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Sean Hannity stunned viewers into silence with a truth they never expected to hear



The post-election period is just as chaotic and contentious as the election.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump are still fighting over the Presidency.

And now Sean Hannity stunned viewers into silence with a truth they never expected to hear.

During his broadcast on Monday night, Hannity began with the media mob’s demand that Donald Trump admit defeat and for Republicans to drop all opposition to Joe Biden and his agenda.

“We, you the American people, deserve better,” Hannity began. “It is a national disgrace how some states have handled this election, but I want to start . . . by saying this because this is important: The double standard we are watching with the mob and the media is beyond disgusting, repulsive, sickening, and sad.”

Hannity explained that from Day One, the Fake News Media and Democrats never accepted the legitimacy of Donald Trump’s election and instead tried to bring him down with lies and conspiracy theories about Russian collusion.

“That’s the same mob and the media that spewed never-ending, nonstop psychotic rage and hatred for four years and lied to all of you about so-called Trump-Russia collusion,” Hannity added.

Hannity ripped Joe Biden and the Fake News Media for now demanding unity when for four years, the Left – led by many in the press – smeared Trump supporters and called them names.

The host said he was “not going to be lectured by the same media frauds and Democrats, the ones that called us chumps, irredeemable, deplorable, sexist, racist, smelly Walmart shoppers.”

Hannity explained to his audience that the real reason the Fake News Media called Trump supporters names and tried to bring down the President was because the media really hated conservatives.

Journalists do not have anything in common with conservatives and look down their noses at them.

Reporters are concentrated in big cities – mainly on the east coast –and they think Americans who own guns, go to church, watch NASCAR, or eat at a Cracker Barrel lack the sophistication to make informed voting choices about what is best for the country.

And what reporters hate most of all is the fact that these Americans put Donald Trump in the White House.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

Fox News

The Democrats’ plan to cancel Fox News just got shut down by this FBI report




Democrats plan to push “cancel culture” to the limit.

Fox News and all of conservative media are in the crosshairs.

And now the Democrats’ plan to cancel Fox New just got shut down by this FBI report.

The Democrats on the Energy and Commerce Committee held a hearing where they dragged representatives from cable providers and streaming services down to Washington, D.C. so Democrats could bully them into censoring Fox News and other conservative media outlets for supposedly inciting violence on January 6 and spreading misinformation.

House Republican Whip Steve Scalise shut down this anti-American dog and pony show by pointing out that in 2017, a deranged former Bernie Sanders campaign volunteer nearly killed him and tried to assassinate 20 other Republicans because he bought into lies and conspiracy theories about Republicans being Russian traitors and the like.

Scalise pointed out that in the FBI report, the FBI listed prominent media figures and politicians who the would-be assassin followed and they were left-wing superstars such as Rachel Maddow.

“The FBI did a report. The gunman was motivated by hyper-charged rhetoric that he was hearing from the left. From high, prominent elected officials as well as media personalities,” Scalise stated.

Scalise said the FBI found the rhetoric on the Left that the shooter immersed himself in motivated him to try and kill Republicans.

“There is a report that the FBI did where they included some of the writings of the gunman where he talked specifically about the people who motivated him and inspired him to commit this shooting, which would have been very deadly if he was successful without the bravery and heroism of the Capitol Police,” Scalise added.

Scalise concluded by shaming the Democrats, noting that even though a Sanders supporter who believed all the conspiracy theories he heard on MSNBC tried to kill him, Scalise held the shooter responsible and would never try to exploit the tragedy to censor his political opponents.

“I say this to let you know that I don’t blame those other people, I blame the shooter. The shooter is the one who should be held accountable, and I’ve been very clear about that, but it’s an example that we all need to be aware of our rhetoric, we can all be doing a better job of toning down the rhetoric, but we also need to call it out where we see it, not just on the other side of the aisle but on both sides,” Scalise added.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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Tucker Carlson’s new bombshell proves just how pro-illegal alien Biden is




Joe Biden spent months on the campaign trail hiding what he actually believes.

