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MSNBC just made one major shakeup that will change the network’s coverage



MSNBC is the home team network for the far-left cable viewing audience.

Viewers expect hosts to blast President Trump on a nightly basis.

And MSNBC just made one major shakeup that will change the network’s coverage.

MSNBC ended their search for a permanent host of the 7PM hour after Chris Matthews’ resignation following sexual harassment allegations.

The network tapped radical left AM Joy host Joy Reid to bring her show to primetime.

The Wall Street Journal writes, “MSNBC is expected to tap political analyst Joy Reid to anchor a 7 p.m. daily news and opinion program, people familiar with the matter said, filling the vacancy created at the cable news channel when Chris Matthews resigned abruptly in March.

“Ms. Reid currently hosts a weekend morning program called ‘AM Joy.’ In her new role, she would serve as the lead-in for MSNBC’s left-leaning prime-time lineup, which includes Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes.”

MSNBC’s taken criticism over the years for promoting “woke” identity politics while maintaining an all white primetime lineup.

Promoting Reid could be seen as a way to capitalize on the Black Lives Matter movement.

But Reid also brings massive scandal to primetime.

When racist and homophobic blog posts by Reid from the mid 2000s surfaced, Reid claimed hackers planted the bigoted content on her site.

However, the posts were available on Internet archive sites, which – if Reid’s claims were true – would mean these hackers would have had to travel back in time to 2006 to plant this prejudiced content.

Putting Reid in primetime is a perfect example of the Left’s view of diversity.

They believe diversity only extends to race and gender.

But everyone at MSNBC all has the same far-left views on every issue so while the racial and gender composition of MSNBC’s primetime lineup became more “diverse” it all stayed homogenous in terms of thought.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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  1. Greg

    June 25, 2020 at 6:01 pm

    How does Fox show diversity on its programs? The programs I see do not show much other than a strong right-wing angle. Any news that is contrary to what is broadcast on its station is far left or fake news.

  2. Bill

    July 1, 2020 at 10:48 pm

    The network should be embarrassed to giving this race baiting ,white hating,disgrace to humanity and more specifically her race an anchor position.

  3. Beach

    July 3, 2020 at 10:42 pm

    Typical Demo….blame every one else for something they did!!
    Don’t watch MSNBC they are just proper-gander for the Demo’s and hiring this woman does not encourage me at all to watch it…..if anything I made the right decision about not watching the fake news media

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This top MSNBC host just went on an unhinged rant about Dr. Fauci’s advice to Americans



Dr. Fauci came onto the political scene at the onset of the coronavirus in the United States.

As a leader in his field, he was advising Trump and his coronavirus task force before he decided to play politics and his influence on the administration and the American people waned.

But this top MSNBC host just went on an unhinged rant about Dr. Fauci’s advice to Americans.

Dr. Fauci seemed credible when the coronavirus first hit the states.

Most Americans would think that a certified specialist would have the public’s best interests at heart, but all of that went out the window and fast.

Americans quickly began to see that Dr. Fauci was pushing another agenda altogether and that he wasn’t afraid to flip and flop all over to do it.

Americans watched for weeks as Dr. Fauci played politics as the Fake News Media machine churned out nothing short of hysteria by fear mongering to Americans about the supposed effects the virus would have.

Dr. Fauci made every appearance and twisted his alleged expert information to keep the media’s story afloat.

But now most Americans know Dr. Fauci is just another Deep State operative that the Left is using in their propaganda machine leading into the 2020 elections.

But that hasn’t stopped the Fake News Media from using the flip-flopping Dr. Fauci as the definitive expert on what to do to combat coronavirus and condemning any action taken or not that differs from his ever-moving goalposts.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough is no stranger to pushing the Left’s propaganda, but earlier this week he had a full-fledged meltdown on the air and appeared to be completely bewildered as to why Americans were not fully subservient to Dr. Fauci’s demands.

“Dr. Fauci again is doing what he’s been doing from the beginning! He’s been telling you the truth!” Scarborough screamed at viewers.

“And you haven’t wanted to hear it! So you put up these stupid!, stupid conspiracy theories on Facebook, where you say he and a cabal of George Soros types are just making this up. To make millions of dollars,” Scarborough raved.

“Friends, people who voted for me, they believe the lies, they believe the stupidity. They believe the conspiracy theories. When guess what Dr. Fauci’s been doing from the very beginning?

