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Paul Krugman said something so outrageous about Black Lives Matter your eyes will roll out of your head



The so-called mainstream media have incinerated their credibility.

They can no longer rein in the radicalism of the extremist Left.

Now, Paul Krugman said something so outrageous about Black Lives Matter your eyes will roll out of your head.

Democrats are attempting to gaslight the American people.

Democrats and their corporate-controlled media allies want everyone to believe that it’s the Right that has gone crazy, not the Left.

And New York Times “economist” Paul Krugman wrote a mind-numbing defense of the Left’s extremism.

“How many Republicans believe that President Biden and other leading Democrats are left-wing radicals, indeed Marxists?” Krugman randomly asked. “Relatedly, I’d like to know how many Republicans believe that Black Lives Matter demonstrators looted and burned large parts of America’s major cities.”

First, Krugman is playing a game with the qualifier “leading” Democrats.

That allows him to weasel out of defending open Democratic Socialists like Senator Bernie Sanders, The Squad — Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Rashida Tlaib (R-MI), and Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), — Congressman Jamaal Bowman (D-NY), and Congressman Mondaire Jones (D-NY) to name a few.

Being closely affiliated with the Democratic Socialists of America certainly makes them definitionally “Marxist.”

Also, the co-founders of Black Lives Matter self-identify as “trained Marxists.”

And on the issue of BLM, Krugman threw in “large parts” of major cities to get around the months of carnage Americans witnessed in the summer of 2020.

The entire nation saw the “fiery but mostly peaceful” rioting and looting that took place in Democrat-controlled cities firsthand.

“The protests were, in fact, overwhelmingly peaceful,” Krugman claimed. “Yes, there was some arson and looting, with total property damage typically estimated at $1 billion to $2 billion. That may sound like a lot, but America is a big country, so it needs to be put in perspective.”

This is a jaw-dropping justification for the damage that was incurred.

Worse yet, it’s not even close to being accurate.

Those are just the insurance claims that were filed, as many small businesses were uninsured or only partially insured.

The actual damage was significantly higher, and Krugman ignores the economic impact of businesses being closed temporarily, or even permanently thanks to left-wing outrage mobs.

Parts of some inner cities still have not recovered from the 1960s riots.

Krugman gets paid handsomely by The New York Times to be perpetually wrong about the economy.

Most recently, he was forced to pen a piece in which he admitted “I was wrong about inflation.”

Now, he’s extending his wrongness to the culture at-large.

This is why the American people have lost so much trust in the corporate-controlled media.

They are clearly lying in order to defend the Democrat establishment.

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What a BLM activist said about Mark McCloskey and MAGA supporters on live TV will leave you furious




Former President Donald Trump has been out of the White House for over a year, but the Left just won’t stop talking about him.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is alive and well in the Democrat Party.

And you will be furious when you hear what this Leftist, so-called journalist said about Trump supporters.

If you thought once Donald Trump left office that the Democrat Party would cease badmouthing him and his supporters, you were dead wrong.

In fact, they doubled down.

So-called “journalists” on lefty networks like CNN and MSNBC still spend hours of airtime every day droning on about Trump and his supporters even though the constant driveling is sending their ratings down the toilet.

And just the other day MSNBC legal analyst Brittany Packnett took the Trump bashing further than almost anyone.

During an episode of MSNBC’s The ReidOut Packnett declared that the slogan Make America Great Again, Trump’s campaign motto back in 2020, reflected a desire to turn the country back to the “days when you could lynch or murder black folks.”

Host Joy Reid set the legal analyst up for the outlandish statement by bringing up a newly proposed self-defense law in Missouri.

“As expected, Mark McCloskey, who is running for the open Missouri Senate seat, praised the bill. Because it means that he essentially, and his wife, could have been in their slippers and shoot every single Black Lives Matter person that walked by, legally, and they would not even be detained,” Reid declared.

Brittany Packnett was elated to respond to Reid’s over-the-top statement

“Joy, I’m so glad you reminded us that the McCloskeys were front row and center to testify on behalf of passing this bill. This was, of course, the couple that was made famous by stepping outside of their restricted Covenant mansion in St. Louis, Glocks in tow, pulling their guns out on unarmed black protestors. But of course, to people like the McCloskeys, black skin is weapon enough, and this is precisely the problem. This is exactly what this bill is designed to do. It is to legitimize seeing blackness as a weapon in and of itself and then justify our murders,” Packnett quipped.

