Piers Morgan guest just poked a hole in the Democrats’ narrative about Grandpa Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s 2024 campaign is going nowhere.

He and the Democrats are hoping slinging more mud at Donald Trump will win the day.

But one Piers Morgan guest just poked a hole in the Democrats’ narrative about Grandpa Joe Biden.

Democrats know that they cannot run on Joe Biden’s record, so they have resorted to scare tactics about Donald Trump.

One talking point is that Trump is mean and cruel, while Biden is the avuncular figure that warms everyone’s heart.

Biden’s persona is a farce, as evidenced by his treatment of his granddaughter.

Dysfunctional Biden family

Hunter Biden impregnated exotic dancer Lunden Roberts when she was working at a Washington, D.C. nightclub, and Roberts gave birth to a baby girl, Navy.

Both Hunter and Joe Biden had denied the existence of Navy for years, but eventually, the Democrat-controlled media began hammering them for it.

For example, CNN host Abby Phillip shared an excerpt from a New York Times piece that read, “There is a 4-year-old girl in rural Arkansas…The girl is aware that her father is Hunter Biden and that her paternal grandfather is the President of the United States. She speaks about both of them often, but she has not met them.”

The Bidens were finally shamed into acknowledging Navy, and gave the excuse that they held off in doing so while Lunden Roberts and Hunter were in the middle of court negotiations.

No contact

But Roberts recently appeared on Piers Morgan’s show and said that Joe and Jill Biden still have not reached out to her to contact their five-year-old granddaughter.


Roberts explained that Hunter had only met his daughter through Zoom calls.

She also told Morgan that she felt isolated after being shut out by the Bidens, and even contemplated suicide.

Roberts explained, “I knew that, as long as I was pregnant, I wasn’t going to do anything to myself, because that would harm my child. So I didn’t think I would do anything to myself while I was pregnant. But I would feel that, after the pregnancy, would it be better for my daughter and for Hunter and everyone else if I wasn’t here? Because it seemed like a scandal, and a burden is what I felt like at those times.”

Despite the harrowing story, Roberts expressed empathy for Hunter.

She said, “He had a demon on his back. . .He was obviously suffering from addiction during that time. But he had my attention. I was intrigued. . .I feel like Hunter is one of those people that have always had great potential and he’s an amazing person to know. . .I always hoped that that demon and that addiction wouldn’t just pull him down because I saw it had it sank its claws in him. I always hoped that he was getting help.”

Joe Biden has made no effort, not even through Zoom, to meet his granddaughter.

But the Democrats want people to believe that he is a warm-hearted Grandpa.

The press goes out of its way to cover stories that make the Bidens look bad.

The media did the same thing in 2020, and they’re doing it again now.

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