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RINO Ana Navarro said something about this Supreme Court decision that will make your blood run cold



Democrats have cranked up their outrage to an 11.

And some people who are purportedly on the Right are joining their ranks.

Now RINO Ana Navarro said something about this Supreme Court decision that will make your blood run cold.

The Supreme Court recently overturned Roe V. Wade, as expected, after the stunning leak of a draft of an opinion.

In a 6-3 decision, the Court ruled that the abortion question should return to the individual states, yet hysterical Democrats are pretending as if abortion was just outlawed across the country.

But one of the worst pro-abortion takes came from self-proclaimed “Republican” political commentator Ana Navarro.

During a panel discussion on CNN, Navarro argued in favor of abortion because members of her family, including her brother, are special needs.

That is a truly grotesque argument.

A few years back, a publication wrote that Iceland was “eradicating” Down Syndrome, but in reality, they were simply aborting babies with the condition.

Democrats are trotting out all of their worst arguments.

A common refrain from the Left is that guns have more rights than women, especially in light of the Supreme Court recently ruling that New York’s prohibitive concealed carry licensing guidelines infringed on the Second Amendment.

What Democrats fail to understand is that gun rights are enshrined in the Constitution, while no right to abortion actually exists.

But nearly 50 years of brainwashing on the abortion issue has warped the minds of multiple generations.

They simply do not understand how government works.

They only know what they’re told by film, television, pop culture, and the corporate-controlled press.

Democrats have also argued that men simply want to “control women’s bodies,” but this ignores the fact that 33% of women identify as pro-life, and more women than not believe that there should be restrictions on abortion.

However, the Democrat Party has embraced the position of abortion up until the moment of birth for any reason whatsoever – a position supported by just 19% of the population.

Navarro needs to drop her “Republican” charade.

She supports everything from gun control and illegal immigration to abortion-on-demand, increased regulation, and higher taxes.

No serious person still considers her a Republican after all the nonsense she has spewed over the past six years.

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Fake News Media

The Fake News Media owes Clarence Thomas a big apology but won’t stop dragging their feet



Leftists are all about “equality” and “equity” for minorities, as long as they blindly support the Left’s socialist agenda.

But as for black conservatives, they might as well just paint a big ol’ blue target on their backs. 

And now the Fake News Media owes Clarence Thomas a big apology but won’t stop dragging their feet.

The corporate-controlled media has an obsession with “misinformation” and “disinformation.”

They’d like to convince us that a supporter of former President Donald Trump in Kansas sharing an “inaccurate” (or at least politically inconvenient) meme is going to bring down America.

At the same time, they seem to think it’s just fine to put words in the mouths of conservatives, like Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. 

Recently, Politico ran with an article entitled “Clarence Thomas suggests Covid vaccines are developed using cells of ‘aborted children.’”

That story spread faster than germs in an elementary school bathroom. 

Then, Politico followed up with a “correction” that actually changes the entire story. 

“An earlier version of this report misattributed the claim that Covid-19 vaccines were ‘developed using cell lines derived from aborted children’ to Thomas,” Politico noted on Kelly Hooper’s article. “The headline and article have been updated to directly state that Thomas was referencing petitioners’ claims.”

Somehow, all the news outlets that gleefully ran with the first story seem to find the truth completely uninspiring. 

Numerous publications have failed to provide any sort of update, and instead provided an even more convoluted explanation. 

Business Insider also ran a piece headlined “Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas repeated misleading claims about all COVID-19 vaccines using cells from ‘aborted children.'”

A snarky editor’s note says, “This story has been updated to clarify the false claim made in Justice Thomas’ dissenting opinion.”

That clarification included wading deep into arguments that vaccines were developed using cell lines grown in a laboratory from fetal cell lines gathered decades ago, therefore they don’t “contain aborted fetal cells.”

Whew, we all feel so much better now that they burned a bunch of words to make us feel better about parts of dead babies being used to make our medicine. 

Axios also managed to provide a “correction” that missed the biggest error they made entirely – Justice Thomas wasn’t even sharing his own opinion when the news sharks latched onto what sounded like a lucrative story. 

“The headline and the story have been corrected to note that Justice Thomas was referencing fetal cell lines derived from ‘aborted children’ in his dissent, not ‘aborted children,’” An Axios editor wrote. “The story was also updated with more information on how some vaccines are developed and additional quotes from the plaintiff’s petition to the court.”

Editors at Salon and NBC News didn’t even bother to provide a correction at all. 

You’d think with a microscope on “misinformation” and “disinformation” the corporate-controlled media could do better. 

But their version of “accurate” is obviously guided by politics rather than facts. 

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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Clarence Thomas just got slapped with the wildest accusation by an MSNBC analyst



Leftists don’t make sense on a good day. 

But hit their political panic button and they’re all tossing a word salad like Kamala Harris. 

