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Andrew Cuomo

One of Andrew Cuomo’s credible accusers just torched the media in this shocking interview



New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is in a world of hurt.

He’s dealing with multiple scandals that could end his political career for good.

And one of Andrew Cuomo’s credible accusers just torched the media in this shocking interview.

Andrew Cuomo’s political future is teetering on the brink.

He’s fending off attackers from both the Left and the Right regarding his deadly blunder of putting COVID-positive patients back in nursing homes (and subsequently covering it up) and his alleged misconduct with three female aides.

Cuomo’s second accuser, former staffer Charlotte Bennett, appeared on CBS with Norah O’Donnell to talk about how the governor allegedly harassed her.

Not only did Bennett go after Cuomo, but she blamed the corporate-controlled press for enabling him:

O’DONNELL: So, you think all this national attention may have emboldened him?

BENNETT: Absolutely. I think he felt like he was untouchable in a lot of ways.

At the time, Cuomo was being hailed as “America’s Governor” and a potential Presidential dark horse.

Cuomo even wrote a self-serving book about how he “conquered” COVID and received an Emmy for his press briefings.

Celebrities and late night comics were lining up to pay their respects to him, in many ways an attempt to delineate between him and Donald Trump.

Cuomo refused federal help from Trump and instead chose to put sickly patients into nursing homes, the most at-risk population regarding COVID.

Meanwhile, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis protected his elderly patients and had a far lower mortality rate despite having the second oldest population in the country (only behind the far less populous Maine).

Bennett’s accusations against Cuomo were buttressed by allegations made by former aide Lindsey Boylan – who wrote a lengthy blog post on the site Medium – and a regrettable photo of Cuomo palming the face of third accuser Anna Ruch.

Bennett also said during the interview, “I thought he’s trying to sleep with me. The Governor is trying to sleep with me. And I am deeply uncomfortable and I have to get out of this room as soon as possible.”

Cuomo made matters worse by offering an apology – he didn’t admit to any explicit wrongdoing, but he accepted the premise of the argument that he made them uncomfortable.

That’s more than enough in the court of public opinion, which is why calls for him to resign are intensifying.

So far, Cuomo says he’s not going anywhere, but the corporate-controlled press that once fawned over him might instead just be getting warmed up for a feeding frenzy.

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Andrew Cuomo

NBC’s Chuck Todd made this jaw-dropping prediction about Andrew Cuomo



New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s resignation sent shockwaves through American politics.

No one expected him to resign without putting up a fight.

But NBC’s Chuck Todd made this jaw-dropping prediction about Andrew Cuomo.

Governor Cuomo resigned after New York Attorney General Letitia James’ report detailing allegations from 11 women that Cuomo sexually harassed them spurred the legislature to begin impeachment proceedings.

Cuomo knew he could not survive and quit.

But NBC’s Meet the Press host Chuck Todd actually claimed that this resignation set the stage for a Cuomo political comeback.

“The resignation gives him, we know the way our world works. It’s amazing. The people we’ve seen make political comebacks. You know, you can’t ever rule it out, and I think he realized he could become a pariah in the Democratic Party for sticking it out and fighting, or he can — not saying he’s gonna generate goodwill, but I promise you there’s a whole bunch of state assembly members that are relieved today. There’s whole bunch of assembly Democrats that didn’t want to go through this process, didn’t want to have to go through this,” Todd told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell.

Todd claimed Cuomo quitting now spared Democrats the political pain of an impeachment inquiry and that this resignation actually built goodwill in the Democrat Party.

The Meet the Press host added that Cuomo’s only job in life is politics and that at some point down the road Cuomo would attempt a comeback.

“Think about what Andrew Cuomo’s done his whole life. He’s been basically a professional politician his whole life, either working on campaigns for his father, working in the administration or Clinton administration and running for office himself. This is all he’s known. What would he do without the ability to run for office?” Todd added. “So, look, I expect in my lifetime, Andrew Cuomo to probably run for office again. What that office is? I don’t know, but that’s what this resignation tells me today. He wants to live to fight another day.”

Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean – whose parents died in a nursing home from COVID after Governor Cuomo mandated those facilities take in coronavirus patients – slammed Todd’s comments.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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Andrew Cuomo

You won’t believe why New York’s Governor is cheering on Fox News in this crazy turn of events



New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo has lost virtually all of his friends.

