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Jim Acosta

One picture just delivered Jim Acosta the biggest humiliation of his life



Jim Acosta regularly made a fool of himself during his time as CNN’s White House correspondent.

But no one was prepared for this.

And one picture just delivered Jim Acosta the biggest humiliation of his life.

Jim Acosta has largely fallen off the media map since CNN moved him off the White House beat.

CNN realized Jim Acosta’s form of resistance journalism performance art no longer served any purpose with Donald Trump out of office so they exiled him to a weekend anchor role.

Acosta – who has always been desperate for the spotlight – tried to make a spectacle of himself when he tweeted out a picture of a doctor injecting him with the coronavirus vaccine.

But Acosta only ended up making a fool of himself.

Everyone realized the point of the picture was the ridiculous t-shirt Acosta wore, which its only purpose was to tell everyone how great Jim Acosta was.

Acosta’s t-shirt listed all the stories in their vein of those “I survived X and I got was this lousy t-shirt” type gags.

But the point wasn’t to detail all the stories.

The point was to draw attention to Acosta and the fact that he was there for them.

It was classic “Dear Diary” Jim Acosta journalism.

And it is why many Americans consider Acosta the poster child for fake news.

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