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The Fake News Media’s new love affair with Liz Cheney just took a sickening twist



Liz Cheney has assumed the role of the Left’s favorite Republican.

Any Republican who attacks Donald Trump and conservatives gets the patented “strange new respect” from the Left.

And the Fake News Media’s new love affair with Liz Cheney just took a sickening twist.

A few short years ago, the Left made the film Vice, in order to excoriate former Vice President Dick Cheney.

Now, Democrats can’t get enough of Cheney and his daughter, Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-WY).

Joining the ranks of the Lincoln Project, the Bulwark, and other Never-Trump grifters, Liz Cheney has started a political action committee to challenge Trump and Trump-backed candidates.

They can no longer fundraise off Republican voters, so now they’re trying to milk Democrat donors for all the money they can.

And Cheney is currently riding the wave of fawning media coverage.

ABC News’s Jonathan Karl even laughably compared her to former President Teddy Roosevelt.

During a panel discussion, USA Today bureau chief Susan Page said, “Sometimes there are political figures who seem to be making symbolic stances and you look back with the benefit of some hindsight, and you see the influence they had on their party and the country.”

“I’m thinking, Bernie Sanders, who not everyone took very seriously at the beginning and who had a great effect on his party,” she claimed. “We’ll see if Liz Cheney has a similar course.”

That’s when Karl jumped in and said, “You could say Teddy Roosevelt left the Republican Party, ran as the Bull Moose candidate, and then the Party actually tried to recruit him eight years later to run as a Republican again.”

Five minutes ago, Democrats were torching Liz Cheney for refusing to go to her own sister’s wedding to another woman, and now all of a sudden, she’s a modern-day Teddy Roosevelt.

As a matter of fact, the idea that you could compare even Bernie Sanders’ impact on Democrats to any impact Liz Cheney will ever have on Republicans is nonsense, considering the fact that – despite being a nonsensical socialist – he utilized populism to deliver his message.

Cheney does not represent any subsection of the American people, other than the globalists and warmongers – or as Liz calls them, her family – two groups that the American people have grown to despise above all others.

“I think she’ll be an extremely relevant figure in her Party, across the board, I think she seems like she has one committed not only to sort of take down Donald Trump but to take down the sickness of her Party,” Mark Leibovich, a staff writer for The Atlantic, added. “I mean she seems to be going more broadly beyond January 6 at this point. She’s talking about denial, she’s talking about election denial, January 6 denial.”

“The question is, will she go into COVID denial or climate denial?” he asked gleefully. “Things like that going forward. But ultimately, I think she’s gonna raise a ton of money and I think she’ll get a ton of media attention and I think that her place in our politics is solidified for the time being and probably beyond next year.”

Except Liz Cheney is the sickness in the Republican Party – at least, that’s what Democrats would claim just months ago – and that’s why she’s been expelled by the voters.

Rep. Liz Cheney’s future in politics is becoming the next Nicolle Wallace, and cashing checks from Democrats along the way.


This NBC reporter tried to slam Tucker Carlson but ended up stepping on a rake



Self-proclaimed “journalists” have a vendetta against Tucker Carlson and Fox News.

If the Left had their way, Fox News would be regulated out of existence.

And this NBC reporter tried to slam Carlson but ended up stepping on a rake.

The election of former President Donald Trump in 2016 changed the entire Fake News Media landscape.

For the first time in contemporary American politics, an outsider was able to circumvent the corporate-controlled media monopoly and get elected using social media.

Since then, the establishment elites have attempted to rein in Big Tech, and free speech in general, which is why so many journalists and politicians who have questioned the Left’s narrative have been demonized.

The Left want to brand them as “hateful,” thus justifying censorship.

And NBC News’ Kat Tenbarge did exactly that when she went after Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, and the citizen journalist behind the social media account Libs of TikTok.

On Twitter, Libs of TikTok has amassed a huge following by posting unedited clips of left-wing radicals espousing their insane beliefs in videos they uploaded to TikTok for the world to see.

Tenbarge tried to suggest that Carlson and Libs of TikTok were bringing harm to the LGBTQ community, but she ended up making a bizarre, unintended argument.

“Tucker Carlson, Libs of TikTok, etc. create a stream of content blaming trans and queer people for child grooming, but rarely or never feature actual victims of child grooming,” Tenbarge wrote. “If they did, they’d have to reckon with the fact that many survivors are queer and trans themselves. I’ve interviewed survivors of [child sexual assault] and grooming, and several of them were trans and non-binary. Even more identified as gay, bi, or pan. All of them supported LGBTQ people. Religious conservatives would hate them and damn them to hell. They don’t really care.”

Tenbarge made the common left-wing mistake of linking LGBTQ people to child grooming.

Conservatives are against pedophilia regardless of the perpetrator or victim, but the Left tries to play these power games that backfire.

Tenbarge’s argument suggests that child sexual assault victims were either groomed into an LGBTQ identity, or they were targeted by predators because of their LGBTQ identity.

Either way, she was definitely not making the point she thought she was making.

Tenbarge suggests that Republicans are somehow out to get LGBTQ people, but the group Gays Against Groomers has been a fierce critic of teachers – regardless of so-called “gender identity” – speaking to young children about sexuality and other sexually explicit subjects.

Tellingingly, the Twitter account for Gays Against Groomers was banned until Elon Musk took control of the company.

For some strange reason, the Left are defending groomers to “own” conservatives.

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Fake News

Elon Musk set off these so-called journalists—and the word explosion is ridiculous



It turns out that if there’s one thing the Fake News Media can’t handle it’s freedom of speech.

