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MSNBC’s Joy Reid just said two crazy words about Ron DeSantis that will infuriate you



There is perhaps nobody in the Fake News Media as hateful as Joy Reid.

In fact, she almost got fired for an anti-Jewish rant in 2018.

And the MSNBC host just said two crazy words about Ron DeSantis that will infuriate you.

Joy Reid’s MSNBC show has one goal above all – that is to help her pals in the Democrat Party, even if that means spreading outright lies about those who challenge their left-wing agenda.

And today, perhaps the biggest enemy to the Democrats is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

So Joy Reid spent an entire segment bashing him for his response to the coronavirus, even going so far as to refer to him as “Dr. Death.”

Reid began:

“In a disturbing flashback to the spring of 2020, Broward Health Medical Center is adding temporary mortuary facilities. And despite all of this unnecessary death and agony, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who has emerged during this pandemic as a kind of Dr. Death, continues to wage his war not against the virus but against the people who are fighting to stem the tide of this Delta tsunami. And people are getting frankly tired of it.”

She continued on, citing a poll showing that adults in Florida are concerned with coronavirus, claiming that DeSantis is “pro-COVID.”

“A new Quinnipiac Poll of Floridians shows that 59 percent of the adults say the COVID situation is now out of control. Local officials and corporations are also losing patience with a seemingly pro-COVID governor.”

Reid ignores polls showing that DeSantis is one of the most popular Governors in America, before going on to talk about the infamously far-left Broward County School Board refusing to follow DeSantis’ orders as evidence of people in his state turning on him.

“And today the Broward County School Board refused to back down on their mask mandate,” Reid continued. “They could be fined up to $31,000 for daring to protect the lives of the kids in their district. Just take that in for a second. They’re being punished for protecting children.”

She then added, “Clearly, DeSantis isn’t the only Governor rolling out the red carpet for this ravenous virus. In July, the South Carolina legislature passed a law prohibiting schools administrators from requiring masks.”

To Joy Reid, anybody who is pro-freedom is also pro-coronavirus.

If she had her way, everybody would be locked down in their homes, and forced to wear a mask on their face on any occasion they need to walk outside.

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The left-wing outrage mob has moved on from Confederate statues and you won’t believe their next target



It was never about Confederate Generals and statues.

They always wanted to erase our history completely.

That’s why the left-wing outrage mob has moved on from Confederate statues, and you won’t believe their next target.

Today’s colleges and universities are breeding grounds of extremist left-wing activism.

And the ‘woke’ ideologies they promote are on the cutting edge of cancel culture.

They’ve decided that anyone, or anything, who offends anyone at any time, must simply be erased from history altogether.

Well, unless it offends Christians, conservatives, rational Americans, or anyone else not on the extreme Left, that is.

First, these cancel culture warriors claimed they only wanted to erase Confederate Generals.

Then they said it was anyone who served in the Confederate Army.

Next they expanded it to anyone or anything that was even remotely connected to the South.

They went so far as to start canceling terms like Dixie, Southern, rebel, and don’t even get them started on Antebellum.

So it was only a matter of time before they took it even further.

Now, they’re coming for our Founders.

One of the key steps of any Marxist and/or socialist takeover is to erase history – all of it (or at least those parts of it that don’t agree with their radical socialist worldview).

And the woke mob at the University of Virginia is going after a double play – one man, who founded both UVA and the nation.

Former President Thomas Jefferson founded the University of Virginia and, of course, was central to the founding of the United States of America as the principal author of our Declaration of Independence.

Simply put, the University of Virginia and the United States as we know it, would not even exist if not for Jefferson.

But none of that matters to the editorial board of the the University’s student newspaper, The Cavalier Daily.

They want to erase all traces of Thomas Jefferson, calling for “a physical environment that reflects our commitment to equality and disavowal of white supremacy.”

That would be a campus uncontaminated by any hint of that evil, slave owning Jefferson.

“We reject how the University’s physical environment — one that glorifies racists, slaveholders and eugenicists with statues and buildings named in their honor — upholds an enduring culture of white supremacy,” the editorial stated.

The board weirdly insists that the tiki torch ‘Unite the Right’ rally “felt comfortable marching through” the campus because the university’s “physical environment — from statues to building names to Jefferson’s overwhelming presence — exalts people who held the same beliefs as the repugnant white supremacists in attendance.”

They went on to say that because of that, the environment at UVA must be changed.

“These buildings must be renamed, and memorials removed,” the extremists demanded.

One thing is for sure, if the editorial board at the student newspaper really believes it was the names of dorms or memorials which caused roughly 12 weirdo racists – who openly hate conservatives, by the way – to march in Charlottesville, there are bigger problems at Mr. Jefferson’s Academical Village.

The biggest of them being that education, critical thinking, and common sense have certainly disappeared from UVA.

Pant on Fire News will keep you updated on any developments to this on-going story.

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Democrats are furious at Ron DeSantis for a reason that will leave your jaw on the floor



Democrats are on a mission to kneecap Ron DeSantis.

They’re simply making up reasons to write hit piece after hit piece about him.