But now that he is in office, his far-left policies are being revealed.

And Tucker Carlson’s new bombshell proves just how pro-illegal alien Biden is.

Joe Biden has signed more Executive Orders in his first weeks in office than any President in modern history.

He is taking legislating through executive action to a level even Barack Obama didn’t when he was in office.

Biden is even using executive action to do things he promised on the campaign trail he would never do, like ban fracking.

But one place he made abundantly clear he is squarely in line with the radical Left on is with illegal immigration.

He has pledged to grant citizenship to the roughly 11 million illegal aliens in the country today.

And in his opening days, he signed an executive order to bring back Obama’s infamous catch and release border policy.

But his pro-illegal immigration policy goes even further, and as Tucker Carlson explained on a recent airing of Tucker Carlson Tonight, he is even giving illegal immigrants special rights.

Carlson points out that under Biden’s presidency, anybody who enters the country legally is being forced to provide a negative COVID-19 test, but they aren’t requiring the same for illegal aliens being released into communities.

The Fox News host said:

“Tucker Carlson Tonight has learned that the Biden administration is releasing thousands of foreign nationals living here illegally into American neighborhoods without bothering to test them for the coronavirus. People from countries with high infection rates, living in crowded conditions, have been sent forth into the American population like COVID isn’t real. That’s happening. It is the official policy of the U.S. government.”

Carlson goes on to explain that when White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked about this, she didn’t even know that illegal aliens are being released.

After Fox News White House correspondent Kristen Fisher asked Psaki about it, she could only answer by asking, “Which executive [order]? Which one?”

While Biden’s White House can’t seem to answer the simple question about their policies, Tucker Carlson Tonight was able to get confirmation from Brandon Judd, the president of the National Border Patrol Council, who said, “So, we’re releasing people without knowing, which obviously puts the public at risk.”

So if you are legally entering the United States, the rules for COVID-19 testing are different from those who cross the border illegally.

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2020 election

Fox News’ response to this billion dollar lawsuit was the last thing anyone ever expected




Left-wing activists think they found the silver bullet to take down Fox News.

But things did not go according to plan.

And Fox News’ response to this billion dollar lawsuit was the last thing anyone ever expected.

Voting machine company Smartmatic filed a $2.7 billion lawsuit against Fox News, hosts Lou Dobbs, Jeanine Pirro, and Maria Bartiromo as well as Trump allies Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell over claims that deceased Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez played a role in the company’s founding and that the machines vote totals were tampered with in foreign countries.

Left-wing critics boasted that Smartmatic had an airtight case that could bring down Fox News with a settlement that takes a bite out of Fox’s financial empire worth billions of dollars.

But Fox News fought back.

The network’s attorney, former solicitor general Paul Clement, wrote in the network’s response that this lawsuit attacked the American principle of a free press.

“This suit strikes at the heart of the First Amendment,” Clement stated. “Smartmatic’s theory is fundamentally incompatible with the reality of the modern news network and deeply rooted principles of free speech law.”

In a statement, Fox News also blasted the lawsuit stating that Fox News has every right to report and comment on allegations made about the election.

“FOX News has moved to dismiss the Smartmatic lawsuit because it is meritless,” the statement read. “If the First Amendment means anything, it means that Fox cannot be held liable for fairly reporting and commenting on competing allegations in a hotly contested and actively litigated election. We are proud of our election coverage which stands in the highest tradition of American journalism.”

Fox argued that the allegations made by Giuliani and Powell were news and Fox had a First Amendment right as a news organization to broadcast those charges as well as comment on them.

Dominion has also filed a series of defamation lawsuits against Powell, Giuliani, and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell over claims their voting machines altered totals in the election.

The coverage of these lawsuits has been overwhelmingly positive and it is treated as a given that the companies will bankrupt their critics.

But Fox’s filing shows they have a serious First Amendment case to make.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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