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Megyn Kelly exposed a media scandal that will ruin one left-wing talk show



The behind-the-scenes actions of left-wing TV executives rarely match the social justice views they espouse in public.

One host learned that lesson the hard way.

And Megyn Kelly exposed a media scandal that will ruin one left-wing talk show.

CBS fired Sharon Osbourne (wife of rock legend Ozzy Osbourne) from her co-hosting gig on The Talk – CBS’ answer to The View – after Osbourne defended British TV host Piers Morgan when Morgan criticized social justice warrior Meghan Markle after Markle claimed a member of the British Royal Family (whom Markle did not name) made a racist comment about her mixed race son.

In an interview with Megyn Kelly, Osbourne slammed CBS executives as woke hypocrites who mouth all the right social justice catechisms about “diversity and inclusion” in public while ruthlessly acting behind the scenes to throw anyone overboard to save their own skin.

“They are desperate to keep their jobs, they are desperate in these times we live in to be perceived as more than woke,” Osbourne told Kelly. “They wanna be seen as Mother Teresa and Jesus Christ and they — but they’re all hypocrites. They’re liars and they’re hypocrites and they’ll do whatever they have to do to keep their job.”

Osbourne then named names, citing CBS Executive Vice President of Current Programs, Amy Reisenbach, and The Talk showrunners Heather Gray and Kristin Matthews as examples of the type of woke frauds who populate the executive suite at TV networks.

In the interview, Osbourne recounted how she told the executives that by taking her off the air following her comments they permanently destroyed her reputation by falsely branding her as a racist.

“I had worked with the showrunners for eleven years, they were friends of mine, especially Kristin Matthews,” Osbourne added. “I told them that they’ve destroyed me. I told them that I will never be able to get over this. It’s like once you have that seed put on you that you are a racist, it never goes away. And I told them that they’ve destroyed me.”

Osbourne’s interview with Kelly was not surprising on one level.

Woke leftist executives are known to be hypocrites that don’t really live the left-wing pities they preach.

But Sharon Osbourne is one of the few insiders to come forward and detail the inside story of just how terrible things really are.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


CBS used one word to describe Kyle Rittenhouse that could lead to this major lawsuit



The corporate-controlled media has been lying about Kyle Rittenhouse from the start.

So-called “journalists” attempted to frame Rittenhouse to advance their political agenda.

And CBS used one word to describe Kyle Rittenhouse that could lead to this major lawsuit.

Kyle Rittenhouse took the stand in his own defense and testified about how the Black Lives Matter rioters allegedly threatened his life and left him with no choice but to exercise his right to self-defense.

“He has asserted that he fired the shots in self-defense, testifying that one of the men, Joseph Rosenbaum, lunged at him before he pulled the trigger, and that the second man who was killed, Anthony Huber, ‘pulled away’ his firearm before he discharged it,” Mediaite reported.

A third rioter named Gaige Grosskreutz admitted that he pointed a gun at Rittenhouse before Rittenhouse allegedly shot Grosskreutz in the bicep.

Despite this testimony, CBS still attempted to smear Rittenhouse in the minds of the public, posting a Tweet claiming Rittenhouse described how he “murdered” two Black Lives Matter rioters.

“Kyle Rittenhouse testified in his murder trial yesterday, breaking down in tears as he told the jury he murdered two men at a Black Lives Matter protest last year in self-defense,” the network wrote in the misguided missive.

This Tweet is libelous and could lead to a lawsuit from Rittenhouse.

CBS knew this Tweet was false and a lie when they published it.

Rittenhouse is already suing Joe Biden for smearing him as a white supremacist in a campaign ad last fall.

The media’s conduct from the day Rittenhouse acted in self-defense has been shameful.

Reporters lied about every aspect of this event and trial in order to create a political narrative that Rittenhouse was a murderous foot soldier in Donald Trump’s white supremacist domestic terror militia.

And critics contend there needs to be a reckoning for this false coverage.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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A former CBS hack went after one comedian who told the truth about the coronavirus



The establishment narratives around the origins of the coronavirus are crumbling.

Even liberals are cracking jokes about the absurdity of the Wuhan wet market theory.

