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Media Bias

One reporter’s brown-nosing blew up in her face after she made the most insane claim about Joe Biden



Members of the press are supposed to be the watchdogs of our republic. 

But at his lowest point in his Presidency, one “journalist” rushed in to compete with Joe Biden for “dumbest thing ever uttered.”

And her brown-nosing blew up in her face after she made the most insane claim about Joe Biden.

Even the staunchest Joe Biden supporters had to pick their jaws up off the floor after he announced that Russian President Vladimir Putin “cannot remain in power.”

Way to start World War III with the one guy who has more nuclear weapons than we do . . . 

Thankfully, Putin realizes what is apparent to most of the world: Joe Biden is so senile it’s best to assume he doesn’t even know what’s falling out of his mouth most of the time. 

But one overzealous reporter decided to pick the absolute worst moment in Joe Biden’s trainwreck of a Presidency to apply a completely inappropriate dose of flattery. 

Lisa Desjardins, with PBS’ NewsHour reporter chased Biden’s insane rantings with a question at least as stupid as Biden’s careless threats. 

“I still want to get back to your original words that he cannot remain in power. Can you help us understand?” she asked. “You have more foreign policy experience than any President who’s ever held this office.” 

Naturally, the internet basically blew up as people started creating long lists of Presidents more qualified than Joe Biden – which could probably be summed up by making a list of every President who preceded him in office. 

Based on his performance, it seems abundantly obvious Joe Biden has no clue what he’s doing when it comes to foreign policy – a situation illustrated when he invited a bunch of dictators to a “Democracy” event and put both the United States and Taiwan in China’s crosshairs.

And no matter how you slice it, Joe Biden is far from the most experienced Commander-in-Chief we’ve ever had when it comes to dealing with sticky situations.  

“Dwight Eisenhower served between 1943 & 1952 as Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, Military Governor of Germany, and NATO Supreme Commander,” Senior writer for National Review, Dan McLaughlin wrote in a tweet, “Some may recall this as a time of significant foreign policy events in Europe.”

Others pointed out that Biden has spent decades in Washington, D.C., but that doesn’t mean he’s ever been able to make a good foreign policy decision. 

The sheer amount of play acting necessary on the part of the press to pretend Joe Biden is some governing genius is ridiculous. 

And no amount of pretending is going to make him any less dangerous. 

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

Fake News

Chuck Todd’s left-wing fairy tale math will make your third-grade teacher’s brain overheat



Leftists are willing to defy every bit of logic, science, and reality to score political points.

And they’re coming completely unglued as they try to “explain” the astronomical mess they’ve created.

Now Chuck Todd has gifted us all with some left-wing, fairy tale math that will make your third-grade teacher’s brain overheat.

NBC’s Chuck Todd loves to spend his days telling the world how to think, while simultaneously proving he has completely lost touch with reality.

He recently treated the world to an epic dose of Toddsplaining while attempting to also justify President Joe Biden and Democrats’ illegal, and disastrous, open borders policy.

Since President Biden took office, both inflation and the number of illegal aliens sneaking into the country have skyrocketed.

Now, Todd is trying to convince Americans that the remedy to cure inflation is letting even more illegal aliens overrun the country.

As usual, his “data download” segment on a recent edition of Meet the Press left viewers dumber than when they showed up to learn how the world works from corporate-controlled media hacks.

After taking a shot at Republicans for believing illegal aliens are a “political problem for Democrats,” Todd went on to create a correlation/causation fallacy that fell flat on its face.

“Even before the pandemic, migration in the United States had been slowing,” adding that “we started the last decade at almost 700,000 migrants coming into this country in 2010,” Todd pointed out. “We hit a peak of just over a million in 2016.”

“When Donald Trump got elected, it dropped all the way down to 247,000 thanks to the pandemic,” he added. “And you can see the labor force participation rate. It’s been dropping, we were at 63.4, we’re still sitting at 62.4.”

Of course, he conveniently ignored the fact that the economy was absolutely booming when Donald Trump was in office, with jobs pouring back into America from overseas and the stock market repeatedly setting new all-time highs.

Meanwhile, since President Biden took office, more than four million illegals have poured into the country, even as the nation’s economy tanked, with both the stock market and housing market now crashing.

Now, rather than encouraging his viewers to grasp onto anything resembling reality — like the fact that out-of-control government spending has been driving inflation to its highest levels ever — Todd is busy spinning random, totally irrelevant numbers into a left-wing fairy tale.

But it really doesn’t matter how much Democrats and their corporate-controlled media buddies pretend their policies work.

The truth is becoming ever more obvious to the American people forced to live in a rapidly crumbling world of Democrats’ creation.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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Donald Trump

This liberal just ripped one co-host of The View for an unbelievably “racist” take



Democrats have seemingly embraced the most extremist authoritarian agenda in American history.

And Trump Derangement Syndrome is clearly at the heart of everything they say and do.

Now This liberal just ripped one co-host of The View for an unbelievably “racist” take.

