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The Fake News Media came up with the most sickening defense imaginable for Biden’s Supreme Court pick



Democrats are eager to ram through Joe Biden’s Supreme Court nomination.

The Left wasn’t expecting the Republicans to rough up their nominee as much as they did.

And the Fake News Media came up with the most sickening defense imaginable for Biden’s pick.

The Republicans are always fighting with one hand tied behind their back.

In addition to fighting the Democrats, they also have to take on the Democrat Media Complex.

What a Democrat does, he or she knows that the entire media apparatus will mobilize behind him or her.

Such was the case with Joe Biden’s Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson.

The stone-cold leftist pick got a bit of a rough ride from the Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley questioned her about her lenient record dealing with cases regarding child pornography sex offenders.

Jackson on many occasions sentenced collectors of child pornography below the sentencing guidelines.

Jackson’s judicial record was fair game, but the Democrats were furious nonetheless.

And panelists on ABC News said the questioning about child pornography was a Republican nod to QAnon conspiracy theorists.

Host Jon Karl said, “[T]his focus on child pornography and pedophiles . . . It was a message to QAnon, wasn’t it? These are not major cases, these were sentencing decisions.”

It’s absurd that a host on a “mainstream” political talk show was suggesting that Republican Senators were signaling coded messages to an obscure conspiracy theory that 90% of GOP voters have barely even heard of.

Democrat voters probably know more about QAnon than Republicans voters because the corporate-controlled press talks about it so much.

MSNBC took a similar tack, suggesting that Republican senators were trying to get Jackson “killed” with their line of questioning.

And the activist hacks in the media didn’t mean get her nomination killed, but get her actually killed by some QAnon lone wolf.

That’s how unhinged the corporate-controlled press has become.

Prior to the ridiculous conversation about QAnon, disgraced CNN contributor Donna Brazile – who was fired for feeding debate questions to Hillary Clinton in 2016 – whined, “We were promised by Minority Leader McConnell that it would be a fair process. Free of rancor. And within 30 minutes or 60 minutes the first question on a scale of one to ten, tell me about your religion, your religious beliefs. There’s no religious test. And then, of course the other one, ‘define a woman.’”

First, Democrats have no place to talk about rancor after what they did to Brett Kavanaugh.

And the Democrats grilled Amy Coney Barrett about her Catholic faith, even suggesting she was in a Catholic cult.

Also, being asked to define the word “woman” is the epitome of a softball question for anyone who isn’t a fire-breathing leftist lunatic.

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ABC just stooped to a disgusting new low to promote the Left’s radical gun control agenda



The Fake News Media can’t get enough of gun control.

Some of their talking heads even openly fantasize about disarming every law-abiding American.

But ABC just stooped to a disgusting new low to promote the Left’s radical gun control agenda.

The Left will rehabilitate and embrace anyone who pledges allegiance to their radical socialist agenda.

They never repudiate radicals – they always celebrate and embrace them.

Now, the Left are turning to the man who tried to assassinate President Ronald Reagan in order to promote their radical gun control agenda.

For some reason, ABC News’ Nightline recently interviewed John Hinckley Jr., who was recently granted a full release from court restrictions over 41 years after shooting then-President Reagan in March of 1981.

“Hinckley’s crimes back in 1981 changed gun control in the U.S.,” Nightline co-host Juju Chang said. “In 1993, James Brady and his wife, Sarah, helped pass The Brady Act. And the Brady law ushered in a waiting period and background checks.”

The pattern always remains the same with the establishment.

A madman does something heinous, and all law-abiding Americans have to pay for it by losing their rights as a result.

“I certainly don’t think the mentally ill should have access to guns,” Hinkley claimed. “I mean, that’s kind of obvious. Background checks are good. Waiting periods are good. I think there’s too many guns in America.”

Right on cue, Chang responded by saying, “And coming from you, that’s quite a statement.”

ABC was over the moon that John Hinckley Jr. was promoting the Left’s gun control agenda.

They claim to be so concerned about there supposedly being “too many guns” and mentally ill people having guns, but they refuse to do anything about the mental health crisis in this country.

The Left simply crows about not having enough funding.

But the real problem is that Democrats have adopted the belief that mentally ill people cannot, and should not, ever be committed to a mental health facility.

The homelessness crisis is almost exclusively due to mental health issues and substance abuse.

Yet, Democrats have determined that it’s somehow compassionate to let mentally unwell individuals live in squalor on the street.

Also, there is little discussion about how the number of mass shootings has exploded since asylums were closed down.

“Something seems to have gone horribly wrong right around 1970,” Ann Coulter wrote. “What could it be? Was it the introduction of bell-bottoms? That date happens to correlate precisely with this: In 1969, the country began throwing the mentally ill out of institutions. Your memory of a lot fewer mass murders in the past is correct. Your memory of there not being as many homeless people a few decades ago is also correct.” 

