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Mark Levin wants every American to boycott this anti-Trump book because of one act of treason



Fake News Media members are still trying to cash in on Donald Trump by churning out books about his Presidency.

But two members of the corporate-controlled press crossed the line.

And Mark Levin wants every America to boycott this anti-Trump book because of one act of treason.

Washington Post reporters Robert Costa and Bob Woodward began leaking excerpts of their new anti-Trump book Peril.

The juiciest scoops in the book centered on woke Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley.

Costa and Woodward wrote that during the 2020 election, Milley called his counterpart in Communist China and told him that Milley would warn him if America planned an attack on the Communist Chinese.

The book also claimed Milley tried to curtail Donald Trump’s ability to order a nuclear strike and made military officers pledge loyalty to Milley instead of following orders from the Commander-in-Chief.

Appearing on Sean Hannity’s show, Levin tore into Costa and Woodward for keeping the details of what many believed to be treason on the part of Milley secret.

Levin argued that had Costa and Woodward not sat on this scoop, Milley may have been out of a job long ago and America could have avoided a military humiliation in Afghanistan.

“Wouldn’t it be good to know about Milley before what happened in Afghanistan so his ass could have been kicked out of office – so we could get a General in there like a George S. Patton who would not leave American citizens in enemy territory and leave patriotic Afghans in enemy territory who are being hunted down and killed . . . with 85 billion dollars of our equipment [left there],” Levin stated. “General Milley is the worst General we have ever had.”

“Woodard and Costa are reporters for The Washington Post. It takes 3 months to print a book. That means Woodward and Costa and The Washington Post – if this is true – sat on this story for months and months: Why would two reporters sit on a story like this for months and months and allow this man (Milley) – who I believe, if this is true, is utterly unhinged – to serve as the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff?” Levin added.

Levin continued on encouraging Hannity viewers to boycott this book over the reporters putting the national security of the United States at risk because – if the reports are true – Levin argued that General Milley committed treason and sedition.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

Washington Post

The Washington Post made this embarrassing mistake in its coverage of George Floyd



The corporate press continues to get worse.

Outlets sacrificed their credibility to attempt a soft coup against Donald Trump, and it’s been downhill ever since.

Now The Washington Post made this embarrassing mistake in its coverage of George Floyd.

The Washington Post, where democracy supposedly dies in darkness, has been a complete mess lately.

The paper empowered hack journalist Taylor Lorenz to release private information on a Twitter account that had gained huge traction by exposing the insanity of the Left.

Now, The Post ran a memorial for the two-year anniversary of George Floyd’s death, and the paper reported that Floyd had been “shot” by the police.

It’s somewhat understandable how The Post could make such an embarrassing mistake.

The Democrat Media Complex has pre-packaged narratives about the police ready to go.

The Left feed on officer-involved deaths.

During the 2020 riots, anti-police sentiment raged out of control, and the fans were flamed by the so-called mainstream media.

The Post has been terrible on other stories, as well.

The paper was one among many that spread the lie that Kyle Rittenhouse was a white supremacist shooter who crossed state lines with an illegal rifle in order to hunt Black Lives Matter protesters.

Not a word of that narrative was true, but it was spread far and wide.

Some truly negligent outlets even said that Rittenhouse shot black protesters; everyone he shot was white.

The Post is the same paper that stealth-edited a profile piece on Kamala Harris because the story included a passage that painted Harris in a horrible light.

Harris mocked the living conditions of prisoners, comparing them to Oliver Twist characters begging for water.

The Post has been caught stealth-editing stories in the past.

As for the two-year anniversary of Floyd’s death, the country is still reeling from the damage wrought by far-left rioters.

In 2020, the murder rate increased by 30%, the largest one-year jump in history.

And the violent crime problem remains today.

San Francisco and Los Angeles are attempting to recall progressive prosecutors who have implemented pro-crime policies that have made parts of the cities unlivable.

Americans can thank the media for much of the carnage they have had to endure, and The Post is one of the most responsible.

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Washington Post

The Washington Post tried to bully companies with one enraging tactic



Donald Trump woke up tens of millions of Americans.

He showed them that the press is simply an extension of the Democratic Party.

And The Washington Post tried to bully companies with one enraging tactic.

Many reporters for corporate press outlets are not journalists, but activists.

