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One of Joe Biden’s top COVID stooges was forced to do one humiliating thing



The COVID regime is crumbling.

Democrat politicians and public health officials have spread too many lies and mixed messages.

Now one of Joe Biden’s top COVID stooges was forced to do one humiliating thing.

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky has been getting shellacked in the media.

Even left-wing corporate-controlled press outlets like CNN have been hammering Walensky and the CDC.

Brian Stelter said COVID Zero is an impossible goal even though the COVID regime seems to be aiming for it, and also said that the CDC has become a punchline.

Now reports have come out that Walensky has been undergoing private sessions with Democrat media consultant Mandy Grunwald in order to improve her communication skills.

Walensky has supposedly been tutored for months, and the results are not good.

Instead of focusing on messaging, perhaps the CDC and other public officials could simply focus on the truth.

That does not require intense media training, but it is also politically inconvenient for the Democrats.

Biden and public health officials like Dr. Anthony Fauci want the forever-pandemic to last for as long as possible.

The prolonged crisis allows for politicians and dutiful cronies like Fauci to accrue more power and wealth.

Walensky got in hot water when she spoke the truth about rapid testing, explaining, “We actually don’t know how our rapid tests perform and how well they predict whether you’re transmissible during the end of disease.”

Yet Biden and public health officials have been obsessed with testing, even people who are asymptomatic.

The evidence of asymptomatic spread is not robust, so testing healthy people does not make a lot of sense.

The CDC has also altered the number of days people must quarantine if they test positive – the quarantine window has moved from an arbitrary ten days to an equally arbitrary five days.

The CDC, Fauci, and other approved talking heads are just making stuff as they go instead of falling back on the data.

There’s no amount of media training that can cover up that fact.

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A reporter pushing COVID hysteria just failed miserably in this embarrassing segment





The war in Ukraine has the entire globe on high alert.

But some still cannot let go of the pandemic.

Now a reporter pushing COVID hysteria just failed miserably in this embarrassing segment.

Far-left Univision reporter Jorge Ramos tried to thread the needle of spreading panic about COVID while reporting on the war in Ukraine.

People are being killed and countries are being destabilized, but Ramos is still fear-mongering about the forever-pandemic.

Ramos reported on the ground in Poland where Ukrainian war refugees were escaping, and he said:

“I know that it’s a bit complicated, but think about the following: We are in a war, several meters away in Ukraine, and we are in the midst of a pandemic. And if you notice, the majority of Ukrainians arriving here [in Poland] are not wearing a mask. This is to say: the importance of survival is far above any other types of concerns.”

Ramos might be the only journalist still trying to sell the panic of COVID.

Other people are worried about the nonzero probability of nuclear war breaking out in Eastern Europe.

Even the Biden administration has moved on from strict COVID procedures as they fear the political backlash from continuing their heavy-handed, tyrannical lockdowns and mandates.

ABC News reported that the “White House has begun a sweeping overhaul of its COVID strategy that will signal the nation is moving past crisis mode and into a more manageable phase in the pandemic . . .”

Apparently Ramos didn’t get the memo.

The COVID regime was on thin ice after Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate was struck down.

It was insane to think that Biden could get away with permitting OSHA to strong-arm companies into mandating their employees get the vaccine.

Sadly, his fascist power play would have worked if Hillary Clinton had won in 2016.

Clinton would’ve been able to appoint three Supreme Court Justices who would’ve swung the court wildly to the Left.

A few thousand votes in swing states was all that separated America from the tyranny experienced by the Freedom Convoy in Canada.

Trudeau went full authoritarian with the support of the Fake News Media and the international Left.

Now that war has broken out in Ukraine, the focus has shifted away from COVID.

Some have joked that Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine cured the pandemic.

Ramos’ news report is even more absurd considering the fact that he was not wearing a mask, either.

COVID theater has taken a backseat to actual military theater.

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Biden and the Democrats are trying to bury their support for one wildly unpopular idea




Joe Biden’s State of the Union address was a clown show.

He tried to pump up his sinking approval numbers with a lot of hot air.

Now Biden and the Democrats are trying to bury their support for one wildly unpopular idea.

Joe Biden and the COVID regime magically lifted mask mandates just in time for the State of the Union address.

The Democrats realize they have become wildly unpopular with their COVID crackdowns and radical ideas.

That’s why they’re attempting to pivot back toward the middle.

The clearest sign of that came at the State of the Union, where nobody wore a mask, when Biden boldly said he wanted to “fund the police.”

Biden received manufactured applause when he said, “We should all agree: The answer is not to defund the police. It’s to fund the police . . . Fund them. Fund them. Fund them with resources and training.”