Ana Navarro, who was recently promoted to a full-time position as a token RINO on The View, has once again put her debilitating case of Trump Derangement Syndrome on display.

Navarro claims to be a “Republican,” yet she’s explicitly made a career out of pushing left-wing talking points and campaigning for Democrats, like then-candidate Joe Biden in 2020.

Now, Navarro is celebrating New York Attorney General Letitia James’ ridiculous and politically-motivated lawsuit against former President Donald Trump and his family.

It would be one thing if Navarro was celebrating the lawsuit like her fellow left-wing extremists, but Navarro took the opportunity to make the announcement about race.

“Letitia James again reminding us how much Black women have and continue doing to defend this country,” Navarro tweeted in an obvious attempt at virtue signaling.

It’s unclear to anyone with a functioning brain how exactly race has anything to do with the matter, but the Left have gone all-in on identity politics, specifically racial identity politics.

And independent journalist Glenn Greenwald clocked Navarro for her shameless pandering to the “woke” left-wing mob.

“Viewing every individual as little more than their racial identity, imposing a racial framework on every last human event, and refusing to allow individuals to be judged outside of their racial category is an incredibly dreary, toxic and – yes – racist way to navigate life,” Greenwald tweeted.

Greenwald is, of course, correct, but Democrats refuse to let go of racial identity politics – they would go nowhere politically without it.

James’s legal battle against Trump looks like persecution more than anything else.

As soon as James took over as New York’s Attorney General, after her predecessor got #MeToo’d, she promised to go after the Trump family.

“We will use every area of the law to investigate President Trump and his business transactions and that of his family as well,” James promised. “We want to investigate anyone in his orbit who has, in fact, violated the law.”

James adopted the old Soviet adage of “show me the man, I’ll find you the crime.”

It is highly inappropriate to promise investigations into a particular target even though no crimes were alleged.

Democrats resemble the East German Stasi more and more each day.

That’s why principled liberals, like Glenn Greenwald, are labeled traitors and sellouts for refusing to go along with Democrats’ disturbing authoritarian agenda.

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Media Bias

Whoopi Goldberg just uttered eight words that have conservatives breaking out champagne



Whoopi Goldberg is so wildly inappropriate even her show’s producers can’t stand the out of line host.

After a recent spat that played out on live television Whoopi had a major meltdown.

And she uttered eight words that have conservatives breaking out champagne.

As a left-wing elitist in the entertainment business, Whoopi Goldberg apparently views herself as untouchable.

But she keeps finding new ways to cross a line in such despicable ways that make even hardcore leftists gasp.

The most glaring case was when she suggested the Holocaust wasn’t that big of a deal, because – in her mind – it wasn’t “about race” and was simply “white people doing it to white people.”

Her anti-semitic bigotry earned her a humiliating suspension from The View after she was forced to tuck tail and give an insincere apology on live TV.

Of course, such anti-semitism should be expected from someone who faked her Jewish ancestry to use the surname “Goldberg” to advance her entertainment career, as her mother believed her actual surname, Johnson, was “not Jewish enough” for her to succeed in Hollywood.

But unfortunately, she seems to be incapable of learning her lesson, though.

On a recent episode of The View, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was brought in to push the left-wing narrative, and while she complained about Senator Linsey Graham’s 15-week abortion ban, Whoopi cracked a despicable joke about the Senator’s sexuality.

“Senator Graham had said, maybe about a month ago – early August – that he believes when it comes to marriage, when it comes to abortion, it’s for states to decide,” Jean-Pierre complained. “So, Senator Graham, what changed?”

At that point, Whoopi came out of left field with a completely inappropriate and bizarre claim about the famously single Senator Graham possibly getting married, suggesting that despicable left-wing rumor mongering about his sexuality were true.

“Maybe he’s getting married,” Whoopi claimed. “Do it quick because I know people are fooling around with our marriage rights. Whoever, wherever you stand.”

Of course, Karine Jean-Pierre is openly gay, and despite all of her embarrassing gaffes, even she realized Whoopi had crossed a line.

Jean-Pierre let out an audible “Oh,” before quickly averting her eyes and slinking into silence before the show went to a commercial break.

When the show came back from break, it was obvious The View’s producers had blasted Goldberg for yet another tone deaf gaffe.

“I need to make clear that I was doing what I do as a comic,” Whoopi said combatively, obviously using the term “comic” as loosely as possible as she never actually was a stand-up comic. “Sometimes I make jokes, and it was a joke. Nothing more than that.”

“I just got a whole conversation about people misunderstanding the joke,” she continued. “I mean, okay. I should probably never do this show again. If this is what it’s coming to, no.”

Nothing in the world could possibly make conservatives happier than having Whoopi Goldberg disappear as a so-called “thought leader” on daytime television.

While almost nothing that comes out of her mouth makes any sense, the fact remains that as a celebrity, whatever Whoopi says will be taken as gospel by a portion of the population.

And with folks like Whoopi Goldberg helping set the narrative, we’re all doomed.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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