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MSNBC under fire as top producer quits, penning a vicious resignation letter



MSNBC is one of the most, if not the most, leftist networks out there.

And each day they seem to be getting worse, becoming nothing more than a propaganda arm of the Democrat Party and the socialist Antifa terrorists.

Now, the network is under increased scrutiny as a top producer has resigned and left behind a scathing letter about the network’s bias.

Ariana Pekary, a now former-MSNBC producer, wrote a scathing open letter explaining why she left the cable news network in July.

“July 24th was my last day at MSNBC. I don’t know what I’m going to do next exactly but I simply couldn’t stay there anymore,” Pekary wrote on her website. “My colleagues are very smart people with good intentions. The problem is the job itself. It forces skilled journalists to make bad decisions on a daily basis.”

And Pekary went on to provide numerous examples of why she felt she had to leave the cable news network.

“It’s possible that I’m more sensitive to the editorial process due to my background in public radio, where no decision I ever witnessed was predicated on how a topic or guest would ‘rate.’ The longer I was at MSNBC, the more I saw such choices — it’s practically baked into the editorial process – and those decisions affect news content every day,” the frustrated producer said.

But the real shocker came when Pekary quoted someone she described as a “successful and insightful TV veteran” who told her, “We are a cancer and there is no cure . . . But if you could find a cure, it would change the world.”

This stunning admission should be proof enough of the major news network’s real purpose – to spread that cancer, much like the Chinese coronavirus.
Pekary, who was an integral part of the MSNBC primetime show, The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, used the cancer analogy to describe MSNBC’s coverage of both the Chinese coronavirus outbreak and the racial unrest in recent months.

She wrote that the MSNBC “model” was in place to completely block any “diversity of thought and content” because in her experience, all the news networks have decided to lift up the far-left fringe voices and events, at the expense of others.

“This cancer risks human lives, even in the middle of a pandemic. The primary focus quickly became what Donald Trump was doing (poorly) to address the crisis, rather than the science itself. As new details have become available about antibodies, a vaccine, or how COVID actually spreads, producers still want to focus on the politics. Important facts or studies get buried,” Pekary explained.

She even, unknowingly perhaps, let out the dirty little secret of all cable news – they don’t even actually consider themselves journalists.
“I’ve even heard producers deny their role as journalists. A very capable senior producer once said: ‘Our viewers don’t really consider us the news. They come to us for comfort.'”

MSNBC refuses to discuss the letter, or its contents.

But it sure seems like Ariana Pekary just let the cat out of the bag on just exactly what cable “news” networks really are.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

Fake News

This fake news talking head just accused Trump of something you won’t believe



The Fake News Media is pulling out all the stops to try and smear President Trump ahead of November.

Some of the Left’s media shills have been more vocal than others.

And this fake news talking head just accused Trump of something you won’t believe.

The latest Bob Woodward book has sent the media into hysteria.

The new accusations that Trump intentionally downplayed the coronavirus are off base – but exactly what the Left’s raving and manic base want – so the pundits are sticking with it.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, host of Morning Joe, opened a recent broadcast with a doom and gloom outlook on life after the accusations from Woodward’s book broke.

This approach for Scarborough is actually opposite than the one he has used prior when addressing the President, in which he becomes completely unhinged and yells into his microphone while throwing a temper tantrum like a child.

Scarborough’s temper tantrums have previously led to his wife ordering him to take a two-week break from his show – sounds like someone was put in time out.

But this time he stayed somber and opened with this bombshell accusation.

“Donald Trump says he didn’t want Americans to panic. No, he just wanted to sit by and watch them die,” Scarborough muttered on air.

This is a bold-faced lie.

President Trump took actions to protect Americans from coronavirus early on, such as the travel bans, only to be crucified by the like of Scarborough and his media pals who smeared him as a xenophobic racist at the time.

This is just another example of the media tailoring the information to fit their narrative that Trump is evil and bad for America ahead of the elections.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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MSNBC’s Joy Reid just crossed the line with an insane lie about BLM that will shock you



Black Lives Matter rioters are causing chaos all the across the country.

