MSNBC host Joy Reid uttered the kookiest Trump conspiracy theory ever said on live TV

The Democrat Media Complex is ramping up the propaganda for election season.

And the media’s derangement toward Donald Trump has somehow increased.

Now MSNBC host Joy Reid just came up with the kookiest Trump conspiracy theory ever.

Donald Trump has been accused of everything from being a Russian spy to being the next Hitler.

But MSNBC host Joy Reid went far off into the weeds with her latest take.

Democrats go after a judge with full force

Reid claimed that Trump essentially bribed Judge Aileen Cannon with a Supreme Court appointment.

Judge Cannon recently postponed Special Counsel Jack Smith’s classified documents case indefinitely.

Smith and the Democrats were hoping to expedite the matter before the November election.

During a panel discussion, Reid asked, “ If you’re Jack Smith, do you try to somehow appeal it to the 11th Circuit and get her booted?”

The Left want Judge Cannon booted from the case simply for not adhering to the Democrats’ election calendar strategy.

Legal analyst Joyce Vance responded, “[W]e’re in that pre-trial phase where the government needs a special hook to take an interlocutory appeal. Most sorts of issues have to wait until afterwards. So I think what Jack Smith has been waiting for has been these rulings on the classified information.”

Reid replied, “She’s never going to rule.”

Accusation of a bribe

Vance added, “And that is one of the issues, right. She suspended that this week. Those responses were due this week. Out of the blue, she gave Trump a continuance and so for Jack Smith, I suspect he’s now regretting the fact that he did not try to recuse her early on when he could have.”

Reid continued, “As the great Lawrence O’Donnell says, Eugene, the bribe is implied. She wants to be on the Supreme Court. She thinks she can get on if Donald Trump wins. She’s going to kill this case. Catch and kill as one might say.”

MSNBC contributor Eugene Robinson said, “I know, but Aileen Cannon on the Supreme Court, come on.”

Reid answered, “It’s Trump. She’s done him favors.”

Robinson said, “Look, I know, I shouldn’t put anything beyond the realm of possibility.”

Reid then attacked Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

She said, “She has about as much experience as Amy Coney Barrett.”

Questioning the credentials of a woman would be blasted as sexist by the Left in any other context.

But women on the Right are fair game.

Robinson added, “Well, yeah, but Amy Coney Barrett’s a lot smarter than Aileen Cannon. I mean, look, this is an illustration of when a case goes before a federal judge, federal judges have enormous power. The federal judge is in charge of that case and so, this story, that this case will not come to trial before the election, this story was written the day. . .the case was assigned to Judge Aileen Cannon, and it was.”

Reid and her colleagues are not only questioning the integrity of judges, but are denouncing the entire process as rigged.

But it’s Trump and the Republicans that are undermining faith in institutions.

Once again, Reid and the Democrats prove that they have no shame.

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