Obama’s “wingman” was asked one question about Trump that will leave you red with rage

Democrats are unleashing unprecedented lawfare against Donald Trump.

They have no shame in doing it.

And Barack Obama’s “wingman” was asked one question about Trump that will leave you red with rage.

Democrats followed through on their witch hunt against Donald Trump and convicted him in the Manhattan hush money trial.

George Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg concocted a novel legal theory to charge Trump with a felony, and one of his assistant prosecutors was Matthew Colangelo, who mysteriously left his post as number three in charge at the Department of Justice.

Biden’s hand in Trump prosecutions

Going from a senior-level position at the DOJ to an assistant prosecutor role is a clear step down that the Democrats have not even tried to explain.

Colangelo’s move gave credence to the notion that Joe Biden’s administration is pulling strings behind the scenes in the lawfare against Trump.

And Bragg’s triumphant press conference with Colangelo at his side raised serious questions about a statement made by former Attorney General Eric Holder.

A few months before Trump’s trial, Holder, who called himself Barack Obama’s “wingman,” was asked about what could happen if Trump were re-elected and got the opportunity to appoint another Attorney General.

CNN host Laura Coates asked, “Can you just describe a little bit in terms of. . .how it would transpire if an attorney general were not looking at things purely from the facts, purely from evidentiary burden and how to meet it, but instead taking directives on who to prosecute from the President of the United States?”

With zero shame or sense of irony, Holder responded, “If the president told a compliant attorney general, ‘I don’t like what this congressman said about me or did about me [or] did to me over the course of the last two or three years, open an investigation on that person,’ that attorney general could tell a compliant United States attorney to do just that. [They can also] talk to a compliant FBI director who could be placed by the president to open an investigation and look through that person’s life for anything that you can possibly find.”

This is amazing considering Obama’s weaponization of the executive branch and Holder’s willingness to play along.

Holder laid out Democrats’ strategy

Holder continued, “Who’s to say what you find in any person’s life that might run afoul of the law? Even beyond that, the mere fact of an investigation of a person who is a public figure can be reputation-ruining [and] can be politically damaging. Not even if you find anything, just the fact that the investigation itself exists. If you have the full weight of the Justice Department, full weight of the presidency, full weight of the FBI focusing on somebody like that, that can be extremely damaging to not only that person individually, but to our democracy at large.”

Holder is explaining what the DOJ has done to Trump and his associates for years.

The smugness and lack of self-awareness are truly infuriating.

Holder was held in contempt of Congress after overseeing the disastrous Fast and Furious ATF operation.

Obama shielded Holder from any repercussions, and the scandal went away.

The same thing happened with Lois Lerner and the IRS scandal where the organization targeted conservative nonprofit groups.

Obama gangsterized the executive branch, and Holder played a big role in it.

Now, Holder has the gall to presume how Trump might bend the law if he were re-elected.

Democrats truly are masters of projection.

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