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Andrew Cuomo

One of Andrew Cuomo’s credible accusers just torched the media in this shocking interview



New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is in a world of hurt.

He’s dealing with multiple scandals that could end his political career for good.

And one of Andrew Cuomo’s credible accusers just torched the media in this shocking interview.

Andrew Cuomo’s political future is teetering on the brink.

He’s fending off attackers from both the Left and the Right regarding his deadly blunder of putting COVID-positive patients back in nursing homes (and subsequently covering it up) and his alleged misconduct with three female aides.

Cuomo’s second accuser, former staffer Charlotte Bennett, appeared on CBS with Norah O’Donnell to talk about how the governor allegedly harassed her.

Not only did Bennett go after Cuomo, but she blamed the corporate-controlled press for enabling him:

O’DONNELL: So, you think all this national attention may have emboldened him?

BENNETT: Absolutely. I think he felt like he was untouchable in a lot of ways.

At the time, Cuomo was being hailed as “America’s Governor” and a potential Presidential dark horse.

Cuomo even wrote a self-serving book about how he “conquered” COVID and received an Emmy for his press briefings.

Celebrities and late night comics were lining up to pay their respects to him, in many ways an attempt to delineate between him and Donald Trump.

Cuomo refused federal help from Trump and instead chose to put sickly patients into nursing homes, the most at-risk population regarding COVID.

Meanwhile, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis protected his elderly patients and had a far lower mortality rate despite having the second oldest population in the country (only behind the far less populous Maine).

Bennett’s accusations against Cuomo were buttressed by allegations made by former aide Lindsey Boylan – who wrote a lengthy blog post on the site Medium – and a regrettable photo of Cuomo palming the face of third accuser Anna Ruch.

Bennett also said during the interview, “I thought he’s trying to sleep with me. The Governor is trying to sleep with me. And I am deeply uncomfortable and I have to get out of this room as soon as possible.”

Cuomo made matters worse by offering an apology – he didn’t admit to any explicit wrongdoing, but he accepted the premise of the argument that he made them uncomfortable.

That’s more than enough in the court of public opinion, which is why calls for him to resign are intensifying.

So far, Cuomo says he’s not going anywhere, but the corporate-controlled press that once fawned over him might instead just be getting warmed up for a feeding frenzy.

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Andrew Cuomo

The New York Times infuriated Republicans with how they treated this ongoing sex scandal



The so-called “mainstream” media showed their bias for all to see during the Trump administration.

That bias culminated in some of the most partisan news coverage ever seen around the 2020 election.

And The New York Times just infuriated Republicans with how they treated this ongoing sex scandal.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is in deep trouble.

He’s currently embroiled in two severe scandals. First, he made the grave decision to put COVID-positive patients back in nursing homes and subsequently covered it up. Second, he allegedly sexually harassed at least half a dozen women – most of whom were on his staff.

The nursing home scandal could potentially land Cuomo in jail, but the #MeToo scandal is the one more likely to end his political career.

But after trying to crucify Brett Kavanaugh with Christine Blasey Ford’s flimsy allegations, The New York Times is now running interference for Cuomo and any future high-profile Democrat caught up in a sexual misconduct scandal.

The Times wrote:

“After Democrats cast their support for equality in moral terms during the Trump administration, conservative news outlets have eagerly tagged the party with charges of hypocrisy for failing to uniformly demand an immediate resignation. That has revived worries from some Democrats that their party is imposing a politically damaging purity test.”

As always, the story for the Left is that “Republicans pounce” when the actual story is Democrat malfeasance.

When Democrats try to impose a standard, they backtrack when the same standard is applied to them.

That was made perfectly clear in the media coverage disparity between Justice Brett Kavanaugh and Joe Biden.

Kavanaugh faced a deluge of media backlash never seen before while his accuser Christine Blasey Ford was exalted as a national hero.

The press sought out and printed all sorts of libelous claims from other women who claimed Kavanaugh assaulted them.

Conversely, Biden accuser Tara Reade was ignored and the media did everything they could to discredit her.

She was only granted one television interview, and it was with 60 Minutes . . . in Australia.

The corporate-controlled press couldn’t risk tipping the scales in Donald Trump’s favor by actually doing their job and covering a real news story.

Alyssa Milano, one of Hollywood’s more obnoxiously “woke” figures said that Biden should get the benefit of due process during an interview with television producer Andy Cohen, who responded with intrigue, “I like that, I like that,” as if the concept of due process had eluded him for so many years.

The Democrats are finding it hard to apply their standards evenly, so they’re wondering if the Left’s “purity test” is no longer effective.

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Andrew Cuomo

This video of Andrew Cuomo’s press coverage will leave you red with rage




New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is awash in scandal and shame.

But last year, Cuomo was every reporter’s favorite Governor.

And this video of Andrew Cuomo’s press coverage will leave you red with rage.

Andrew Cuomo is facing calls for his impeachment over the growing scandal surrounding Cuomo’s administration covering up the true number of coronavirus deaths in nursing homes.

Cuomo signed a March 2020 order mandating nursing homes take in coronavirus patients that critics contend caused the horrific number of deaths in long-term care facilities.

The New York Attorney General found Cuomo’s administration claimed 6,000 coronavirus nursing home deaths when, in reality, the real number was around 15,000.

Cuomo’s top aide admitted to Democrats that the administration withheld the true number out of fear it would be used in a criminal investigation.

And the Wall Street Journal broke the news that Cuomo’s aides pressured the state health department to delete the number of nursing home deaths from a report last summer.

But last year, Cuomo was the apple of every reporter’s eye as the media held up Cuomo as the gold standard of pandemic management so they could use him to bash Donald Trump.

No journalist embarrassed themselves more than ABC’s Amy Robach who conducted a fawning, softball interview with Cuomo about his supposed “leadership” during the coronavirus outbreak.

Now that Donald Trump is out of office the media has no use for Andrew Cuomo.

The truth about his nursing home fiasco was known as far back as last spring.

But the media smothered the story because the press needed to use Cuomo as a foil to attack Donald Trump.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this story.

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