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The Babylon Bee dishes out a serving of truth that has “progressive” Christians making nasty accusations



The Babylon Bee is a Christian satire site that aims to deliver some belly laughs.

Instead, leftists are wringing their hands and making wildly hypocritical accusations. 

It seems The Bee managed to dish out a serving of truth “progressive” Christians can’t handle. 

Leftist Christian leaders are throwing a massive fit accusing the Babylon Bee of promoting “anti-Asian racism.”

The Christian Post’s Joash Thomas even went as far as to tweet that, “friends don’t let friends read white supremacist trash like @theBabylonBee. I hope the racists there continue to stay locked out of their Twitter account.”

Those are some strong words coming from a man who headlined an event called “How to Engage on Social Media with Grace” along with Beth Moore, Karen Swallow Prior, and Daniel Gilman. 

So, what could the crew over at The Bee have done to earn his unbridled fury? 

They decided to take on Dr. Anthony Fauci and the brutal Communist regime oppressing more than 1.4 billion Chinese citizens. 

Using their signature tongue-in-cheek humor, the satire site delivered more truth than any committed leftist wants to acknowledge. 

The satire piece was headlined “China Introduces New Head Of COVID Policy Dr. Anthon-Yong Fauching.”

It featured a photoshopped Dr. Anthony Fauci with a long mustache and traditional Chinese hat. 

The first paragraph read: “BEIJING—In a televised address to 1.4 billion beloved citizens caged in their own homes in the name of health, Chairman Xi Jinping introduced the Chinese Communist Party’s new Head of COVID Policy, Dr. Anthon-Yong Fauching.”

Progressive Christians instantly rushed to defend America’s high paid and—undoubtedly most corrupt—Government employee along with the most powerful and brutal regime on the planet.  

“There is a circulating Babylon Bee post (I won’t share the image) that hits a new level in their racism, esp anti-Asian hate,” Sam Won, an adjunct professor at Dallas Seminary, wrote in a Tweet. “The Bee is a mirror. What should trouble all of us is that there is an American Christianity that encourages & affirms their racism. I’m at a loss.”

What is truly disturbing is that there is a form of American Christianity that will rush to protect communists and socialist oppressors while ignoring the fact that the most populous country on the planet is filled with people being denied their God-given freedom. 

“Particularly since Won’s condemnation of The Bee’s anti-Asian racism uses an appeal to Christian morality, shouldn’t there be an expectation that justification be given for the claim?” Peter Heck, with Not the Bee, the Babylon Bee’s sister site wrote. “Hurling accusations of racism in the name of Jesus doesn’t make the claims any truer, but it does put the onus on the accuser to validate those claims lest they violate the 3rd Commandment and misuse the name of the Lord for their own purposes.”

Heck noted that while Won attacked The Babylon Bee for going after Fauci and China’s oppressive Communist government, he hasn’t bothered to show any sign of solidarity with Chinese citizens suffering through draconian “zero spread” policies. 

In fact, leftist Christians don’t seem to have much compassion for anything their Chinese brothers and sisters are going through. 

It’s no secret the Communist party in China has been blowing up Christian churches (literally in one case some years back) and hunting down clusters of underground believers. 

You’d think “progressive” Christian media influencers especially would be standing up for the basic right every person should have to worship as they see fit, but it seems their political bent is far more important to them than the basic Biblical principles they’re supposed to embrace.  

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

Joe Biden

Joe Scarborough just compared Joe Biden to Jesus during the weirdest Morning Joe episode yet



Democrats are going mental after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade

There seems to be no end to their bizarre responses. 

Like Joe Scarborough comparing Joe Biden to Jesus during the weirdest Morning Joe episode yet.

Nobody really knew how delicate Democrats were until they lost their ability to have universal abortion-on-demand. 

The temper tantrums they’ve thrown over the past few weeks have proven one thing: there’s no telling how far unhinged leftists will go. 

Recently on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, raving leftist Joe Scarborough fell down a strange rabbit hole comparing former President Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff, former Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC), to one controversial Bible figure. 

In a heretical rant, Scarborough claimed that Meadows “really played the role of a Pontius Pilate – while American democracy, about to be crucified by this armed mob, he just said, ‘I’m going to wash my hands of it.’” 

Considering that it was the legitimacy of Joe Biden’s win — not democracy — at risk that day, the comparison between the January 6 scuffle and Jesus Christ’s crucifixion is beyond bizarre and blasphemous.  

Scarborough then launched into a weird plea for witnesses to change their testimony — with all the fervor only a card-carrying member of the Never-Trumper cult could muster. 

“I just want you to know, I just want you to know, before you start getting ready to get your criminal defense attorneys and going to jail, I just want you to know, our door is still open,” he said.  

The MSNBC host then continued with his bizarre rant with a sort of political end times warning. 

“If you lied, if you need, as they say in the business, some time to refresh your recollection and maybe go back and clean up previous testimony, the door’s open,” Scarborough intoned ominously. “But like Noah’s Ark, that door is going to close soon.”

He wrapped up the segment by going into a long bit with his guests gushing about the “brilliance” of the January 6 Committee which has “played everything right.”

