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One Fox News host was grinning from ear to ear when he looked at these ratings numbers



Fox News shook up its programming lineup after a ratings slump in January.

The moves paid off.

And one Fox News host was grinning from ear to ear when he looked at these ratings numbers.

On April 5, popular pro-Trump host Greg Gutfeld began hosting a nightly 11pm program Gutfeld!

Gutfeld’s show provides a mix of political commentary infused with Gutfeld’s signature pop culture-centric humor.

The show is proving to be a hit as Gutfeld is drawing bigger numbers than not only his CNN and MSNBC competitors, but also several broadcast network late night “comedy shows.”

Breitbart reports:

Gutfeld!, which stars long-time The Five co-host Greg Gutfeld, drew an average of 1.57 million viewers in its first five episodes last week. The show easily beat the Tonight Show, which averaged 1.38 million viewers and HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, with 1.08 million.

The show also outpaced Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and TBS’ Conan.

Gutfeld! came close to matching ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s 1.58 million viewers. CBS’ Late Night with Stephen Colbert topped the ratings chart last week with an average of 1.93 million viewers.

Fox News said Gutfeld! has beat every CNN program in total viewers while also topping every MSNBC program in the 25-54 year old demographic with the exception of The Rachel Maddow Show.

Late night hosts like Johnny Carson and Jay Leno all were popular hosts who played their comedy for the entire country.

Today’s late night comics are court jesters for the liberal regime and it alienated broad swaths of Americans who used to enjoy Leno and Carson.

Now they have an alternative in Greg Gutfeld and Gutfeld is reaping the reward in the ratings.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

Fox News

Fox News’ Peter Doocey catches WH press secretary in one massive lie over the inflation crisis



Things are bad for Joe Biden. 

His press secretary can’t keep up with what he says, let alone other members of his cabinet.

Now Peter Doocey just caught the WH press secretary in one massive lie about the inflation crisis.

Poor Karine Jean-Pierre (KJP). If she wasn’t such a rabid leftist activist you could almost feel sorry for her.

She is clearly in way over her head.

And like he did with Jen “circle back” Psaki, Fox News’ Peter Doocey isn’t going to let KJP forget it.

While most of the White House press corps may be giving KJP a pass, Doocey seems resolute to try and make her (they?) answer the tough questions.

But that may be harder than even Peter Doocey thought, because as it turns out, KJP can’t even answer the easy questions.

Just recently, Doocey asked the White House press secretary about Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s admission that she was wrong about inflation.

A fairly simple question one would think. After all, Yellen was very clear. She surprisingly admitted she had been wrong.

Yellen told CNN anchor and Democrat mouthpiece Wolf Blitzer what almost all Americans have known for months: The Biden administration’s claim that inflation would be temporary was horribly wrong.

“I was wrong then about the path that inflation would take,” Yellen told Blitzer. “As I mentioned, there have been unanticipated and large shocks to the economy that have boosted energy and food prices and supply bottlenecks that have affected our economy badly that I didn’t — at the time — didn’t fully understand, but we recognize that now.”

So there you have it.  All KJP needed to do was say basically the same thing.

Well, we should have known better.

Doocey asked her, “When are you guys going to admit that you were wrong about inflation? The treasury secretary says that she was wrong, so why doesn’t anybody here at the White House?”

KJP responded by trying to absolve the Biden administration of any responsibility for all the ongoing economic woes, including record-high gas and food prices, the supply chain problems and the worsening inflation crisis.

Instead, KJP blamed “inflationary pressures which couldn’t have been foreseen,” Russia and Putin, and of course COVID. 

And then she went on to say that no economic problems really exist.

Doocey followed up, “Just that I understand: the treasury secretary says that she was wrong, but the White House was not wrong about inflation?” 

KJP clearly had no interest in answering the question. “Those are your words, not my words,” she said, before again saying the Biden administration had no responsibility for the economic woes that really don’t exist anyway.

“We have achieved an historic recovery through an extraordinarily unprecedented economic moment. The president has consistently noted that the primary drivers of inflation are the pandemic and Putin’s invasion of Ukraine,” Jean-Pierre said. “The twists and turns of both these monumental events have affected energy prices and also food prices that we have seen these past several months.”

“This is Putin’s price hike, which the president refers to, and that is what Secretary Yellen was referring to if you — if you read the entire transcript. And that’s what I’m trying to say to you.” 

Unfortunately for the Biden White House, Americans aren’t buying what Biden and KJP are selling.

