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Sunny Hostin of The View said something so shocking that the other women on the stage were left stunned



The View has become a defender of every insane left-wing position.

They are faithful defenders of the Democrats.

Now, Sunny Hostin said something so shocking that the other women on the stage were left stunned.

The co-hosts of The View take turns jockeying for the worst take of the day.

And Sunny Hostin was the runaway winner in a recent episode.

During a conversation with Lindsey Granger, a black Republican political commentator, and co-host Ana Navarro, who still clings to the label of Republican for some reason, Hostin slammed the two women for their politics in a disrespectful and dismissive way.

Hostin asked Granger, “Are you a Republican?”

Granger answered yes, then Hostin cut her off and said, “I feel like that’s an oxymoron, a black Republican.”

Granger fired back and said, “Why? Your friend right here is a Republican,” pointing to Navarro.

Navarro interjected, “We have had this conversation many times.”

Hostin doubled down, saying, “I don’t understand either of you.”

That’s when Granger called out Hostin’s oxymoronic stance of being a pro-abortion Catholic.

Hostin got defensive and replied, “I understand myself. I don’t understand either of you. I don’t…I don’t understand black Republicans and I don’t understand Latino Republicans.”

Granger and Navarro eventually rescued Hostin from herself and got the conversation back on track.

Hostin is playing on the old trope that racial minorities must vote for the Democratic Party, even if that party does not represent their values or best interest.

It’s a shaming tactic used by the Democrats to get black, Latinos, Asians, and other nonwhites to vote as a monolith.

But the tactic is slowly losing steam.

Donald Trump received the highest GOP percentage of the nonwhite vote since 1960, and according to midterm polling, Democrats have lost significant ground with Latino voters.

The specter of the white racist boogeyman does not hit the same in 2022, especially when the Democrats have moved wildly to the Left.

All of the mainstream racism found today is on the Left, and it’s in the name of “antiracism.”

Democrats are allowed to shame white people for being white, and shame nonwhite people for being Republicans.

In 1932, Franklin Roosevelt got one-third of the black vote (and two-thirds in 1936) at a time when the Ku Klux Klun was running rampant and Jim Crow was the letter of the law in the south.

Black voters were hoping to avail themselves of the New Deal programs, many of which they were barred from thanks to the Democrats.

It’s impossible to argue that being a black Republican in 2022 somehow requires more nuance and skepticism than being a black Democrat in 1932.

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The View

Joy Behar of The View issued one insane threat to a Republican congresswoman



The Democrats have given up on winning arguments.

They have resorted to emotional outbursts and nonsensical rants.

Now, Joy Behar of The View issued one insane threat to a Republican congresswoman.

Democrats are disgustingly using the white supremacist mass shooter in Buffalo to smear all Republicans.

It’s a common shaming tactic used by the Left in an attempt to shut down debate.

The idea is that any criticism of the Democrats’ immigration policy directly leads to white supremacist  mass murderers.

That’s an insane argument, but it’s one the Democrats are deploying.

That’s why the harpies on The View targeted Republican Congressman Elise Stefanik of New York, who had ripped the Democrats for doing nothing about illegal immigration into the country.

Behar screeched, “Stop saying that you are pro-life if you are pro-AR-15s in the hands of young men who have wild ideas and racist theories in their heads, that are listening to people like this Elise Stefanik. We’re all looking at you, Elise. You know, somebody on Twitter said, all of your staff should quit now! We’re warning you because it’s only going to get worse! Quit now!”

This is despicable rhetoric all the way down.

They are not only blaming a member of Congress for the evil actions of a deranged shooter, but they’re coercing members of her staff to quit.

Conversely, the same principle did not apply when an unhinged Bernie Sanders supporter shot up a Congressional baseball game and nearly killed Congressman Steve Scalise.

Prior to the shooting, Sanders said Republican congressmen were killing people by trying to take away their healthcare.

Sanders wasn’t accused of being complicit with the shooter, and his staffers weren’t pressured to quit.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the other members of “The Squad” called ICE facilities “concentration camps.”

Soon after, an Antifa terrorist died trying to “liberate” one of the camps. He tried to shoot up and firebomb an ICE facility in Tacoma, Washington.

When a couple of reporters asked for The Squad to comment about the shooting and if their rhetoric had anything to do with it, they simply ignored the question and kept walking down the hallway.

The double standard is clear.

If the ideological criminal is perceived to be on the Right, all Republicans are responsible.

If the ideological criminal is perceived to be on the Left, then it was just a lone wolf and shut up.

