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NBC News accuses Republicans of “weaponizing” education to win elections



The left-wing media is sore about the election results in Virginia.

Trump-endorsed conservative Republican Glenn Youngkin defeated teachers union lackey Terry McAuliffe in a race for Governor that brought education to the forefront.

Now NBC News is accusing Republicans of “weaponizing” education to win elections.

Youngkin ran a campaign in support of more parental involvement and opposition to the Marxist, racist, Critical Race Theory curriculum, while McAuliffe said “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

Just a day after Youngkin defeated Democrat Terry McAuliffe, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., pledged to “soon unroll a parents’ bill of rights,” adding at a news conference that the GOP “will be the party of education.”

It’s high time Republicans start to challenge Democrats on education policy.

For decades, the unholy alliance of the National Education Association and the Democratic Party have dominated school board elections and set America’s education policy.

Critical Race Theory is just the latest piece of what has been an ongoing effort at left-wing indoctrination of students.

Leftists have fought tooth and nail against school choice, forcing kids into a government monopoly of failing schools.

It’s ironic that the Left is now painting conservatives as racist for opposing CRT, yet the harm they have caused by opposing school choice hits minority communities the hardest.
Conservatives are winning school board races across the country, as it appears the NEA’s power has dwindled in recent years.

Thanks to Trump-appointed Justice Neil Gorsuch, the NEA suffered a major blow in 2018 when the Court ruled they could no longer force teachers to pay them dues as a condition of employment.

This has resulted in the loss of millions of dollars in political contributions by the NEA and the time has never been better for conservatives to push back against the NEA’s socialist agenda.

Leftists are angry that conservatives now hold the education “weapon.”

Conservatives have a winning message on education.

We are the side that stands up for giving parents a say in their kids’ education.

Here’s hoping that we can seize on these victories in 2022 and beyond.

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Bill Maher just called out the Fake News Media and the Left is livid



The corporate-controlled press proves every day that it is the enemy of the American people.

Even some Democrats are waking up to that reality.

And Bill Maher just called out the Fake News Media and the Left is livid.

Late night host Bill Maher has become persona non grata on the Left.

He makes the establishment shills uncomfortable, and radical leftists flat-out hate him.

The radicals, including Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, have attempted to get his show taken off the air.

And they certainly won’t like Maher now that he again called out the Left’s divisive racial rhetoric.

During a discussion of the Ahmaud Arberty case, Maher didn’t like how comity is being drawn along racial lines.

Maher said to his panel:

“‘I don’t trust any black people. Oh, I don’t trust any white people.’ It’s like prison. You gotta join a tribe. I mean, that’s not – I don’t want America to go in that direction and I don’t think we are being led in the right direction by either side.”

But it seems that this is how the Left wants it, which is poisonous for society.

Maher then slammed an MSNBC piece that trashed Glenn Youngkin’s victory in Virginia.

Maher said:

“After the Governor of Virginia—the new Governor won, [the] MSNBC headline was ‘Glenn Youngkin’s victory proves white ignorance is a powerful weapon.’ I don’t think that helps. I don’t think some of this – I’m an old-school liberal, I believe in a color-blind society, that’s not where woke is. There’s a lot of resegregation going on, there’s a lot of ‘you are either a racist or you don’t know you’re a racist.’ So yes, there’s some we on the other side, too.”

The MSNBC headline is disgusting, but sadly, it’s become all too common on the Left.

The most bizarre and over-the-top takes are rewarded in leftist circles.

MSNBC and other legacy media outlets will slander Youngkin voters as white supremacists with nothing to back it up other than the fact they’re Republicans.

Joy Reid and frequent MSNBC contributor Michael Eric Dyson demeaned Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears, a black woman whose parents emigrated from Jamaica, as a ventriloquist doll for white supremacy.

The Left have gone completely insane, and their immoral words are damaging the country.

Maher is one of the few prominent liberals calling it out, but he’s on borrowed time within the establishment machine.

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NBC News tried to paint abortionists as victims with a disgusting take that will make you sick



The great state of Texas is taking a stand to defend the lives of the unborn.

Under the new law, abortion is banned after six weeks, which is when a heartbeat can be detected and when the overwhelming majority of abortions take place.

And NBC News tried to paint abortionists as victims with a disgusting take that will make you sick.

In a recent article, NBC News interviewed abortionists to attack the new Texas law.

Amy Hagstrom Miller, President and CEO of Whole Woman’s Health, an abortion facility, lamented that “My staff has to say no [Editor’s note: to killing babies] all the time, which is psychologically and emotionally difficult because they are trained to see everybody, but under this law, they have to serve as agents of the state and deny people care.”

NBC News made it sound like a travesty that the number of babies being slain by abortion has been reduced and that some of these abortuaries may end up having to close their doors.

The media tries to paint these so-called “clinics” as struggling businesses, but the reality of what they do is horrific.

The fact is, the Texas law is saving lives.

In every case, abortion is the intentional taking of human life.

For as much as the Left tries to claim to be “pro-science,” they completely ignore science and ethics on this issue.

Every unborn baby, fetus, embryo has its own unique human DNA from the moment of conception.

They are small individual humans, not simply “globs of cells” or part of the mother’s body.

According to Texas Right to Life, about 150 unborn babies are being saved every day in Texas as a result of the new law.

Texas is leading the way on defending life, and more states could follow soon.

Unlike virtually every significant state level pro-life law in recent history, the courts have allowed this law to take effect pending legal challenge.

Thanks to Supreme Court Justices appointed by President Trump, pro-lifers are cautiously optimistic that we could finally see the tragic Roe v. Wade decision overturned in the near future.

Overturning Roe would empower other states to follow Texas in protecting the unborn.

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CNN is playing defense and redirected blame for Biden’s rising gas prices to a new scapegoat



The corporate-controlled media is desperate to blame anyone except for Joe Biden for the sky-high gas prices.

You can hardly go a day without hearing repeated claims that the President has no control over the price of gas.

Now CNN is playing defense and redirected blame for Biden’s rising gas prices to a new scapegoat.

CNN targeted an easy scapegoat for increased gas prices: Wall Street.

According to CNN, oil companies are being pressured by stock-holders to cut costs, which is causing a drop in production.

Of course the reality is, investors react to market conditions, and market conditions are affected by policy.

In the same article, CNN goes on to admit that Biden could ease environmental restrictions and encourage more oil production, but then tries to claim that isn’t a realistic option.

CNN claims that because Biden ran a campaign on the most aggressive climate agenda in US history and just returned from a climate conference and urged the world to cut back on fossil fuels, that now he absolutely must capitulate to the radical green agenda.

So it is Biden who is causing the price of gas to rise, but it is simultaneously not his fault, and there is nothing he can do, so blame Wall Street – according to CNN.

You can’t make this stuff up, that’s exactly what the article says.

The left-wing media’s constant gas lighting about gas prices is so absurd it is almost comical.

Media Matters, the Soros’ run propaganda site, criticized Fox News for mentioning Biden and high gas prices 102 times in 3 days.

In that same piece, Media Matters points out that before the election, Fox News predicted that a Biden Presidency would mean higher gas prices.

Kinda seems like Fox was right doesn’t it?

Gas prices have increased by more than a dollar in the last year – in some places far more than that.

When Biden first took office, he halted construction of the Keystone Pipeline and limited drilling on federal land.

Biden’s disastrous energy policies are causing Americans to pay more at the pump, and the corporate-controlled media’s constant attempts to say otherwise are absurd.

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