Once again, the Left uses skin color to leverage an argument and push it to their side.

This is where Packnett really put the icing on the cake and declared former President Trump’s campaign slogan the stuff of racist lynchings.

“I also want to set the proper historical context because back in the day, by 1950, Missouri had the second-highest number of lynchings outside of the deep south. So when folks talk about making America great again, that’s the kind of Missouri grand ol’ tradition that they want to return to. They want to return to days when you could lynch or murder black folks, and there would be absolutely no retribution for it. That’s not hyperbole. I’m telling you as a black Missourian, and as a protestor, that is reality,” the radical leftist, Packnett, concluded.

Never once has anyone ever believed or alluded to the idea that the now famous “Make America Great Again” – aka MAGA – slogan was racist or meant to do any harm to blacks.

It does not bring with it a connotation of racism or even the feeling of racism.

This is just one more way the Left is trying to brainwash the American people.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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NPR tried to hide the dark truth about one radical left group



The Democrat Media Complex has been captured by leftists.

Traditional liberals are happily jumping on board.

And NPR tried to hide the dark truth about one radical Left group.

NPR has been given the cachet of a trustworthy left-of-center news source.

But NPR has moved closer to the fringe Left along with the rest of the Democrat Party.

NPR reporter Cheryl Corley recently tried to clean up the Black Lives Matter movement’s association with Marxism.

BLM Co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors explicitly said “we’re trained Marxists” and doubled down on that assertion during a video posted to her own YouTube page.

Yet Corley believes accurate characterizations of BLM as Marxist is somehow disinformation.

She said, “And then right-wing pundits like Rudy Giuliani, Candace Owens and Carol Swain amplify often baseless anti-BLM messages to wider audiences . . . Khan-Cullors says she does believe in Marxism but laughs at the online comments that say she’s pushing a communist agenda.”

NPR is really trying to split hairs between being a “trained Marxist” and “pushing a communist agenda.”

It’s obvious that a trained Marxist is indeed attempting to actualize the goals of Karl Marx, which is a the communist state.

The Black Lives Matter website had to edit its “about” page because too many people caught wind of their radical beliefs, including their goal to undermine the nuclear family and western values.

For years, radical organizations like BLM have masqueraded as mainstream liberal groups, but in reality they’re filled with militants.

Conservatives have finally gotten hip to the game, and they’re calling out these fraudulent institutions.

And like all good socialists, the BLM bigwigs are raking in money for themselves and not sharing any of it with local BLM chapters.

Some activists have called out the organization for financial malfeasance.

BLM has received billions of dollars in donations, and nobody is quite clear where the money is going.

Meanwhile, Khan-Cullors recently went on a real estate shopping binge where she spent $3.2 million on multiple properties.

In addition to spoils for the members of leadership, BLM has an abysmal track record.

Cities where BLM has had a strong presence have seen an uptick in violence.

Last year represented the largest jump in the violent crime rate ever recorded.

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Black Lives Matter rioters issued this scary threat to Fox News



The media treats Black Lives Matter rioters like modern day American Revolutionary War freedom fighters.

But the protesting mobs do not always return the media’s respect.

And now Black Lives Matter rioters issued this scary threat to Fox News.

Black Lives Matter rioters caused a fourth straight night of unrest in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota following a police officer accidentally shooting and killing Daunte Wright.

The officer is facing second degree manslaughter charges, but Black Lives Matter protesters are still taking to the streets.

And some in the mob are beginning to attack and threaten journalists.

Fox News correspondent Lauren Blanchard reported that a Black Lives Matter mob began menacing the Fox News crew – as well as other media outlets – on the scene covering a growing demonstration outside the Brooklyn Center Police Department.

Earlier in the day, video footage on social media showed someone in the mob firing a bottle of water at a CNN team and hitting a crew member in the head with the projectile knocking the man down.

Other footage showed Black Lives Matter activists chasing media members off the scene.

These videos came days after a jaw-dropping moment on CNN where reporter Sara Sidner tried to interview a man during a riot where the man demanded CNN and the rest of the media get out of Brooklyn Center claiming the media only seeks to divide people by telling a false story about what is going on.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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