Now Democrats are furious at DeSantis for a reason that will leave your jaw on the floor.

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis recently announced that he would be prosecuting instances of voter fraud in the Sunshine State, and Democrats are very upset about this.

The Washington Post was so upset, the editorial board wrote an opinion piece slamming the popular Governor.

After 20 convicted felons were arrested thanks to his efforts, DeSantis hosted a press conference and let Democrats have it.

“They are disqualified from voting because they have been convicted of either murder or sexual assault,” DeSantis explained. “We also have folks that are voting that are illegal aliens. This is a third-degree felony in the state of Florida.”

“There are going to be foreign nationals,” he continued. “We want the federal government to be working constructively on this and so far that has not been the case. We have an obligation to make sure that U.S. citizens are voting.”

The Post claimed that DeSantis’s new law would have a “chilling effect” on voting in the state.

That’s right, barring convicted murderers and rapists from voting will somehow scare people away from the polls.

The Post argued that “these are the first cases brought by the state’s new election police force — and a clear effort to deter legitimate voting.”

“Mr. DeSantis says he came up with the 15-person Office of Election Crimes and Security to make sure anyone who isn’t allowed to vote gets prosecuted if they try,” The Post continued. “Yet, the tiny number of cases brought so far underscores the paucity of voter fraud. For perspective, this is 20 arrests out of 11 million Floridians who cast ballots in 2020, though Mr. DeSantis called it ‘the opening salvo’ and said the office continues to investigate.”

A persistent argument from Democrats is that voter fraud is rare, so it shouldn’t even be investigated, and election safeguards like photo ID should not be put in place to combat it.

It’s almost as if Democrats want election integrity to be as porous as possible.

And it’s laughable that prosecuting voter fraud is an attempt to deter voting.

“A 2018 ballot initiative amended the Florida constitution to give formerly incarcerated felons the right to vote, but it excluded anyone convicted of murder or sexual assault,” The Post added. “Mr. DeSantis says all 20 of the arrested voters fall into this category. His announcement would carry more credibility if the governor had faithfully followed the clear will of Florida’s voters. Instead, he undermined it, signing a law in 2019 that moved the goal posts by requiring felons to pay off any money owed in fines and fees before registering to vote, with the punishment for not doing so being another felony.”

“But the system remains so opaque that there’s no easy way to find out whether you owe fees or fines stemming from a past conviction,” the report continued. “There’s no centralized tracking system for either citizens or elections officials to check. All 67 counties and various state agencies maintain their own databases. Mr. DeSantis’s broader goal is clear: to deter voting.”

First, The Post is conflating two separate issues: convicted murders and rapists registering to vote, and felons registering to vote before paying a fine.

Also, if felons can’t be bothered to pay a fine — or they’ve committed so many crimes across the state that they can’t keep up with their fines — voting probably should not be their top priority.

It’s incredible the lengths that leftists will go to in order to excuse criminal behavior.

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The so-called “mainstream” media just admitted they’ve been pushing false information on Americans for months



The COVID regime has fallen out of favor.

The medical establishment needs a new boogeyman to use as pretext for locking people up indoors and forcing vaccinations on them.

But now the so-called “mainstream” media just admitted they’ve been pushing false information on Americans for months.

There has been a concerted effort by public health “experts” and the so-called “mainstream” media to turn Monkeypox into the next COVID.

In doing so, left-wing talking heads have not been forthright about how the virus actually spreads.

But as the evidence becomes overwhelming, people are finally telling the unvarnished truth.

NBC News reported that evidence “has suggested that experts may have framed monkeypox’s typical transmission route precisely backward. Since the outset of the global monkeypox outbreak in May, public health and infectious disease experts have told the public that the virus is largely transmitting through skin-to-skin contact, in particular during sex between men.”

“Now, however, an expanding cadre of experts has come to believe that sex between men itself — both anal as well as oral intercourse — is likely the main driver of global monkeypox transmission,” the report continued. “The skin contact that comes with sex, these experts say, is probably much less of a risk factor.”

So as not to stigmatize gay men, the medical establishment has been lying to people and potentially making the public health issue worse.

This is the consequence of hard sciences becoming infused with “woke” politics.

Something similar happened during COVID, when Democrat-run states were attempting to roll out vaccines based on racial equity instead of risk factors, i.e. the elderly getting the shot first.

“Scientists [said] that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other public health authorities should update their monkeypox communication strategies to more strongly emphasize the centrality of intercourse among gay and bisexual men, who comprise nearly all U.S. cases, to the virus’ spread,” NBC News added.

The same thing happened during the AIDS crisis in the 1980s – which coincidentally, also saw Dr. Anthony Fauci take a leading position in the government’s response.

Activists accused former President Ronald Reagan and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher of stigmatizing the gay community, which unfortunately led to a response filled with half-measures that only helped HIV spread even faster.

Retrospectively, gay activists now blame President Reagan and Prime Minister Thatcher for not doing enough to protect the gay community.

The wokification of medicine has dictated that truth is somehow stigmatizing.

When people’s health is on the line, truth must be paramount.

This is precisely why people have lost faith in so many public institutions.

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