State-run media outlet just made one eye-popping boast about the J6 sham trial

Donald Trump has been at war with the establishment as well as the media.

Those two entities work hand-in-hand.

And a state-run media outlet just made one boast about the J6 sham trial.

Permanent Washington threw everything it had into the January 6 House Select Committee in order to kneecap Donald Trump.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) broke tradition and refused to allow the Republican Party to assign its own members after leadership refused to ignore the question of security failures.

The final piece of the puzzle was making the show trial palatable for a television audience.

The big show

The PBS documentary Democracy on Trial featured Democrats and Never-Trumpers gloating about bringing in a television producer to make the trial “pop.”

Former Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger, one of the two Republicans on the J6 committee, explained, “The one thing that we knew was the information that we have is compelling. The thing we needed to do was tell that to the American people in a compelling way. So that’s why we brought in the former president of ABC News.”

The man brought in to stage-manage the show was television producer James Goldston.

He said in the documentary, “Yeah, I got a call pretty much out of the blue from the January 6 committee. They wanted a storyteller. And while they were brilliant, they were brilliant lawyers. Storytelling for a mass audience is not what they do.”

The Democrat-controlled media were also heavily featured in the documentary.

New York Times Magazine journalist Robert Draper said, “To bring in a guy like this who would think outside the box really did prove to be fruitful. And it was Goldston who really began to envision this as, in a way, a kind of miniseries, that there would be sort of nine episodes, and that these episodes would tackle particular themes.”

Various news outlets presented the hearings as if they were primetime dramas.

Goldston added, “When it came to that first hearing, we knew how high the stakes were. . .We were either gonna, you know, make people realize that this is important. You know, or once you’ve lost them, you’ve lost them for good.”

The hearings did not get the ratings that the Democrats would have liked, but the presentation was just one piece of a bigger anti-Trump narrative being created.

Committee Communications Director Tim Mulvey commented, “On the evening of June 9, at 1 p.m., the doors opened. My heart was beating pretty fast on June 9, and it was a real question of is this going to work or not?”

“It’s gotta pop”

Mulvey also recounted what committee chairman Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) told him.

Mulvey added, “We wanted to make sure that this was a presentation that would grab the audience and hold on to him. Chairman Thompson love to say, ‘It’s gotta pop.’”


The documentary is a prime example of how the press and the Democrats work together.

What makes it worse is that PBS is taxpayer-funded, so it is supposed to have the appearance of impartiality.

But PBS would never air a documentary that undermined the Democrats’ narrative about January 6.

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