An MSNBC analyst illustrated that recently when he slapped Justice Clarence Thomas with the wildest accusation. 

Apparently, ending nationwide abortion-on-demand was enough to push left-wing radical Democrats off some sort of cliff. 

Now, they’re flailing around throwing out every accusation possible and predicting the end of life as we know it in America. 

Following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, MSNBC “analyst” Glenn Kirschner claimed the Justices would now look to “abolish” privacy and “come after desegregation” during an appearance on MSNBC’s Sunday Show.

“Oh, I think privacy rights will be all but abolished,” Kirschner claimed. ”Whether it is gay marriage, whether it’s interracial marriage, which I think might qualify as irony for Justice Thomas, whether it’s contraception. And I don’t believe for a minute they’re not going to come after desegregation.”

Kirschner’s unhinged rant included calling for a “full-frontal assault on the Supreme Court.”

Ironically, Democrats like to pretend they’re justified in claiming former President Donald Trump is responsible for sparking an “insurrection” after he called on his supporters to “peacefully and patriotically” make their way to Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021. 

Yet, leftists are constantly stirring the pot with vastly more radical exhortations. 

While claiming he’s referring to “non-violent assault,” Kirschner repeatedly called for an “attack” on the Supreme Court. 

And he’s ready to take a figurative machete to our entire system of government, calling for everything from impeaching conservative justices to packing the Court with enough new left-wing Justices to ensure Donald Trump’s three constitutionalist picks are nullified.

But astonishingly, what is most brazen is his list of most serious infractions conservative Supreme Court Justices — especially Justice Clarence Thomas — are supposedly about to impose on the world: abolishing privacy and coming after desegregation.

Do vaccine passports sound familiar? How about Critical Race Theory initiatives? 

Leftists have spent years now making everyone’s private business public knowledge while creating racial division throughout the country. 

In fact, the leftists on Minnesota’s Mankato School Board voted back in December to pay non-white teachers extra along with keeping them in segregated schools. 

The policy adopted by the district described the stunning racist move as part of a “retention” effort. 

“Retention strategies may include providing financial incentives for teachers of color and teachers who are American Indian… and placing American Indian educators at sites with other American Indian educators and educators of color at sites with other educators of color to reduce isolation and increase opportunity for collegial support,” the policy reads. 

It’s telling that the worst threats leftists can hurl are the things they are already hard at work implementing. 

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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This left-wing writer made one ghoulish admission about a landmark Supreme Court ruling



Democrats are finally coming out of the closet as the radical party they are.

The so-called “moderate Democrats” have either been run off or cowed into silence.

And this left-wing writer just made one ghoulish admission about a landmark Supreme Court ruling.

The horribly decided Roe V. Wade is no longer the law of the land.

The case that even left-wing legal scholars admit was a sleight of hand has been overturned, and each state can now debate and implement its own abortion laws, as the Constitution intended.

The ruling itself — and anticipation of the ruling in the aftermath of an unprecedented Supreme Court leak — has ignited a firestorm amongst the radical Left.

The Left simply cannot believe they actually lost a battle in the culture war.

And they are already changing their tactics.

Shortly before the ruling, Sophie Lewis wrote a pro-extremism piece for the left-wing publication The Nation entitled: “Abortion Involves Killing – and That’s OK!”

Lewis, to her credit — as repulsive as it may be — is saying the quiet part out loud.

Democrats have tried to use cutesy language to obscure the fact that abortion is the taking of a life.

But Lewis is banging the table and saying that’s a good thing.

“[W]hat’s the point of acknowledging this now, at a time when abortion rights are so imperiled?” Lewis wrote. “For one thing, it would seem hard to deny that the euphemistic, apologetic, placatory ‘pro-choice’ strategy hasn’t worked out thus far. So, why not risk coming out for what we actually want, namely, abortion — a clearly documented public good?”

Democrats have quickly moved from their “safe, legal, and rare” talking points to #ShoutYourAbortion to claiming abortion is a “public good.”

Others on the Left have made the anti-human materialist argument that killing babies reduces crime and raises the standard of living, two contentions that are not grounded in fact.

But perhaps none have made the argument as brazenly as Lewis.

“What would it mean to acknowledge that a death is involved in an abortion?” she continued. “Above all, it would allow for a fairer fight against the proponents of forced gestating. When ‘pro-life’ forces agitate against feticide on the basis that it is killing, pro-abortion feminists should be able to acknowledge, without shame, that yes, of course it is.”

Leftists view abortion as a necessary sacrament.

In their mind, equity cannot be achieved without abortion because men are allowed to have “consequence-free” sex, thus women must be able to do so as well.

It’s a morally bankrupt view that has been massaged with nearly 50 years of media and educational propaganda.

The constitutional right to an abortion never existed, and it most certainly is not a public good.

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