicans and conservatives.

Trump was summarily banned from all major social platforms, and the free speech app Parler was essentially nuked by Apple, Google, and Facebook.

The View dutifully cheered on the left-wing censorship by suddenly becoming libertarians and comparing the digital hitjob to the Masterpiece Cakeshop case.

Christian Baker Jack Phillips designed to bake a custom cake for a gay wedding because of his religious beliefs.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg said of the Big Tech censorship, “They have every right to say, ‘I don’t want you using my site,’ much like the baker who said, ‘I don’t want to bake for gay people.’ Same thing. Everybody said, ‘Listen, he has the right to do that.’ So do all these companies have the right to say, ‘I don’t want you on my stuff.’”

The comparison falls apart very quickly.

First, Phillips sells cakes to everyone, but has the right to refuse service for custom cakes.

Second, social media sites are platforms, not publishers.

If they start moderating content based along ideological lines, they lose their protection as platforms and open themselves up to liability as publishers.

Finally, the Big Tech firms are colluding with one another to censor counter-narrative voices; a cabal of bakers aren’t conspiring to stop custom gay wedding cakes from being baked altogether.

Also, companies who are trying to build their own platforms are being kneecapped by the Silicon Valley oligarchs.

Needless to say, Goldberg and her cohorts on The View were singing a different tune when they had Phillips on their show in 2017.

They hectored him and arrogantly declared “Jesus would’ve baked the cake.”

A culture that no longer believes in free speech will soon lose free speech.

America is on the brink of a nightmarish authoritarian future.

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The View

What The View’s Joy Behar said about Melania Trump will shock you



For four years, the ladies on The View have constantly attacked President Trump and his family.

They were particularly vicious with First Lady Melania Trump. 

And what Joy Behar just said about Melania Trump will shock you. 

Melania Trump brought a classiness back to the White House that hasn’t been seen since Nancy Reagan. 

Yet, most of the Fake News Media constantly attacked her.

They pushed insane lies to try to destroy her simply because they don’t like her husband. 

But despite everybody knowing this to be true, the ladies of The View want to make it seem as though they have the moral high ground. 

With them believing that Joe Biden is taking over the White House in January, they want to try to act like they never said the things they did about Melania over the past years. 

That is so they can attack any conservative who dares criticize Joe Biden’s wife Jill, while claiming they would never do the same thing to a Republican. 

Joy Behar made this clear while talking about a Wall Street Journal opinion piece mocking Jill Biden for insisting she be referred to as “Dr.” Jill Biden, despite the fact her doctorate is in education. 

Behar declared that her show has been respectful to First Lady Melania Trump, demanding conservatives give Jill Biden the same respect they claim to have shown. 

She made this baffling statement when responding to the author of the article calling Mrs. Biden “kiddo.” 

“Yeah. I was going to say, you know, first of all, don’t call her kiddo,” Behar began. “She’s not somebody you met on Tinder [a dating website], okay? She’s the next First Lady of the United States. I think that we have been respectful to Melania, and we will be respectful to Jill.”

This is laughable to anybody who has tuned in to The View.

There are a number of episodes where they have dedicated their main segment to attacking the First Lady.

In a particularly nasty episode, shortly after Trump took office, Behar mocked Trump’s marriage, spreading gossip that Melania was going to divorce her husband. 

Behar went after Melania for being an immigrant, stating that “she was in Slovenia doing nothing” before marrying President Trump.

The list of their disgusting comments could go on and on. 

Joy Behar is simply trying to take a moral high ground, but a brief look at her history shows she has no standing. 

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