Yet the mainstream media is constantly covering for them.

And MSNBC’s Joy Reid just crossed the line with an insane lie about BLM that will shock you.

Late Thursday night, a Black Lives Matter extremist was killed after pulling a rifle on police in Washington state.

He was being arrested for murder charges following the murder of a Trump supporter the weekend before at a Black Lives Matter riot in Portland, Oregon.

Yet, the mainstream media is staying mostly silent on his actions.

And some are outright denying it was murder, in order to provide cover for violence from Black Lives Matter and Antifa, which are both groups the Portland murderer pledged allegiance to before committing his heinous act.

Joy Reid of MSNBC in particular has taken to fighting for Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

She claims that all the violence and rioting happening in cities like Portland, Kenosha, and Chicago is actually being committed by Trump supporters.

And on a recent broadcast, she went so far as to claim that “none of the activists from Black Lives Matter have been arrested for anything violent.”

Reid said:

You have been at this for a long time under two different Presidents. What difference does it make if a President is actively refusing to condemn the violence of documented right-wing domestic, potentially domestic terrorism, but constantly harping on Black Lives Matter, none of whom, none of you, none of the activists from Black Lives Matter have been arrested for anything violent?

Of course, trying to claim Black Lives Matter hasn’t been arrested for violence is a complete lie.

After all, one was just arrested for murder.

And according to The Washington Post, police have made more than 14,000 arrests since the Black Lives Matter riots began in late May.

Not to mention all the property they have destroyed.

The only reason the amount of Black Lives Matter arrests isn’t higher is that police in left-wing cities are prevented from doing their job by Democrat politicians.

Anybody paying attention realizes that Black Lives Matter isn’t just engaging in violence, but instead are launching all-out terrorist attacks.

But these facts go against the far-left narrative Joy Reid wants to spread.

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MSNBC proved the Biden campaign is in a panic after this jaw-dropping claim



Everyone that works at MSNBC knows it is their job to protect Joe Biden and attack Donald Trump.

The level of attacks against Donald Trump is reflective of how nervous Democrats are Donald Trump will win the election.

And MSNBC proved the Biden campaign is in a panic after making this jaw-dropping claim.

It’s obvious to many Americans Joe Biden is in a state of serious mental decline.

In his speech Monday in Pennsylvania, the former Vice President completely lost his train of thought trying to attack President Trump on the number of deaths from the coronavirus.

It was embarrassing and fed speculation that Biden was in the early stages of senility.

Coming out of the two parties’ conventions, the Biden campaign is clearly concerned about their own internal polls because they’ve abandoned the basement strategy and sent Biden to resume in-person campaigning with multiple campaign stops this week.

MSNBC is trying to provide cover for Biden.

And national affairs correspondent John Heilemann told the outrageous lie that it was in fact Donald Trump that was in the early staged of dementia.

“In that Ingraham interview, all of that is on display; comparing the shooting of Jacob Blake to the choking on a three-foot putt, the stuff when he talked about the low-income housing in the suburbs, those were just naked – nakedly racist in the case of the housing claim. The three-foot putt thing has shown such disregard for black lives that it is also clearly racist. And this crazy Antifa plane story. I know some people want to say, well, he’s playing for the Qanon vote, but that is the sounds of a man who is drifting off into the nether world of paranoid, delusional conspiracy theories that unfortunately are a hallmark of dementia,” Heilemann began.

Heilemann then admitted he was smearing Donald Trump by admitting he had no qualified background to make such a claim, but that he was going to do it anyway.

“I can’t diagnose the guy, maybe he doesn’t have any dementia at all, but if he doesn’t have dementia, he’s exhibiting signs of a lot of people who do have dementia. I think everyone in this panel is right, and anyone in America who watches this behavior and is terrified by it for the reasons that Plouffe referred to before, nuclear football, they should be terrified. It’s terrifying.”

The fake news media is projecting.

Heilemann and MSNBC would not be lobbing this false charge at President Trump if they weren’t worried about Joe Biden.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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