Peter Doocy had one question about Joe Biden’s involvement in Hunter’s trial that left Karine Jean-Pierre stammering

Karine Jean-Pierre continues to have a difficult time dealing with the truth.

And it’s getting even harder as Joe Biden and his wayward son Hunter are facing more scrutiny.

That’s why Peter Doocy had one question about Joe Biden’s involvement in Hunter’s trial that left KJP stammering.

Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy once again ruffled feathers at the Biden White House by asking a simple question about President Joe Biden’s recent meeting with Hallie Biden.

A surprise nighttime visit by the sitting President

President Biden made a “surprise nighttime visit” to the home of Hallie Biden, according to the New York Post

Hallie is the widow of Biden’s son Beau as well as the former girlfriend of Biden’s other son, the troubled Hunter Biden. 

During the unannounced visit, the two shared a “brief private talk,” according to the report in the Post.

The surprise visit caused quite a stir as it came less than two weeks before Hunter Biden’s trial for gun crimes was to begin. 

And Hallie Biden is expected to testify as a witness for the prosecution.

The visit by Joe Biden has created even more controversy at a time when his poll numbers continue to plummet.

And, not surprisingly, Peter Doocy was ready to pounce and asked White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about the conversation between Biden and Hallie.

“Why did President Biden have a private meeting with a witness who plans to testify in court against his son?” Doocy asked KJP. 

“… Hallie Biden is a key government witness who allegedly disposed of a gun that Hunter is accused of buying illegally. President Biden was at her house this week.”

And, as expected by the White House press corps, Jean-Pierre was outwardly annoyed by Doocy’s question.

Something missing from KJP’s answer

“I think the American people should also be told the full breadth of this,” KJP blustered, claiming the President’s visit was merely to mark the ninth anniversary of Beau’s tragic death.

“He visited her … days before the anniversary of the passing of his son, and she is family. She was married, obviously, to his late son. And I think that is something also to mention as you’re asking your question to me,” Jean-Pierre added.

But Doocy immediately pointed out the one major thing missing from Jean-Pierre’s answer.

“So they did not talk about her testimony?” he followed up with her.

“This was not about that. This was about literally the ninth anniversary of the passing of his son that is upcoming in days,” the press secretary responded, sticking to the talking points.

Joe Biden’s middle-of-the-night visit came just after special counsel David Weiss submitted trial briefs noting that he plans to call Hallie Biden as a witness in the gun case against Hunter Biden.

Hunter Biden’s alleged crime, lying on an ATF 4473 gun purchase form about his drug use, came at a time when the troubled first son was in a romantic relationship with his late brother’s widow. 

Hallie Biden allegedly took the gun Hunter allegedly illegally purchased in October 2018 and threw it in a garbage can not far from a school.

In addition to Hallie, prosecutors are planning to call two other Hunter Biden ex-girlfriends as witnesses. 

Each woman is expected to testify about Hunter’s drug use.

At least Joe Biden didn’t visit those witnesses as well.

Stay tuned to Pants on Fire news for any updates to this ongoing story.

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