And a former CBS hack went after one comedian who told the truth about the coronavirus.

Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart shocked liberals when he appeared on old friend Stephen Colbert’s late night show.

Stewart pointed out that the COVID lab leak hypothesis was the most likely theory, much to the dismay of leftists.

For nearly a year, people were forbidden from discussing the possibility that a bat with coronavirus escaped from one of the very few biohazard labs in the entire world that was studying bat coronaviruses.

Such a claim warranted a social media suspension, and even permanent banning.

But now that Dr. Anthony Fauci publicly acknowledged the lab leak was possible, it’s become somewhat acceptable to speculate.

But former CBS anchor Dan Rather, who left in disgrace after presenting fake documents to attack George W. Bush in 2004, went after Stewart for his humorous rant.

Rather argued that Stewart was dangerously spreading “unreasoning.”

He took umbrage at Stewart joking that scientific experimentation run amok could be catastrophic.

Stewart’s jab was referencing the gain-of-function research that made the coronavirus deadlier.

Gain-of-function research is controversial and should be open to debate, but not according to Rather.

He wrote:

“Stewart is playing into the trope of the mad scientist at a time when we need science more than ever to solve our more pressing problems — most notably climate change. The idea that science is the biggest threat to the planet is terribly irresponsible. It gives free license to all those who say, ‘forget what we have learned, forget knowledge, forget seeing reality.’ And I fear this reasoning – or should I say ‘unreasoning’ — has not only consumed the modern Republican party but is in danger of consuming an even broader swath of the American and global public.”

This garbage is nothing more than carrying water for a corrupt establishment.

The so-called party of science now openly argues that men can become women and 2+2=5.

The establishment Left wants to shut down scientific debate, not foster it.

For example, there is not a consensus on climate change, and more specifically what should be done about it.

But the establishment is so accustomed to manufacturing consent that they cannot handle losing control of master narratives.

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CBS is promoting one embarrassing lie about America



The corporate-controlled press has completely given in to the “woke” mob.

Supposed “mainstream” outlets are parroting radical talking points.

Now CBS is promoting one embarrassing lie about America.

CBS This Morning aired a segment about Republican lawmakers and school boards opposing the 1619 Project, the brainchild of New York Times writer Nikole Hannah-Jones.

The panelists on the show couldn’t figure out why anyone would be opposed to Hannah-Jones’s fraudulent portrayal of American history.

During the 7-minute segment, there was hardly any mention of the 1619 Project being excoriated by historians Left, Right, and Center.

In 2019, several Pulitzer Prize-winning historians wrote to the Times:

“We are dismayed at some of the factual errors in the project and the closed process behind it.
These errors, which concern major events, cannot be described as interpretation or ‘framing.’ They are matters of verifiable fact, which are the foundation of both honest scholarship and honest journalism.”

If that wasn’t searing enough, Northwestern University history professor Leslie M. Harris wrote of the project:

“Despite my advice, the Times published the incorrect statement about the American Revolution anyway, in Hannah-Jones’ introductory essay. In addition, the paper’s characterizations of slavery in early America reflected laws and practices more common in the antebellum era than in Colonial times, and did not accurately illustrate the varied experiences of the first generation of enslaved people that arrived in Virginia in 1619.”

The Times essentially “updated” the 1619 Project and argued it was never meant to be taken seriously as factual history, but more of a reinterpretation.

It’s no wonder politicians and parents don’t want the 1619 Project anywhere near their schools.

Hannah-Jones and other leftists tried to use the slippery argument of calling pushback to the radical curriculum “cancel culture,” but that dog won’t hunt, so to speak.

It is the purview of lawmakers and school boards to determine what gets taught in public schools.

If the people don’t want it, then it shouldn’t be shoved down the kids’ throats.

This is precisely how public education has become so broken in the first place; conservatives were asleep at the wheel when leftists implemented their propaganda programs.

But conservatives are finally fighting back and going on offense.

Now leftists are on the run and playing defense.

The problem for the Left is that the 1619 Project and Critical Race Theory and other radical doctrines cannot stand up to public scrutiny.

They’re clearly rooted in Marxist thought, and it’s impossible for the Left to split that hair.

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