They know inflation and gas prices were a problem before the Ukraine war and know that it was Biden’s COVID policies that made inflation worse, not COVID itself.

Now the question is what will the American people do about it?

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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Biden advisor loses it on Fox News when asked one simple question



There are times administration officials should avoid doing interviews.

It can be especially true when your president is failing at everything.

That’s why this Biden advisor lost it on Fox News when asked one simple question about inflation.

Fox News isn’t the “conservative” news network that many seem to think it is.

In fact, over the past few years they’ve turned into a reliably mainstream media outlet.

Of course, they are still far more “fair and balanced” than most media outlets and are at least willing to ask questions of Biden administration officials rather than let them get away with lies and refusing to answer.

That’s exactly how a Fox News interview with Gene Sperling, a senior advisor to President Joe Biden, ended up in a shouting match.  

Sperling was simply asked to defend the president’s plan on inflation and the economy. He responded by shouting at co-hosts John Roberts and Sandra Smith of the Fox News program America Reports.

They had merely challenged him to explain the missteps of the Biden administration that led to soaring inflation. 

Smith asked, “If he has been obsessed with bringing gas prices down, why are we at a brand new record high today, why are we seeing $4.62 a gallon at the pump if this president’s been obsessed with tackling gas prices and inflation?”

Sperling, seemingly shocked, responded by screaming, “You know the, you know the answer to that!” 

“You know that this is global, you read the papers today, you know that the Euro just said that inflation is 8.1%, you read the papers last week that the UK was at 9%, you know that this is a global issue,” he continued, visibly frustrated.

Smith wasn’t done, “So there’s nothing we can do about it? There’s nothing we can do as a country to bring prices down?” she asked.

“I’ve explicitly, I’ve explicitly said the opposite!” a now angry Sperling sputtered. 

He then went on to say, as if it was an actual action, that the Biden administration will back the independent actions of the Federal Reserve to bring inflation down.

So that’s it.  That was Sperling’s entire Biden administration plan.

But later in the segment Sperling angrily attacked the co-hosts for even asking for Biden’s economic plan.

“You know what? I just, you know what? Here’s the deal, I just go through the plan, and you just pretend that I didn’t say it, you just ignore and you just ask the same questions,” Sperling said, raising his voice yet again.

Well, I guess he has a point.  He did give the entire plan.  Biden’s whole plan is to wait and see what the Fed does and then applaud them.  

It’s a bold strategy, let’s see if it pays off for ‘em.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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Unhinged former Fox News reporter wants to do something insane to Tucker Carlson



The Democrats continue to escalate their attacks on Tucker Carlson.

He’s the most popular host on cable news, so the Left have to take him out.

Now an unhinged former Fox News reporter wants to do something insane to Carlson.

The horrific Buffalo mass shooting has given Democrats an excuse to go after Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

The rationale is that Carlson’s questioning of the Democrats’ immigration policy is somehow connected to a deranged white supremacist shooter who targeted black Americans, not migrants.

It’s a despicable tactic by the Left, but they have no shame.

And former Fox News reporter Carl Cameron has openly talked about throwing Carlson in jail.

Cameron, a liberal who dispels the myth that Fox News only has staunch conservatives at the network, said during an MSNBC interview, “We got to watch out because the Republicans have become the purveyors of misinformation…the president acknowledged that it’s time to actually start doing things and maybe taking some names and putting people in jail.”

The Democrats believe that in order to save democracy, they must destroy it by violating the First Amendment and throwing journalists in jail.

Cameron doubled down on his fascism.

In an interview with CNN, Cameron argued, “There’s a point when it becomes difficult for an executive to put up with the help…In this particular case, Tucker has been screaming fire in a crowded movie house for years, and that cliche really comes to the matter of what is free speech, and the fact of the matter is, if you disturb the peace by starting a riot in a movie theater, cops are going to arrest you and you might end up in jail or you might end up in something worse.”

It’s unclear what the “worse” Cameron is alluding to; perhaps he’s moved straight to summary executions.

Cameron seems as though he has an ax to grind with Fox News after he left the network.

He blasted Fox News on his way out the door, and a company spokesman said in a statement, “Carl Cameron left the network because he was no longer able to show up to work each day – he has a very short memory for our endless compassion, patience and graciousness in dealing with his multitude of personal struggles.”

Whatever Cameron’s personal struggles may be, he clearly is unable to see things clearly if he’s calling for the arrest of journalists for having differing opinions.

The mask has slipped.

Everyone can see that the Democrats deep down are a band of authoritarians.

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