“Oh, is that really a threat to your individual freedoms, to make sure you don’t die? To make sure your children don’t die!? Is that how you define freedom? To make sure your neighbors don’t die!? To make sure people that you go to First Baptist church with don’t die!? That’s your definition of freedom? What a perverse!

“No, understand this. It’s not too late for you . . . make your conversion.”

Watch Scarborough’s unhinged rant in full in the video below:

Scarborough’s unhinged rant reveals the truth that the Left only practice tolerance in the most superficial ways and that they are brewing a fury ready to be unleashed on their political enemies.

They argue with no evidence that because they take a so-called moral high ground that Americans should bend to their will and when they don’t you get bouts like Scarborough’s.

Make your conversion? Modern liberalism is sounding less political and more like a religion that seeks to convert by the sword and that is a scary thought indeed.

Do you think the stakes leading into the 2020 elections are now higher than ever with such radical ideology and intolerant hatred from the Left on full display?

Leave a comment below to let Pants on Fire News know your thoughts!

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Fake News

MSNBC just exposed themselves as hypocrites by saying one word about Kayleigh McEnany



MSNBC and other fake news networks never live up to the standards they put on everyone else.

But they never think they deserve to be held accountable.

And MSNBC just exposed themselves as hypocrites by saying one word about Kayleigh McEnany.

The Left constantly preaches about “diversity,” and how we need more women in places of power.

That is until that woman is somebody on the Right.

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace seems to have that problem with White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

Like her predecessor, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the mainstream media has viciously attacked her for simply doing her job.

And Wallace thinks so lowly of her that he simply refers to her as “Trump’s right-hand spokesgal.”

If somebody on the Right said that about a woman in her position, or perhaps even about Wallace herself, they would be attacked as “sexist.”

This came up in a discussion with NBC Reporter Keir Simmons.

Wallace said, “I have to follow up, though, on a conversation that you and I started yesterday. Because the news for Donald Trump has only become more dire. He was briefed in his PDB on February 27th, according to reporting in The New York Times. And based on reporting in The New York Times, there are at least three Marines who may have lost their lives as a result of that bounty program. You spoke to Vladimir Putin’s right-hand man, who sounded alarmingly similar to Donald Trump’s right-hand spokesgal. Talk about the Russian reaction.”

McEnany has one of the top positions in Trump’s White House and has put in many years of work to get to that point.

She should be the poster child of the female empowerment the mainstream media constantly preaches.

But because she is a conservative, they consider her to be their enemy.

The mainstream media has gotten more vicious than ever before now that the November election is just months away.

They want nothing more than to ensure that Joe Biden wins the election.

And they will go to any lengths to do that, even spreading outright lies, and apparently engaging in sexist attacks on Trump officials.

This is exactly why Trump called the Fake News Media the enemy of the people.

Do you think the Fake News Media is the enemy of the American people?

Share your thoughts with Pants on Fire News in the comments below.

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Media Bias

What this MSNBC host just said about President Trump has everyone surprised



The Fake News Media are relentless in their attempts to smear Trump’s name.

Their attacks are only getting worse the closer things get to the November Elections.

And what this MSNBC host just said about President Trump has everyone surprised.

When news broke through a so-called Fake News Media “source” that Russians were putting special bounty targets on U.S. military soldiers, the Left came together to claim Trump did nothing to stop it because he serves Putin.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

U.S. intelligence did not brief the Trump Administrations of the reports because there was no credibility to them.

But now the Fake News Media has latched hold of the story and everything, as usual, has gone sideways.

MSNBC’s own Joe Scarborough, host of The Morning Joe, thinks Trump is lying and let the world know it earlier this week in an unhinged rant accusing President Trump of being a Russian asset.

“At the time he’s trying to invite [Russia] to the G-7. At a time he’s continuing to say that Russia’s a good friend of his, and they’re not going to tell the president? That either suggests he is so addled and mentally deficient they didn’t think it was worth their time telling him, or that he’s a source of the Russians and that they couldn’t trust him. There’s no other good explanation of why you wouldn’t tell the president that the leader of Russia is putting bounties on the heads of young American troops,” Scarborough huffed.

Americans everywhere were dumbfounded and understood just how far from logical Scarborough’s conclusions landed when he jumped.

It was confirmed by American intelligence officials that the information was too raw to bring up the chain of command, i.e. there is no credibility to the claims.

But that isn’t stopping the shills in the Fake News Media from playing their political games.

Americans are sick of Fake News Media and their elitists telling the country how to think.

Leave a comment below to let Pants on Fire News know your thoughts about this story!

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