Democrats are hoping Americans forget about their repeated “defund the police” rhetoric.

The New York Times even wrote a headline that said, “Yes, We Mean Literally Abolish the Polish.”

Unfortunately for the Democrats, video is forever.

It wasn’t only fringe-left Democrats calling to defund the police.

Democrats know they’re in trouble if they don’t appear to be more moderate.

Politico reported that “Biden’s remarks come after Democrats’ own research recently showed that some voters in battleground districts think the party is ‘preachy’ and ‘focused on culture wars’ . . . The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee warned that unless Democrats more vocally rebutted Republicans’ attacks on issues like defunding the police, they could lose substantial ground to the GOP in the upcoming midterm elections.”

After the Democrats lost House seats in 2020, the Party conducted a postmortem on a conference call.

And it leaked that during the call, moderate Democrat Abigail Spanberger – who narrowly held her seat in Virginia – said, “The number one concern that people brought to me, in my [inaudible] was defunding the police. And I heard from colleagues who said ‘Oh, it’s the language of the streets, we should respect that.’ We’re in Congress. We are professionals. We are supposed to talk about things in a way where we mean what we’re talking about. If we don’t mean we should defund the police, we shouldn’t say that . . .”

The progressives on the call snapped at her and the other moderates in purple districts.

Supposed moderates let the radicals drive the bus, and they’re driving it off a cliff.

Spanberger added, “And we need to not ever use the word ‘socialist’ or ‘socialism’ ever again, because while people think it doesn’t matter, it does matter, and we lost good members because of that . . . And if we are classifying Tuesday as a success from a congressional standpoint, we will get f***ing torn apart in 2022.”

Spanberger is right, and the Democrats might have finally gotten the message.

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A journalist finally cracked from Biden’s crazy COVID rules – and now leftists are eating her for lunch




maskee=d nurses

All the lies we’ve been fed are breaking even liberals and progressives.

Now, one journalist is saying what nobody else on the Left will.

And leftists are furious she’s bringing up the deadly truth.

New York Times opinion editor Bari Weiss went off on the COVID insanity on Bill Maher’s show – and the crowd went wild.

Saying she “did it all” from disinfecting the Pringles can she got from the grocery store to changing her clothes after a trip out.

Now she said she’s so done.

“Then we were told you get the vaccine,” Weiss said. “You get the vaccine and you get back to normal – and we haven’t gotten back to normal. And it’s ridiculous at this point. I know that so many of my liberal and progressive friends are with me on this and they do not want to say it out loud because they are scared to be called antivax or to be called science deniers or to be, you know, smeared as a Trumper.”

Then she did the unthinkable and called Democrats on their hypocrisy.

“I’m sorry, if you believe the science. You will look at the data that we did not have two years ago and you will find out that cloth masks do not do anything. You will realize that you can show your vaccine passport at a restaurant and still be asymptomatic and carrying Omicron,” she said.

Then she dropped the ultimate truth bomb.

“This is going to be remembered by the younger generation as a catastrophic moral crime,” Weiss said. “The City of Flint, Michigan – which is 80%, I think, minority students – has just announced indefinite virtual schooling. In the past two years we’ve seen among young girls a 51% increase in self harm. People are killing themselves. They’re anxious, they’re depressed, they’re lonely. That is why we need to end it more than any inconvenience that it’s been to the rest of us. I think it’s a pandemic of bureaucracy.”

Now leftists in the media are proving what Weiss said is true.

Any leftist who questions the current insanity will be immediately under attack.

Daily Beast Columnist Wajahat Ali jumped on the The ReidOut saying that Weiss’ comments reflect “America’s cruelty.”

“We’re a generous country,” Ali said, “But, at the same time, we have also had cruelty, White supremacy, misogyny. America says go ahead and die, but just don’t die on my lawn.”

He went on to accuse Weiss of being unwilling to give up anything for the sake of others.

“So, we’re dealing with selfish people with their inconvenience and materialism, who just can’t sacrifice the bare minimum,” he said. “You don’t get to storm the beaches of Normandy. Wear a mask once in a while. But it shows a selfishness that is at the root of this country.”

CNN’s “medical analyst” Dr. Jonathan Reiner also slammed Weiss saying, “She needs to grow up, because she’s acting like a child.”

Honestly, is there anything more childish than these leftists who refuse to admit they’re wrong in the face of undeniable evidence?

Somehow, they seem to be able to justify attacking Weiss on partisan grounds without even dealing with the important points she brought up – including a 51% increase in self-harm among young girls.

While they may run her name through the mud for now, if partisan politicos don’t correct their course soon, they may be in for some huge surprises in November.

The secret ballot is a powerful tool.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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