After everyone from President Biden down to Mayor de Blasio called on him to resign, Cuomo announced he was leaving office in 14 days.

But you won’t believe why New York’s Governor is cheering on Fox News in this crazy turn of events.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has gone from left-wing hero to public enemy number one in just a year’s time.

That’s because, amid the height of his left-wing fame for his response to coronavirus, he was hit with disturbing allegations.

The first allegations related to his nursing home scandal, where it became clear he tried to suppress evidence of him forcing COVID-positive patients into nursing homes and lied about the death toll it caused.

But while that directed a lot of hate his way, the Democrat establishment was still willing to stand with him.

That all changed when he got hit with a series of sexual assault and harassment allegations.

A laundry list of current and former staffers of his came forward alleging sexual misconduct.

With the Left championing the “believe all women” movement, he was hit with intense backlash, even threats of impeachment.

And those calls reached a fever pitch in recent days following a report from New York’s Attorney General Leticia James releasing a document siding with his accusers.

Democrats lined up to support impeaching him and even Joe Biden called for him to resign.

It seems that nobody would defend him, especially with his brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo taking a “planned” multi-week vacation shortly after the document was released.

But while the left-wing media wouldn’t defend him, Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera jumped to his defense.

Pointing to the document, Rivera declared, “This, ladies and gentlemen, for all its impressive heft, is not a legal document. That is a political document. A document put together by the furthest-left politician in elective office in this far-left state. Letitia James, I’ve known her forever. She is absolutely furiously longing for Andrew Cuomo’s job. I’m not saying that the allegations are false, I make no judgment about that. I just want people to know this is not proof. This is politics.”

He encouraged Cuomo to fight any attempts at impeachment, though that was ultimately a moot point after Cuomo announced he would soon be leaving office.

But this shouldn’t be a surprising turn of events.

To his credit, Rivera has been consistent in defending those accused of sexual misconduct, even calling the attacks against then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh an “attempted coup” by Democrats.

He was also one of the top defenders of Bill Clinton during his impeachment proceedings.

Rivera famously sang this tune on air during his impeachment trial, targeting Kenneth Starr, who was prosecuting Clinton:

“Twinkle, twinkle Kenneth Starr, now we see how crude you are / Up above your jury high, like the judge up in the sky /Twinkle, twinkle little Starr, now we see how wrong you are /When you drag the agents in, when you bully moms and kin / then you kiss the treacherous Tripp, twinkle, twinkle DC drip/Twinkle, twinkle little Starr, now we see how small you are.”

Given that a criminal complaint has been filed against Cuomo with the Albany County sheriff, Cuomo is hoping that investigators will see the AG report the same way Geraldo does.

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Andrew Cuomo

Andrew Cuomo’s scandal disappeared because of a big favor from these key allies



New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is neck deep in scandals.

But Cuomo has been able to survive the snowballing allegations against him for one reason.

And Andrew Cuomo’s scandal disappeared because of a big favor from these key allies.

Over the weekend, Andrew Cuomo faced a new scandal.

The Wall Street Journal reported Cuomo’s administration allegedly leveraged the coronavirus vaccine rollout to pressure officials to support him in the wake of allegations of sexual assault and harassment by multiple women as well as Cuomo covering up the true number of coronavirus deaths in nursing homes.

But in the three days since the story broke, Americans who got their news from MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS were blind to these developments because none of those five networks covered the story.

Fox News reports:

The Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday that the New York Attorney General’s investigation into the embattled governor has again expanded, this time into allegations that the Cuomo administration attempted to use its coronavirus vaccine distribution in order to rally support amid calls for his resignation.

However, over the course of three days since the story broke, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC have all avoided mentioning Cuomo’s newest political woe, according to Grabien transcripts.

These networks regularly attack Florida Governor Ron DeSantis with made up scandals and phony allegations because they see DeSantis as a threat to Democrats in the 2024 election.

DeSantis’ strength is his coronavirus response where he rejected lockdowns and mask mandates.

Instead, the media held up Cuomo as the model leader during the pandemic.

But now Cuomo has been exposed as a corrupt predator and the media is trying to hide these inconvenient facts from the public.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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