They believe their goal is to bring about social change, i.e. promote left-wing causes.

The New York Times essentially said as much after the election of Donald Trump in 2016.

That naked partisanship in the media has only intensified.

And it was taken up another notch after the Supreme Court leak of a draft opinion from Justice Samuel Alito that signaled the reversal of the horribly decided Roe V. Wade case.

Democrats have been screeching and wailing about abortion, and they have deployed their foot soldiers in the media to get active.

Now, video game reporters for The Washington Post are pressuring gaming companies to comment publicly on the abortion debate.

Post video game beat reporters Nathan Grayson and Shannon Liao wrote a piece entitled: “As Roe v. Wade repeal looms, video game industry stays mostly silent.”

The reporters essentially called up video game companies in hopes of coercing them to give rhetorical or financial support to the Democrats’ pro-abortion cause.

When Grayson was called out on Twitter for his absurd column, he responded that “game companies were extremely vocal following george floyd’s murder, covid-born anti-asian hate, etc. silence here is telling; it suggests broader disingenuousness.”

Grayson is just now learning that major corporations often virtue-signal when it’s easy for them to do so.

But that isn’t the case with the abortion issue.

Abortion is incredibly divisive with national support split roughly right down the middle.

Also, the pro-life side gains majority support after the first trimester.

According to polling data, 65% of Americans are against second-trimester abortions, and 81% are against third-trimester abortions.

The current position of the Democrats is government-funded abortions on-demand up until the point of birth.

That is wildly outside of the mainstream.

Video game companies are not in a rush to jump on that grenade, especially in light of Disney getting smacked by Ron DeSantis and Florida Republicans for jumping into politics.

Even if the companies were completely sincere, as Grayson has perhaps imagined, there is zero reason to believe they would always side with the Left.

The CEO of a video game company can donate to causes related to George Floyd while also being against abortion.

This is why it never pays for companies to pander to the Left.

The demands will never stop. 

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Washington Post

Taylor Lorenz got caught in a lie that blew up in her face



Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz is endeavoring to be the worst person in journalism.

She routinely releases people’s private information while playing the victim when others do it to her.

Now, Lorenz got caught in a lie that blew up in her face.

Taylor Lorenz’s attempt to destroy a Twitter account called Libs of Tik Tok went up in smoke.

Lorenz doxxed the woman who runs the account and even showed up to her house.

She committed thousands of words to a Washington Post hit piece against Libs of Tik Tok because the account is so effective at shining a light on the insanity of the Left.

But the stunt backfired; Libs of Tik Tok has nearly doubled her follower account from 648,000 to 1.2 million in two weeks.

Now, Lorenz is back in the news again for hurling accusations at a different media-related figure.

Lorenz accused a reporter for The Drudge Report of harassment, then said she was joking when it turned out she was wrong.

Lorenz got in a back-and-forth with Oliver Darcy of CNN of all people.

Darcy wrote in a blog post that, “Taylor Lorenz walked back an allegation on Monday that an editor for the Drudge Report had repeatedly harassed her after she was contacted by Matt Drudge himself. Lorenz tweeted Monday that she had been ‘relentlessly’ harassed by a Drudge Report editor who had threatened to use the site to destroy her career. It was a serious allegation and so I checked in with Drudge who told me that he had ‘never contacted her, nor has anyone associated with the DRUDGE REPORT.’ Drudge, who made clear to me he was not pleased with the allegations against his site, forwarded me an email he had sent Lorenz asking for a correction.”

However, Drudge contradicted Lorenz who said she had spoken to him.

Lorenz wrote, “For anyone who saw my post abt this man claiming to be from Drudge calling me non stop, good news: I heard from Matt Drudge & this man has zero power over Drudge! He’s claiming to be an editor all over the internet but he’s not. Sorry to disappoint everyone saying Drudge is based.”

After the lie blew up in her face, Lorenz claimed it was a “joke.”

She then took a dig at Darcy and Drudge on Twitter, “Lol I didn’t even know Drudge Report was even still around. I still think someone claiming to ruin my career on the Drudge Report is objectively hilarious! I know you’re thirsty for media news, maybe u can report on someone claiming to destroy me on Geocities next.”

Lorenz is the poster child for privileged progressives who pretend to be the victim.

The Left is training generations to believe that victimhood is the highest form of virtue, and reporters like Lorenz are the result.

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