Robert De Niro’s anti-Trump rant on The View was so bad that censors stepped in

Robert De Niro is becoming more known for his Trump Derangement Syndrome than his acting.

Instead of promoting projects, he goes on television and curses at people.

And De Niro’s anti-Trump rant on The View was so bad that the censors had to step in.

Robert De Niro is in the TDS Hall of Fame.

His visceral hatred for Donald Trump knows no bounds.

And during a recent appearance on The View, De Niro could not contain himself.

De Niro behaving like a wise guy

Knowing he was on daytime network television, De Niro still began cursing, which forced the censors to mute the live feed.

De Niro began by saying, “I don’t understand why people are not taking him seriously, because you read about it historically in other countries that they didn’t take the people seriously. Think of Hitler and Mussolini. They were fools and clowns. Well — and I hear — some people — I mean, who does not think that this guy is going to do exactly what he says he’s going to do?”

The problem for De Niro and others with TDS-addled brains is that Trump was already president for four years.

There were no new wars, the economy was firing on all cylinders, and nobody was put on boxcars like the Left promised.

“He’s done it already,” De Niro claimed.

Done what already?

Democrats are hoping that fear-mongering about January 6 will lead to electoral victory, but poll and poll show that voters don’t particularly care about the Capitol Hill riot.

One problem for the Democrats is that they desensitized people to rioting and looting during the summer of George Floyd.

De Niro continued, “And then what? We’re going to sit around and say, ‘What? We told you so’ or whoever, ‘I told you so?’ It’s going to happen. If he gets elected it’s going to change this country for everybody and they might think that it’s going to make their life better or just want, excuse my French. . .”

The censors muted the show as De Niro cussed, and the crowd went wild.

De Niro added, “Literally. Those people who support him with anger and hate because that’s what he’s about, they’re going to see. I mean, I used to see these things — I didn’t understand how he and Rosie O’Donnell used to get – I didn’t really care. I see what a hateful, mean-spirited awful thing he is.”

“He was vicious to her,” said Joy Behar.

This was particularly interesting because the women of The View, particularly Whoopi Goldberg, used to make O’Donnell cry.

De Niro carried on and said, “He’s vicious. . .And why will he not do that in this country? He’s already done it. Why would he not — when I say I want to punch him in the face, it’s cause what he said to a person, a bystander or somebody in one of his rallies, he wants to punch him in the face. You don’t talk that way to people. What kind of person does that?”

Regurgitated lies

Behar jumped in and said, “Makes fun of the physically challenged. He makes fun of people who have physical challenges.”

Democrats keep holding onto the same lies; the claim that Trump mocked a disabled reporter has been thoroughly debunked.

Behar added, “Trashes the military. He says people who go to war are losers. Wake up!”

Another lie that was peddled by The Atlantic.

De Niro added, “He’s done everything. What more do you need? It’s almost like he wants to do the worst that he could possibly do to show this country. . .”

De Niro cursed some more, and the crowd lapped it up.

If Democrats believe this message is persuasive, they are going to be shocked come November.

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