Ironically, the Buffalo shooter claimed to be a leftist who hated Fox News.

But the so-called mainstream media don’t care about those details.

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The View

Joy Behar wants to strip Americans of a fundamental right for this imaginary reason



The ladies of The View apparently wake up each day determined to do their level best to strip us of our freedom. 

Now, Joy Behar wants to take away one fundamental American right. 

And it seems she’s conjured up an imaginary reason for doing it. 

Joy Behar opened a segment of The View with what seems to be a fabricated gun violence statistic.

“So, we are 103 days into 2022. There have already been more than 130 mass shootings in America this year alone,” Behar said. “Did you know that? That sounds so high to me.”

Of course, Behar never bothered to cite the source of that outrageous fact, but it seems we’d all be likely to hear about it if 130 Columbine-style “mass” shootings had taken place this year. 

But leftists never let facts get in the way of pushing a political agenda. 

And she’s all for pushing the idea that shooting deaths are a “tragic and uniquely American problem.”

Naturally, according to Behar and her buddies all our problems can be blamed on the fact that we have a Constitutional right to defend ourselves. 

“I don’t understand why we can’t solve this problem. I mean, Julia said to me when we were coming out, they don’t have this problem in countries where there aren’t guns all over the place,” Behar said. “But those countries do not have a second amendment. I think that’s the difference—that’s the problem.”

But when we look up actual statistics, like those cited by World Atlas, El Salvador, Jamaica, Venezuela, Honduras, and Lesotho (a tiny country in Africa) lead the world in the number of murders per capita. 

Guess what? Each of those countries have strict gun control laws in place. 

In other words, only the bad guys are armed in those countries. 

If leftists really cared about keeping Americans safe, maybe they’d take a harder look at exactly where illegal immigrants at our southern border are coming from—and why they want to get in.

However, Behar and Friends live in their own little world insulated from reality—where they are free to imagine everything is perfect in other countries like the United Kingdom and New Zealand. 

Yep, and if you’d rather be stabbed than shot those might be good relocation options. 

There were 43,000 “knife crimes” committed across England and Wales in 2019. 

Meanwhile, last year New Zealand started banning knives and scissors from store shelves after a bloody attack. 

The truth is, it’s not the arsenal a country’s citizens own, but the content of their characters that determines how they treat one another. 

As long as leftists continue to encourage lawless behavior—like what we saw with Black Lives Matter riots—life in America will only become more dangerous. 

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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The View

The View’s so-called “conservative” host attacked Marco Rubio for the most bizarre reason



Every single host on The View falls far left of being able to grasp onto anything resembling common sense. 

Now, the talk show’s so-called “conservative” is attacking Marco Rubio. 

And what she’s accusing him of is absolutely bizarre.

Apparently, Republican Senator Marco Rubio was supposed to check his brain at the door on the day Ketanji Brown Jackson was up for confirmation to the Supreme Court. 

The View’s token Republican Ana Navarro raked Rubio over the coals after he chose not to vote for Jackson. 

Navarro was yammering about Biden standing with Jackson on one side of him and Kamala Harris on the other when she lit into Rubio. 

“I thought to myself, it’s such a huge, huge moment,” Navarro said. “And the two senators from Florida could not bring themselves to vote for the first Floridian, the first Miamian on the Supreme Court.”

Right, because the most important thing we’re looking for in a judge is the right skin color and hometown. 

Then she accused Rubio of betraying his parents and his heritage. 

“You know when Marco Rubio’s parents got to Florida it used to say no blacks, no dogs, no Cubans,” Navarro said. “I’m so sorry you seem to have forgotten that.”

Of course, Never-Trumper Navarro had to give her fellow RINOs props for siding with Democrats who appointed the radical leftist to the highest court in the land. 

“I’m so grateful for Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and for Mitt Romney for having the moral compass to stay there and recognize the significance,” Navarro said. 

Joy Behar then jumped in making the Supreme Court sound like some sort of social popularity club. 

“The group is happy when someone of our own—I remember when the Italian community, even with Scalia—” Behar said before slipping into incoherence. 

“It’s hard, right?” Navarro said. “I mean, you remember what it was like for Italian immigrants. It’s hard. It’s a moment of accomplishment for an entire community.”

If selecting someone based on the color of her skin rather than who she is as a person is a major achievement, we’ve arrived at a sad place as a society. 

And it is one of many signs that we’re quickly sinking to a point where racism is as powerful a force as it has ever been in our history. 

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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