When Elon Musk took over Twitter he seriously set off the corporate-controlled press.

And the word explosion is ridiculous.

The corporate-controlled media is suddenly fascinated with the inner workings of social media platform, Twitter.

From the way they’ve been ranting and raving, you’d think it was their money, not Elon Musk’s $44 billion on the line.

In fact, The New York Times is so obsessed, they recently decided to treat readers to a 2,500 word diatribe on why Elon Musk basically sucks at life, and is more or less destroying the world with his takeover of Twitter.

In an article entitled, “Two Weeks of Chaos: Inside Elon Musk’s Takeover of Twitter,” a committee of some four left-wing reporters pooled their collective indignation to unload on the world’s richest man, who recently committed the unpardonable sin of voting for a Republican.

Even though Twitter is losing a jaw-dropping $4 million per day, the self-proclaimed “journalists” focused much of their energy on the supposed trauma of employees facing job cuts — as if it’s Elon Musk’s fault that Twitter’s prior management ran the company into the ground.

“The fallout has often been excruciating, according to 36 current and former Twitter employees and people close to the company, as well as internal documents and workplace chat logs,” the writers claimed,” The New York Times’ piece read. “Some top executives were summarily fired by email. One engineering manager, upon being told to cut hundreds of workers, vomited into a trash can. Others slept in the office as they worked grueling schedules to meet Mr. Musk’s orders.”

But one particularly whiney complaint exposed how much work Musk has ahead of him if he’s ever going to clean up the deeply corrupt organization.

“Mr. Musk plans to begin making employees pay for lunch — which had been free — at the company cafeteria,” The Times’ report continued.

Twitter user Andrew Wortman shared the article and complained that Musk, “Fired ¾ of the employees. Now he’s planning to starve the rest of them. He’s failure incarnate.”

Then, @nichegamer retweeted that post suggesting that Twitter employees learn to cook.

Musk replied to that comment revealing a shocking surprise about the employees’ “free lunch” inside Twitter’s accounting books.

“Especially bizarre given that almost no one came to the office,” Musk pointed out. “Estimate cost per lunch served in past 12 months is >$400.”

The corporate-controlled press’ desperate bid to demonize Elon Musk when they never bothered to scrutinize Twitter’s inner workings in the past is almost guaranteed to have originated from the “Chief Twit’s” stated commitment to free speech.

Musk’s purchase of Twitter came after he slammed the platform in March for an algorithmic bias against conservatives.

“Given that Twitter serves as the de facto public town square, failing to adhere to free speech principles fundamentally undermines democracy,” Musk wrote at the time. “Free speech is essential to a functioning democracy.”

After making a $44 billion bid to buy Twitter, Musk nearly backed out after discovering what a dumpster fire he was about to acquire.

After plenty of legal wrangling, he ultimately ended up closing on the deal but has warned employees that if the current recession continues to deepen, the social media platform could end up going bankrupt unless drastic changes are made.

Apparently, Fake News Media outlets, like The New York Times, are feeling threatened by Elon Musk’s focus on free speech.

With an estimated total equity of only about $1.54 billion, The New York Times might want to start playing it safer before the world’s richest man decides to become their boss as well.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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Megyn Kelly just ripped media darling Meghan Markle to shreds for this stunning lack of self-awareness



Prince Harry and Megyn Markle have become an insufferable pair of left-wing elitists.

The two have utilized virtue signaling to attack the Royal Family while they simultaneously benefit from it.

And Megyn Kelly just ripped media darling Meghan Markle to shreds for this stunning lack of self-awareness.

Meghan Markle has whined about the treatment she’s received from the British corporate-controlled media, even though they were mostly on her side until word of her bratty behavior spread.

Meanwhile, the American corporate-controlled press has given Markle almost nothing but fawning coverage.

Oprah Winfrey interviewed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and allowed them to air their grievances against the Royal Family.

During the interview, Harry and Meghan accused at least one member of the family of being “racist.”

Since then, the couple has only vacuumed up more media attention.

And now, former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly is calling out their abhorrent behavior, specifically Markle’s lack of self-awareness.

“Over here people can’t buy turkeys, they’re too expensive, we’ve got record inflation … and she wants to run around word-policing everybody,” Kelly said. “Have some perspective.”

“She is the least self-aware person I’ve ever had the misfortune to encounter in public life,” she continued.

Kelly was irked by Markle’s claim that women who speak up for themselves are derided, which gives her a built-in defense for saying and doing obnoxious things.

But the former Fox News anchor pointed out that on Markle’s podcast, Archetypes, she adds “another word that you’re not allowed to say.”

The verboten list is part of the toxic mix known as “wokeness.”

“You can’t say difficult, you can’t say the ‘b-word,’ you can’t say a woman’s aggressive,” Kelly explained. “Sometimes women of all shapes, sizes, colors, whatever, we get angry, it’s not necessarily an archetype.”

Kelly also ripped Markle for thumbing her nose at a role as a model on the game show Deal Or No Deal.

“There was a very cookie-cutter idea of precisely what we should look like,” Markle said of the role. “It was solely about beauty, and not necessarily about brains. I was thankful for the job, but not for how it made me feel, which was not smart. I would end up leaving with this pit in my stomach, knowing I was so much more than what was being objectified on the stage.”

“You really are difficult and a pain in the butt to be around,” Kelly continued.

It seems as though many Britons agree with Megyn Kelly.

Polls show that Meghan Markle’s favorability is under water, and she’s dragging down Prince Harry with her.

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