Funny how this is the first Congressional committee that has ever had to hire the former president of ABC News to create a primetime documentary to convince people to buy what they’re selling.

If they were dealing in basic facts and the unvarnished truth, the January 6 Committee wouldn’t have to be “playing” anything. 

Instead, leftists are using the committee — created by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) — as a vehicle to funnel taxpayer money into a massive mudslinging campaign against Donald Trump. 

And because they’ve branded it as “news,” corporate-controlled media outlets have also been allowed to make unlimited contributions to Democrats’ cause by giving the committee endless hours — and millions of dollars — worth of free press. 

What’s really telling is that they haven’t been able to make a clear and compelling case despite having such a massive advantage over Donald Trump and his supporters. 

The January 6 Committee can only hope their dog and pony show will make people so sick of the whole thing that they give up and just assume there’s some sort of truth behind the pageantry. 

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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Fake News Media

The Fake News Media refuse to call out this left-wing extremist group’s terrorism



Democrats accept violence from the Left.

They either ignore it or outright endorse it.

Now the Fake News Media refuse to call out this left-wing extremist group’s terrorism.

As expected, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, which now returns the question over abortion back to the individual states.

But the Left have not allowed for any nuance in the discussion.

They have immediately gone to shrieking like banshees and advocating violence.

And the so-called “mainstream” media will not talk about it.

The pro-abortion communist group Jane’s Revenge has not only been threatening violence, they’ve been carrying out acts of violence across the country with virtually zero coverage or condemnation from so-called “journalists.”

As Pro-life advocate Lila Rose asked rhetorically on Twitter, “Where’s the outrage?”

There has been scant mention of these crimes from the corporate-controlled media, similar to the 2020 riots that carried on across the nation for months.

Then, the Fake News Media categorized the riots as “mostly peaceful” while they showed images of American cities being burned to the ground.

There have been more articles condemning pro-life pregnancy centers than the actual terrorist attacks against them.

The Biden Department of Homeland Security even put out a memo warning of impending violence from the Left in light of the Supreme Court decision.

It’s amazing how the entire nation is forced to brace for violence when the “tolerant” and “emphatic” Left do not get their way politically.

Jane’s Revenge previously put out a manifesto calling for violence, and it was memory-holed by the Democrat Media Complex.

“It is not enough to share images on Twitter and Instagram (though that is still important to do),” the communist group wrote. “We cannot sustain this movement any longer with the same few hundred people who have been beaten down over and over again. We must not only circulate this call on social media, but reach out to communities who may not be in touch with ‘radical circles’ online.”

“To those who work to oppress us: If abortion isn’t safe, you aren’t either,” the left-wing radicals concluded. “We are everywhere.”

Yet, Democrats want people to believe that the true threat comes from the Right.

Businesses don’t close early and board up their shops when conservatives lose politically.

If the Supreme Court decision had gone the other way, the only threat would have been from revelrous left-wing activists.

Pants on Fire Official Polling

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Donald Trump

Democrats’ latest Donald Trump witch hunt is not going as they expected



Democrats have gone all in on their “Orange Man Bad” strategy.

Donald Trump remains the center of their universe because he’s a big target with plenty of name recognition.

But Democrats’ latest Trump witch hunt is not going as they expected.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) January 6 Commission hearings are not playing out how the Democrats were hoping.

Democrats previously hired former ABC News president James Goldston to present a television extravaganza to the American people in primetime.

But in reality, their initial primetime hearing did not bring in the massive ratings Democrats wanted, and another hearing was even preempted by the U.S. Open.

And a recent ABC News/Ipsos poll has confirmed what Democrats dreaded – most Americans simply do not care about the January 6 hearings.

“Democrats are more likely to be following the hearings,” ABC News buried deep in their report. “Overall, 34% of Americans are following the hearings very or somewhat closely, with 43% of Democrats and 22% of Republicans saying so. In a reminder of where political attention is, just under one in 10 (9%) Americans say they are following the hearings very closely.”

Despite all of the fear-mongering, only 9% of Americans are following this witch hunt “very closely.”

Even left-wing CNN host Brian Stelter highlighted that fact, tweeting, “Only 9% of Americans say they are following the Jan. 6 hearings ‘very closely,’ per this new ABC/Ipsos poll.”

And the news gets worse for Democrats.

In their report, ABC News added that “on whether the investigation will have an impact at the polls, just over half (51%) of Americans say that what they’ve read, seen or heard about the hearings has made no difference in who they plan to support in this November’s election. Meanwhile, 29% say they are more likely to support Democratic candidates and 19% say they are more likely to support Republican candidates.”

So over half of respondents have already made up their minds, and 19% said they were more likely to vote Republican.

The hearings are largely much ado about nothing, as the bulk of the January 6 “revelations” have either been known for 15 months or lack any evidence.

Democrats believe that it’s some sort of revelation that President Trump told people he believed he won the 2020 election – he still says that today.

The Democrats have already impeached him for it, and even the Biden Department of Justice is not pursuing any criminal investigations.

The January 6 hearings are purely political theater, and millions of Americans left before intermission.

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