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MSNBC is floating an insane conspiracy theory about 2024



Democrats and their media allies have become detached from reality.

Their derangement over Donald Trump appears to be permanent at this point.

Now MSNBC is floating an insane conspiracy theory about 2024.

Democrats and the corporate-controlled press like to portray Republicans as the party of QAnon, a fringe online conspiracy theory group that the overwhelming majority of Republican voters has never even heard of.

But Democrats have become the party of BlueAnon – their insane conspiracy theories get trafficked in the mainstream.

On MSNBC, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski parroted an insane conspiracy theory from Yale professor Timothy Snyder that Republicans would steal the election in 2024.

Snyder wrote:

“The Republican candidate in 2024 loses the popular vote by several million and the electoral vote by the margin of a few states. State legislatures, claiming fraud, alter the electoral count vote. The House and Senate accept that altered count. The losing candidate becomes the president. We no longer have democratically-elected government.”

This is unhinged, especially considering it was Nancy Pelosi who flirted with not sitting Iowa Republican Mariannette Miller-Meeks after she won her House race by a razor-thin margin.

There was talk of removing Miller-Meeks even after election certification.

Never-Trumper Charlie Sykes appeared on the air to agree with the crackpot theory, saying, “You know, I would really very much like to say that these concerns are paranoid and hysterical, but in fact I don’t think, I don’t think that’s the case.”

Meanwhile, it was the Democrat Media Complex that propagated the Russiagate hoax for years.

Congressmen like Eric Swalwell went on television and called the sitting President of the United States a Russian “agent,” and Adam Schiff said he’d seen dispositive proof that Donald Trump colluded with Russia.

However, it was the Department of Justice that falsified FISA court warrants to justify surveillance on the Trump Presidential campaign.

That’s not a fringe conspiracy – that’s a fact.

So far, there have only been slaps on the wrist for arguably the greatest political scandal in American history.

Democrats constantly claim that Republican electoral victories are illegitimate.

They did so in 2000, 2004, 2016, and they were prepared to do it again in 2020.

Democrats have no leg to stand on when discussing election integrity.

Lost in their conspiracy theory is that it requires the Democrats to lose both the House and the Senate, which is what they’re actually concerned about.

Joe Biden has been such a failure that he could lose both chambers of Congress.

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One MSNBC host said three words that instantly blew up in her face



MSNBC claims to be a news organization.

It’s really a propaganda outfit for the Left.

And one MSNBC host said three words that instantly blew up in her face.

Joy Reid is a well known conspiracy theorist, race baiter, and host of the 7pm hour on MSNBC.

Reid is among many on the Left freaking out about parents across the country pushing back against the toxic critical race theory being taught in their children’s schools.

In an unhinged social media rant, Reid teed off on parents opposing left-wing activists brainwashing their children with a racist and Marxist ideology.

“Open question to those who are afraid of ‘critical race theory’ (which isn’t being taught in K-12 schools; it’s a course offering in law schools, but you clearly are conflating it with the #1619Project.) What do you WANT taught about U.S. slavery and racism? Nothing? Or what?” Reid wrote.

Reid then called normal U.S. history classes “Confederate Race Theory” and falsely claimed that in classrooms across the country students are being taught that slavery was good and racism never existed in America.

“Currently, most k-12 students already learn a kind of Confederate Race Theory, whereby the Daughters of the Confederacy long ago imposed a version of history wherein slavery was not so bad and had nothing to do with the civil war, and lynchings and violence never happened,” Reid continued.

There is no high school in American that teaches slavery wasn’t evil.

Reid is making up nonsense because parents are rallying at school board meetings to demand their children’s schools stop teaching critical race theory, which warps minds to hate America and resent other students based on their skin color.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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An MSNBC anchor blew a gasket on air after Joe Biden got agenda-crushing news



MSNBC is essentially an extension of Joe Biden’s White House.

They push pro-Biden, and anti-Trump propaganda all day long.

