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The New York Times’ embarrassing double standard toward Hunter Biden just got exposed



The New York Times has entirely shredded its credibility.

The “paper of record” is simply another extension of the Democrat Party.

And The Times’ embarrassing double standard toward Hunter Biden just got exposed.

The New York Times and several other major news organizations refused to cover Hunter Biden’s use of the N-word with his $800-per-hour attorney.

If one were to make the argument that the story isn’t newsworthy, then that person would have to explain why The New York Times dedicated a Sunday feature to a 15-year-old girl’s use of the word.

Outkick reports:

“Mimi Groves was a 15 year old high school cheerleader who used the n-word in a three second Snapchat video to celebrate getting her driver’s license. When the video went viral, Groves, a Loudon County, Virginia teenager, lost her admission to the University of Tennessee, including her ability to be a cheerleader at the university. The New York Times wrote a front page article about her.”

The mainstream media allowed Hunter Biden on television to peddle his book that chronicled his debauchery, but they shielded him when it came to negative stories.

Outkick continued:

“Let me repeat this, the New York Times didn’t deem Hunter Biden’s use of the n-word to be newsworthy, but they believed a 15 year old high school girl’s use of the n-word was newsworthy. So newsworthy in fact, that they put it on the front page of their Sunday newspaper so the largest possible audience would see the story.”

Cancel culture is alive and well.

Only those who are useful to the establishment are spared.

Hunter Biden is useful because he’s Joe Biden’s son, which is why the entire corporate-controlled press and social media giants colluded to suppress the New York Post’s bombshell report on Hunter’s scandalous laptop.

This has become par for the course for institutions like The New York Times.

For example, The Times completely ignored the story of Eric Swalwell allegedly having a sexual relationship with a Chinese spy.

Somehow a member of the House Intelligence Committee having a cozy relationship with a foreign spy doesn’t rate for The Times.

The New York Times even fired long-time science writer Donald McNeil for repeating the N-word when answering a question about usage of the word.

There is no logical consistency to the Left.

Republicans and conservatives have witnessed this double standard for years, but more independents and centrists are waking up to the deception.

Institutions like The New York Times have sacrificed their credibility in service to the establishment.

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CNN is so desperate for ratings it’s considering a Hail Mary that’ll turn it into a true laughingstock



CNN’s viewership numbers continue to drop like a rock.

At this point the network’s executives are running out of ideas to save the failing company.

And now CNN is so desperate for ratings it’s considering a Hail Mary that’ll turn it into a true laughingstock.

CNN has been on life support for so long even its competitors are almost embarrassed by the network’s pathetic performance.

When CEO Chris Licht took over the troubled news network last year, he started with the obvious – try actually reporting the news rather than Democrat propaganda.

But as time has gone on, it’s been proven once and for all that the leftists at Ted Turner’s legacy network are completely incapable of being anything other than unhinged partisan Democrats.

That’s a reality that Licht is apparently coming to simply accept, despite all his talk about restoring the network’s legitimacy.

And that was proven recently when Licht shocked industry insiders and viewers alike when he chose to reward left-wing hack Jim Acosta with a full seven hours of airtime every weekend, rather than sending him packing.

Now, a CNN insider has told Fox News that Licht — who hasn’t managed to fill the prime-time slot since he stepped into the position — is actually entertaining the idea of hiring a late-night comedian to go up against other networks’ news shows.

A former industry executive, who spoke off the record, predicts that the latest scheme will be an unmitigated disaster.

“First, it’s guaranteed to be cringe-inducing and unfunny,” the source noted. “Second, how ridiculous will it look when they have to break away from a comedy show for breaking news?”

Names initially batted around included Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, Trevor Noah, and Arsenio Hall.

But Hall and Maher have since been eliminated based on additional sleuthing on the part of the network’s competitors.

Cringe-inducing moments aside, a CNN insider can already see the writing on the wall.

Whenever ratings are sinking, news business executives have an infinite amount of creativity that inevitably leads to risky experiments almost guaranteed to fail.

Then again, CNN has already been failing for so long it may have already hit rock bottom with the remaining viewers there merely to watch the spectacle.

And if that’s the case, a comedian may provide some overdue relief.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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Fired CNN hack Brian Stelter has a new gig that will make you pull out your hair



Brian Stelter was fired from CNN for being a partisan left-wing hack who was incapable of attracting an audience even remotely close in size to his peers.

But even when they fail miserably, left-wing hacks like Stelter always land on their feet.

And fired CNN hack Brian Stelter has a new gig that will make you pull out your hair.

