Stephen Colbert tried to dunk on Christians but ended up proving their point

Late-night comedy no longer exists.

The shows are just DNC talking points with an “applause” light.

And Stephen Colbert tried to dunk on Christians but ended up proving their point.

The Left can feel that they are losing ground in the culture war.

For the first time in decades, and perhaps ever, the Right is effectively fighting back against the Left for the direction of American culture.

Before Donald Trump, Republicans got bludgeoned in the culture wars.

Colbert on gay marriage

Recently, late-night host Stephen Colbert took a victory on same-sex marriage, but his attempts to attack “dumb people” backfired.

Colbert said, “Oh, here’s something that’s not surprising at all. It’s been nine years since the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage nationally in Obergefell. Now, here’s the thing: according to a landmark new study, in that time, same-sex weddings haven’t harmed straight marriage. Well, duh. Everyone knew that at the time. It’s like announcing, ‘New study finds making love to wife doesn’t get neighbor pregnant.’”

Colbert is attacking a straw man argument.

One consequence of Obergefell v. Hodges was that the case wrong-footed people who opposed same-sex marriage on religious grounds.

Bake, or else

For instance, Christian baker Jack Phillips has been put through hell with years of lawfare brought by gay activists who intentionally picked his shop to trigger a court case.

The couple asked Phillips to bake them a custom cake when there were countless other options in the very liberal city of Denver, Colorado.

The Supreme Court ruled in Phillips’ favor, but the decision was narrowly written, meaning that the suit against Phillips could have been justified if he were not targeted by local officials.

Phillips is again in court for refusing to bake a cake for a gender transition party.

That should serve as proof that the “slippery slope” is real.

Colbert continued, “Now, but back before, ten years ago in 2015 before the ruling, back before it became the law of the land, dumb people made all sorts of stupid arguments against same-sex marriage, including saying that legalization would inevitably lead to people marrying animals.”

First of all, crazy ladies have “married” dogs and trees, so that is not the best argument.

But again, that is a strawman distraction.

Colbert added, “Well, of course, marriages between humans and animals did not come to pass, although I know one beautiful, lifelong union between a man and a worm. Not only– why are you going ‘Aww?’ Do you feel bad for the worm? Oh, no that worm has come down with Bobby Kennedy.”

Colbert worked in a cheap shot at Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. for good measure.

Colbert concluded, “Not only has gay marriage not been harmful, the study says that by extending marriage rights to a greater number of couples, interest in marriage increased for the broader population. I mean that makes sense, once gay people get into something, it always becomes a trend. Like RuPaul’s Drag Race, the music of Lady Gaga, or dressing like you have a shred of self-respect. The report also found that after gay marriage was legalized, same-sex households adopted more children and there was a drop in the rates of syphilis. Well, sure ‘cause once you have kids in the house, there’s just no time for anything fun, like movies or restaurants or syphilis.”

The Left has moved on from same-sex marriage to “transgender rights” because leftists always need a supposed civil rights fight, whether real or imagined, to justify their existence and claim the moral high ground.

But they might have finally pushed too far.

The majority of people are not on board with men playing in women’s sports or male rapists being allowed into women’s prisons.

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