And an MSNBC anchor blew a gasket on air after Joe Biden got agenda-crushing news.

MSNBC and CNN seem to compete every day to see who can take their left-wing nonsense to the furthest extreme.

The two fake news networks are always trying to one-up each other.

And MSNBC clearly had this upper-hand with this report from host Nicolle Wallace.

She lost her mind on air in response to news about Democrat Senator Joe Manchin announcing he will not be voting for the Left’s radical scheme to federalize voting.

Wallace went so far to claim that Manchin’s decision amounts to a political “death sentence” for Joe Biden that might lead to the fall of the republic.

She opened her show in dramatic fashion, declaring: “West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin has, wittingly or unfittingly, ushered in an official death sentence for most of the Biden agenda by enacting a brand new standard for legislation, claiming that he will not back legislation that doesn’t have bipartisan support.”

In her statement, Wallace exposes the reason Democrats are pushing this bill so heavy-handedly.

The 2020 election was only able to be “won” by Biden due to vote-by-mail measures, which this Democrat voting bill mandates nationwide.

With vote-by-mail, every voter is mailed a ballot.

That makes it incredibly easy for a bad actor to collect troves of ballots, and fill them in for their candidate of choice.

This practice, known as ballot harvesting, is most easily doable in inner cities, which generally favor Democrats.

Wallace continues on, mentioning voter fraud, while claiming it is a “big lie.”

“The West Virginia Senator delivering the fatal blow to voting rights legislation that would have undone the suppression laws racing through state legislatures propelled by the big lie that there was rampant voter fraud in the 2020 election,” Wallace continued.
Wallace has good reason to be worried.

With midterm elections coming up in 2022, a safe and secure election will provide a level playing field between the two parties.
If Republicans win in a landslide, it will raise serious questions about ballot harvesting and other questionable practices that occurred in 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic and the haphazard changes to election practices various states’ Governors unilaterally rammed through.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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MSNBC wants to do something terrifying with election laws



Democrats and their media allies are moving in a fascist direction.

Their political priorities are reinforced by the establishment media class.

Now MSNBC wants to do something terrifying with election laws.

Democrats are doubling down on their rhetoric that voter ID laws are “Jim Crow on steroids,” and they seem prepared to die on that hill.

They had a conniption when Georgia passed voter ID laws to strengthen election integrity, but ignored the fact that the laws were comparable to – and even more lenient than – states like Colorado and Delaware, Joe Biden’s home states.

MSNBC fabulist Brian Williams brought on a panel to launch broadsides against the Republican Party and ponder how to nationalize elections.

New York Times correspondent Peter Baker said:

“I spent four years living in Moscow, where I was a correspondent for the Washington Post . . . I traveled and reported from the Middle East, I traveled from countries all around the world, and we’ve seen, I think, in recent times, stories here I would have only imagined we would have covered as foreign correspondents.”

If he’s talking about instances of voter fraud and media collusion to suppress stories harmful to the establishment candidate, then perhaps he’s onto something.

Williams chimed in and wondered if there’s any way for the Democrats to crush states’ rights, positing:

“What power does the federal government have? What power does the Department of Justice have when states, when Republicans in legislatures are working so hard, and in some cases, passing laws signed by the Governor to restrict voting?”

Thank goodness for federalism because the Democrats would ram their policies down every American’s throat if they could.

Biden and the Democrats are actively trying to push H.R. 1, an election law act that would supersede all local elections.

Democrat leadership and the so-called “mainstream” media are also pressuring moderate Democrats Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema to drop their objections to eliminating the Senate filibuster so they can jam through a cornucopia of bad policy.

The Democrats’ hysteria over voter ID laws engenders questions about what they’re so afraid of.

Unless someone is living completely off the grid, it’s almost impossible to function as an adult in America without some form of ID.

Anyone that off-the-grid probably couldn’t care less about voting for Biden or anyone else.

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