The annual World Economic Forum, a yearly meeting of globalist elites in Davos, Switzerland, is currently underway.

Government officials, corporate-controlled media figures, corporate executives, celebrities, and other ruling class elitists descend on Davos in their private jets to discuss cutting carbon emissions and other mustache-twirling nonsense.

And one panel discussion about online “misinformation” and “disinformation” was led by none other than former CNN hack Brian Stelter.

Prior to being fired, Stelter supposedly served as CNN’s “media watchdog,” but in reality, he was merely Democrats’ lapdog.

During Stelter’s WEF panel, The New York Times’ A.G. Sulzberger shockingly claimed that “disinformation” was the “most existential” problem of our time.

That’s an amazing statement coming from a self-proclaimed “journalist” who works for the so-called “paper of record” that won a Pulitzer Prize for its bogus coverage of the Potemkin villages during the Soviet Union, and also reported that there were Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq that never actually existed.

Those with functioning brains would say those calamities were more “existential” than a random person who sits in their underwear and posts crackpot theories on social media.

Interestingly, former New York Times editor Jill Abramson was no fan of Sulzberger representing the outlet at the World Economic Forum.

“I noticed (after I was gone), much more ‘news’ coverage in the Times of Davos, quoting the attendees and speakers at those endless panels,” Abramson told Semafor. “Of course, the coverage was a sweetener to flatter the CEOs by seeing their names in The New York Times so that they would then speak at high-dollar New York Times’ conferences and — of course — get phony news stories from the conferences into the paper.”

She added that the World Economic Forum was a “corrupt circle jerk.”

Also on the panel sat Věra Jourová, the Vice President of the European Commission, who said that hate speech laws would soon be coming to America.

European countries do not have a First Amendment, which dangerously opens up citizenry to tyranny at the hands of government.

For example, just a few years ago, a teenage girl in the U.K. was arrested for quoting rap lyrics in an Instagram tribute to a friend who had passed away that were deemed “offensive.”

She had to pay a fine, obey a curfew, and wear an ankle monitor for eight weeks.

That’s the insanity left-wing radicals are working to bring to the U.S.

Brian Stelter and these terrible censors at the World Economic Forum all deserve each other.

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Extremist billionaire George Soros stole a page from the mafia’s playbook with this scheme to buy journalists



George Soros bankrolls countless left-wing causes.

He has his hands all over American politics.

And now extremist billionaire George Soros stole a page from the mafia’s playbook with this scheme to buy journalists.

The biggest Democrat mega donor in the world, George Soros, has confessed that he has a “messiah complex,” and that he acts on it by attempting to control global politics.

Soros believes in a borderless society governed by a centralized one-world government that’s controlled by global elites, and he’s stated that his main obstacle is national sovereignty.

He undercuts national sovereignty by funding radical anti-American movements, and destabilizing society with pro-crime policies.

He has funded many far-left District Attorneys around the country who are more concerned with protecting criminals than victims.

And Soros also has his hand in the corporate-controlled media, as a study conducted by the Media Research Center showed 54 legacy media figures are associated with Soros-funded organizations.

MRC issued a report that noted Soros’s $32 billion in funding “has helped him establish ties with some of the biggest name media personalities in the United States and abroad which help indoctrinate millions with his views on a day-to-day basis.”

“MRC Business found at least 54 prominent media figures (e.g. reporters, anchors, columnists, editors, news executives and journalists) who are tied to Soros through their connections to organizations that he funds,” the report continued. “These include personalities like NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt and The Washington Post executive editor Sally Buzbee.”

A response to encroachment from globalist authoritarians, populist heads of state have popped up in various countries across Europe and South America.

One such President who has received incessant criticism from the international Left, and their legacy media allies, is Viktor Orbán of Hungary.

Self-proclaimed “journalist” Christiane Amanpour was one of the left-wing hacks deployed to knife Orbán.

According to MRC, Amanpour “is listed as a senior adviser at the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), which received $2,750,000 from Soros between 2018 and 2020 alone. She aggressively criticized Soros’ critics as anti-Semites.”

During a 2018 interview with Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szijjártó, Amanpour accused Orbán of racism and anti-Semitism.

“[Soros] would like to see Europe in a post-national, post-Christian phase — you know, their borders don’t count, their national identity is pushed backed, their migrants are being allowed at least 1 million a year,” Szijjártó responded. “Our vision is totally different.”

Those who oppose Soros’ radical agenda are smeared – even Fox News is skittish about criticizing Soros.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (R-GA) was chastised for even invoking his name.

Left-wing radicals claim they want to get money out of politics.

If they mean it, they can start with George Soros.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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