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Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly just made this career changing announcement



Megyn Kelly got famous during the 2016 election for feuding with Donald Trump.

That led to a disastrous decision to leave Fox News for left-wing NBC.

And now Megyn Kelly just made this career changing announcement.

Megyn Kelly has been in media exile since NBC fired her following a revolt of social justice warriors at the left-wing network.

After NBC fired her in the fall of 2018, Kelly stuck to social media while collecting the remainder of her contract.

But now that the Presidential election is in full swing, Kelly is making a comeback and like so many media personalities and politicians, Kelly’s return will be in the form of a podcast.

“Some news: I am launching a podcast this month. It’ll be free & available pretty much everywhere. No B.S. No agenda. No corporate overlords. Should be fun!” Kelly posted on social media.

Kelly claimed her podcast would depart from the typical liberal media framing of the day’s issues.

“So many in the media are terrified to talk about difficult issues in a way that does not conform with what the perpetually outraged scolds want to hear or what their corporate brass demand, but don’t expect that from me,” Kelly told The Hill.

“There will be no safe spaces here. There will be spaces that challenge you, make you think, help you understand, stimulate your intellect and help build resiliency,” Kelly continued. “The vast majority of Americans are tougher than people think – they can handle sharp, compelling discussions about tough issues.

Obviously the one guest everyone wonders if Kelly will line up is President Trump.

It was Kelly’s feud with then candidate Trump in 2016 that put her name on the map and eventually also led to her leaving Fox News.

Now that Kelly is starting a podcast there would be no bigger “get” for the debut episode than President Trump.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

Donald Trump

Megyn Kelly told a jaw-dropping behind the scenes story about MSNBC and Trump



Megyn Kelly jumped from Fox News to NBC.

It did not work out well as NBC quickly fired Kelly.

But Megyn Kelly is making a comeback and she just told this jaw-dropping behind the scenes story about MSNBC and Trump.

Megyn Kelly debuted a new podcast to interview media members and newsmakers as part of her career relaunch.

On the premiere episode of her show, Kelly interviewed left-wing journalist Glenn Greenwald.

Greenwald revealed MSNBC banned him from appearing on the network after Greenwald debunked the Russian collusion conspiracy theory.

That led Kelly to describing how MSNBC was in dire straits before Trump came along and provided cable news with a massive ratings boost.

“At the end of Obama’s second term I was at the White House Christmas party, and you know, they invite the journalists for one of those,” Kelly recounted. “And I saw Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC, and I said, ‘Hey, how you doing?’”

“And he said, and I quote, ‘I am on a sinking ship known as MSNBC,’” Kelly revealed.

Greenwald agreed and noted he had friends at MSNBC who were in big danger of losing their jobs because of the channel’s low ratings.

But that all changed – Greenwald explained – when MSNBC and fake news CNN figured out how to monetize the perpetual outrage model of cable news coverage of Donald Trump.

“It’s become a huge profit model for media to pretend that they’re kind of on the front lines of . . . this unprecedented assault on democracy by this fascist dictator,” Greenwald added.

During the Russian collusion hysteria, Rachel Maddow peddled conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory and drew audiences of over three million viewers a night, which at the time made her the highest rated host on cable news.

MSNBC and CNN latched onto the gravy train that was Donald Trump.

But to draw ratings, these networks had to routinely lie to the viewers to keep them in a perpetual state of anger.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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Fake News CNN claims NBC News fired their chairman over this one shocking move



NBC News has always been doing their part in the Fake News Media to push the Left’s narrative.

But it seems there was trouble in the leftist paradise.

And now Fake News CNN claims NBC news fired their chairman over this on shocking move.

When news broke out of nowhere that Andrew Lack, the NBC News and MSNBC chairman, was fired most were shocked.

Many are wondering where he went wrong.

Apparently CNN’s Brian Lowry has a few ideas and it’s nothing anyone expected.

Lack’s big mistake, according to Lowry, wasn’t censoring the Harvey Weinstein story or enabling a sexual predator in Matt Lauer – it was hiring Megyn Kelly.

In Monday night’s Reliable Sources newsletter, Lowry made the point clear.

“Andy Lack made several questionable decisions, but strictly from a commercial standpoint, hiring Megyn Kelly to fill a role for which she was ill-suited might have been the most damaging. Rereading my review from her debut on Today, this line stood out: ‘NBC News brass leapt at the opportunity to snag a high-profile news star without having fully thought through how best to deploy her.’

“And as Vulture’s Joe Adalian noted when Kelly officially left in January 2019, ‘One bad pilot season, and networks fire development chiefs (and sometimes entertainment presidents!) Andy Lack lights $70m on fire, damages the 9 and 10am editions of ‘Today’ and damages relations with some key talent – all by hiring Megyn Kelly.’”

The hiring of Kelly caused liberal outrage within NBC News that eventually culminated in Kelly being forced out, allegedly, because of an on-air discussion of whether children should be able to paint their faces on Halloween.

In reality, Kelly’s NBC colleagues pushed her away because she was not one of their own.

The Left preaches tolerance from a bully pulpit but refuses to practice such things.

For the Fake News Media, doctoring stories and censoring the truth is not the problem – instead, anyone who would so much as question their ideas and the narrative they ram down the throats of their audience is seen as hostile and ending careers is the appropriate response.

Share your thoughts about this story with Pants on Fire News in the comments below.

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Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly just got hit with the biggest surprise of her life



In recent months Megyn Kelly has re-emerged on the media scene attempting to make a comeback.

The former Fox News and NBC anchor is trying to regain her audience after a roller coaster of two years.

And now Megyn Kelly just got hit with the biggest surprise of her life.

A-list actress Charlize Theron played Megan Kelly in the Hollywood major motion picture “Bombshell” which told the story of how Kelly and former Fox and Friends host Gretchen Carlson took down former Fox News President Roger Ailes with allegations of sexual harassment.

The studio behind the film gave it prime pre-Christmas release real estate and a big push in the Fake News Media as an anti-Fox News takedown.

But the movie flopped, barely drawing more than six million dollars at the box office over its opening weekend.

Forbes reports:

Bombshell earned $1.83 million on Friday, including $350,000 in Thursday previews. That positions the $32 million, R-rated dramedy for a mediocre $5.71 million opening ($3,858 per-theater) and a $6.1 million ten-day cume. The Lionsgate release, about the women whose sexual harassment allegations caused Roger Ailes to step down as the head of Fox News, expanded to 1,480 theaters yesterday following a strong $319,157 opening in four theaters last weekend. The Jay Roach-directed flick has earned mixed-positive reviews (I wasn’t a fan, but you are allowed to disagree) but plenty of awards attention for the film and its stars (Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie and John Lithgow).

Americans have little to no appetite for left-wing anti-Fox propaganda.

This is the second attack on Fox News that belly flopped with viewers.

This past summer, Showtime’s anti-Fox miniseries “The Loudest Voice in the Room” – which featured Oscar winner actor Russell Crowe as Roger Ailes – drew some of the network’s lowest ratings.

“Bombshell” tanking with movie goers means Megyn Kelly’s comeback will depend entirely on how she rehabs her reputation with her former Fox News audience.

Liberal media consumers ignored Kelly when she was on NBC and passed on the opportunity to see a movie tell the story of how she almost brought down Fox News.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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