“But liberals won’t allow the dangerous mentally ill to be committed to institutions against their will,” Coulter continued. “Often, the threat of commitment is the only mechanism capable of persuading disturbed individuals to take their medicine.”

Conditions in mental hospitals were bad, but the solution was not to allow deranged individuals to run rampant.

The actions of crazy people should not mean that law-abiding, and sane, Americans must lose their rights.

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Democrats are quietly throwing in the towel on Biden’s COVID mandates as this report shows




Joe Biden and the Democrats are reeling for a political win.

His approval ratings are circling the drain and war has broken out in Ukraine on his watch.

And Democrats are quietly throwing in the towel on Biden’s COVID mandates as this report shows.

The forever-pandemic could finally be coming to an end.

Joe Biden’s unconstitutional mandate was struck down by the Supreme Court, and Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has shifted focus away from the Democrats’ fear-mongering about COVID.

That’s why the Biden administration is quietly rolling back COVID restrictions, just in time for Biden’s State of the Union address.

ABC News reported that the “White House has begun a sweeping overhaul of its COVID strategy that will signal the nation is moving past crisis mode and into a more manageable phase in the pandemic . . .”

People who have been following the data suggested this approach over a year ago.

The science didn’t change, but the political science most certainly has.

Only when it became politically inconvenient did the COVID regime begin to relax vaccine and mask mandates.

The Democrats didn’t help their cause by constantly getting entangled in mask hypocrisy.

ABC News also admitted that the “shift comes as Biden and Democratic governors are under increasing pressure by voters fed up with restrictions due to the virus. Several states have moved preemptively to lift restrictions, even as the CDC continues to recommend indoor masking, particularly in schools.”

There is no compelling data that suggest kids should be masking and social-distancing in schools.

Even CNN recently admitted that cloth masks were nothing more than “facial decorations.”

The idea that young children, who are not particularly susceptible to the virus, are going to properly wear uncomfortable N95 masks for eight hours a day is absurd.

A recent Gallup poll also showed that 52% of Americans disapproved of Biden’s handling of the pandemic, which was the issue that largely got him elected in 2020.

The Biden administration’s shift has apparently been in the works.

Jeff Zients, the White House coordinator on the federal COVID response, recently said in a press briefing, “We’re moving toward a time when COVID isn’t a crisis but is something we can protect against and treat.”

Biden and the Democrats are essentially spiking the ball on COVID when everybody has already left the stadium.

Democrats can no longer afford to push the forever-pandemic with the midterm elections right around the corner.

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Clinton Hatchet man covered up Nancy Pelosi’s corruption on national TV




The Democrat Media Complex largely controls which stories go wide and which ones don’t.

Stories that hurt the Left are pushed to the back pages or never given the time of day.

Now one Clinton hatchet man doesn’t want to talk about Nancy Pelosi’s corruption.

Former Bill Clinton communications director George Stephanopoulos exists at ABC News to kill stories harmful to prominent Democrats.

That was the case when ABC News reporter Amy Robach got caught on a hot mic explaining that her exposé on Jeffrey Epstein mysteriously got killed.

It’s no surprise that happened when Hillary Clinton was in the midst of running for president.

Stephanopoulos was up to his old tricks again when he had on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on his recent Sunday morning show.

ABC News’s lead anchor didn’t ask Speaker Pelosi a single question about a growing push to bar members of Congress and their spouses to trade stocks.

Nor did Stephanopoulos ask Pelosi about Congressman Troy Nehls alleging that Capitol Police illegally searched his office as part of Pelosi’s bogus January 6th House Select Committee.

Instead, Stephanopoulos teed her up for softball questions and allowed her to lie without asking follow-ups.

Pelosi gave the ludicrous answer that Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda, a multi-trillion-dollar boondoggle, would magically decrease the national debt and not trigger inflation.

Pelosi said:

“Seventeen Nobel Laureates wrote that the way the BBB was written with long-term investments and increasing the capacity of people to participate in our success is non-inflationary. In addition to that, the tax — the joint tax committee, which is imprimatur on all these issues, the joint tax committee says that BBB will reduce the national debt by $100 billion in the first 10 years. And a trillion dollars in the second 10 years.”

That is a flat-out lie.

Government does not create jobs; the government either taxes people or prints more money.

Raising taxes too much, which would be necessary for BBB, hurts business, and printing more money devalues the currency and leads to more inflation.

Pelosi’s rampant corruption has been allowed to stand for ages.

A Twitter account dedicated to tracking Pelosi’s stock portfolio was shut down because it became too popular at shining a light on the corrupt D.C. Swamp.

And “objective” reporter George Stephanopoulos was not about to press Pelosi on any of her corrupt dealings.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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