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Media Bias

MSNBC left viewers stunned in silence with these comments about a black Republican



The Fake News Media hates black Republicans.

Liberals will smear any black American who deviates from Democrat Party dogma.

And now MSNBC left viewers stunned in silence with these comments about a black Republican.

Kentucky’s black Attorney General Daniel Cameron became a political star with a well-received speech at the Republican National Convention.

On Wednesday, Cameron became an object of derision on the Left when he announced police officers engaged in a justified use of force when they returned fire on a man that began shooting at them, which led to Breonna Taylor’s death.

During his press conference announcing the decision not to charge the police officers involved, Cameron attacked celebrities and influencers who spread lies and misinformation about this case such as the police using a no-knock warrant and shooting Taylor as she slept in another room.

On MSNBC, guest and former law enforcement officer Cheryl Dorsey attacked Cameron as not being black.

“Well, listen, not only is he being intellectually dishonest about that. I find all his remarks to this whole entire press conference offensive. Let me speak to this celebrity influencer thing — oh, they can’t speak for Kentuckians. Let me say this as a black woman — he doesn’t speak for black folk. He is skin folk, but he is not kinfolk. Just like he thinks they can’t speak for Kentucky just because he is up there with a black face, he doesn’t speak for all of us. This was not a tragedy. This was a murder. He should be ashamed of himself,” Dorsey ranted.

This sad and pathetic smear demeaned not only Cameron, but MSNBC, as the lie that you can only be black if you want to take down police went unanswered on the air.

Liberals are also afraid of the 35-year-old Cameron because he is ticketed for political stardom and they worry he will one day be a formidable Presidential candidate.

So that adds extra incentive for the Fake News Media to take him down.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

Media Bias

Ron DeSantis dropped the hammer on CNN with one brutal smackdown



CNN and the rest of the corporate-controlled media’s bias is out of control.

Thanks to Donald Trump, Republicans learned how to call out the corporate-controlled media for its pro-Democrat Party partisanship.

And Ron DeSantis dropped the hammer on CNN with one brutal smackdown.

The corporate-controlled media actively covered up the facts about the Waukesha massacre where a terrorist plowed his SUV into a crowd killing six and wounding 40 more.

The alleged killer’s social media feed was filled with pro-Black Lives Matter content, anti-white racism, and anger over the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict.

Yet CNN and other corporate-controlled media outlets downplayed these facts because a George Soros-backed prosecutor’s office released the madman on $1,000 bail after the man faced charges of running a woman over with his car at a gas station.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis called out the corporate-controlled media for treating the Waukesha terrorist attack like an act of God that no one could prevent while falsely portraying parents who showed up to school board meetings to protest Critical Race Theory and mask mandates as domestic terrorists.

One tweet from CNN drew extensive mockery on social media that inspired DeSantis’ corporate-controlled media takedown described the terrorist attack as the car driving itself into the crowd with no mention of the suspect or potential motives.

“Waukesha will hold a moment of silence today, marking one week since a car drove through a city Christmas parade, killing six people and injuring scores of others,” the CNN Tweet read.

It’s not hard to see how CNN would treat a similar event where a white driver drove his car in to the crowd at a BLM rally and his social media feed featured pro-Trump posts how CNN would frame their coverage and the level of intensity would be far different.

And that discrepancy in coverage is why polls show so few Americans trust the corporate-controlled media.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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Media Bias

A Never-Trump RINO went on CNN and said something jaw-dropping about January 6



Joe Biden and the corporate-controlled media want to exploit the events of January 6 to disqualify Donald Trump from running for President in 2024.

Even some in the GOP are teaming up with the Left to twist what happened that day to their political advantage.

And a Never-Trump RINO went on CNN and said something jaw-dropping about January 6.

Former Ohio Governor John Kasich is one of the many Never-Trumpers whose new career is “paid stooge” for the corporate-controlled media who understands their job is to read from the anti-Trump script on command.

In an appearance on Wolf Blitzer’s The Situation Room, former Governor Kasich attacked Republicans who point out the corporate-controlled media and Democrats are lying to the public about what really happened on January 6.

Kasich accused anyone that questioned the corporate-controlled media narrative that an insurrection took place was living in a “dystopian world.”

“Wolf, unfortunately, that ship has sailed, and it’s like they live in some dystopian world here. There have been members of Congress who have said these were just some unruly visitors to the Capitol. I suppose if you can make things up and keep repeating the same lie over and over again, somehow, you know, people come to believe it. But this is the problem we have in America with people being trapped in the same silo, and they just keep telling each other exactly what they want to hear, and they ignore any of the facts or evidence. So it’s a sad day, Wolf. Those of us who believe we have to get to the bottom of it, we just have to keep speaking up,” Kasich stated.

There was no insurrection on January 6.

The government was never in danger of being overthrown and democracy did not nearly end.

There was a riot with some acts of violence, but the largely unarmed group of Trump supporters who entered the Capitol dispersed on their own peacefully after a couple of hours.

Federal authorities arrested nearly 700 people, but none are facing charges of sedition or under the Insurrection Act – instead they’re being held on trumped up trespassing charges.

Corporate-controlled media claims that this was a “white supremacist insurrection designed to end American democracy” are not true.

But outlets like CNN will trot out establishment figures like Kasich to gaslight viewers into believing a false narrative is actually the truth as long as they can.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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Media Bias

What MSNBC said about white Christian conservatives will make your blood boil



The left-wing lunatics at MSNBC aren’t even hiding it anymore.

They truly have a hatred for white people, especially those who disagree with them.

And what MSNBC said about white Christian conservatives will make your blood boil.

During President Donald Trump’s four years in office, he did more for black Americans than Democrats have in decades.

Yet, the corporate-controlled media constantly whines about him and his supporters being racist.

In particular, they complain about white Trump supporters, who they claim support him because they are racist.

It is not uncommon for left-wing hosts on MSNBC to use terms like “white” and “Christian” as though they are pejoratives.

Host of MSNBC’s ReidOut, Joy Reid did just that during an unhinged rant on her show.

She began by complaining about Democrats like Sens. Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin having concerns about the Democrat “infrastructure bill,” accusing them of negotiating with “an all-white conservative set of friends.”

Reid’s angry segment eventually culminated into an all-out anti-white, anti-Christian screed about how white, Christian conservatives are probably terrorists.

She warned about “the disturbing reality of the white evangelical movement” that, in her world, consists of no more than almost terrorist-like fiends who “believe the gospel of Trump and anti-vax and QAnon.”

Reid went on to speak about the “growth” of what she describes as “right wing militias and extremist groups” like “the Proud Boys.”

She states that, “It’s one example of how Trump’s call to arms has heralded one of the most dangerous period in the history of American politics.”

“They’re following Trump’s lead, trying to make the fringe mainstream, and that’s exactly true of the sedition caucus in Congress who have been rallying behind the alleged perpetrators of the attempted coup. In doing so, the GOP is enabling and empowering these extremist elements to commit more violence.”

Of course, she ignores the Democrat Party’s outright embrace of left-wing terrorists like Antifa and Black Lives Matter, before concluding:

“All of this explains why the Right’s embrace of domestic terrorists and their attempts to normalize violence as politics — which one might call fascism — is the absolute worst, and that is tonight’s ReidOut.”

If Martin Luther King, Jr. was alive today, people like Joy Reid would be attacking him over statements like, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

To the Left, the color of someone’s skin is the most important thing, and if you are white, they assume you are probably an evil racist.

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