Late-night comedian made one truly unhinged comparison in his latest Trump rant

The reality of a second Donald Trump term is setting in for the Democrats.

That’s why they are ratcheting up the fear-mongering.

And one late-night comedian made a truly unhinged comparison in his latest Trump rant.

For some reason, British comedian John Oliver was imported and given an HBO show to rag on America nonstop.

In his latest foul-mouthed rant, Oliver compared Donald Trump to segregationist Democrat George Wallace.

Democrats freaking out over Trump’s plan for a second term

Oliver’s anger was over Trump’s Project 2025, which is a plan to clean out the administrative state of partisans that cannot be fired.

Oliver said on his show, “I do get that ‘Trump unraveling civil service protections’ isn’t the sexiest headline, but it’s also the action that could unlock his ability to do all the incredibly damaging things that he and those involved in Project 2025 have been planning.”

Progressive Era hero Woodrow Wilson, one of the worst and most damaging presidents in American history, wanted to create a fourth branch of government—the administrative state—that would be ruled by “experts.”

That is effectively what we have today.

Even though the administrative state works under the executive branch, it often operates independently of the president.

For example, undercover journalist James O’Keefe caught administrators in the Trump presidency admitting that they slow-walked some of his orders.

That is why the deep state needs to be cleaned out.

Oliver continued, “But the truth is, even if Trump loses, that won’t be the end of this. The people who cooked up Project 2025 will just move on to Project 2029 instead, because for them, this is about so much more than just one election, or indeed, one candidate.”

The Left are already planning to move on from fighting Trump to fighting Trumpism, i.e. anyone who opposes the establishment.

Oliver added, “Project 2025 is born from an impulse as old as America. It’s an impulse that says one class of Americans is entitled to lead, and the rest of us are lucky to be allowed to serve. That thinks there should be a limited government when it comes to rules they have to live by, but also a unitary executive to keep the rest of us in line. These are old, old ideas that have been shouted from podiums by the likes of George Wallace and Pat Buchanan, but have now been placed into a new playbook for an only-too-willing president to use on day one.”

Democrats want one-party rule

Oliver’s analysis makes zero sense.

Democrats would not tolerate Trump loyalists remaining in key positions and undermining the Democrat administration in power.

One of the reasons why it’s so difficult to get anything done in Washington, D.C. is because bureaucrats have been put in permanent positions.

Trump’s own intelligence agencies tried to oust him from office.

Oliver also joked about Supreme Court justices dying.

He said, “And in a perfect world, I’d love if we had an opposing party better able to articulate a strong defense of our country’s ideals, and that also consistently lived up to them. People are entitled to hope for more from the next four years than someone just ‘Not being Trump,’ and for at least two Supreme Court justices to die. I’m not saying which ones I’d prefer, but I think we all have our top two. And for anyone tempted to think, ‘Well, we survived Trump’s first term,’ first not everyone did.”

The Left is terrified that Trump might have a term where he is not knee-capped by his executive branch.

Oliver admitted as much.

He concluded, “And it should hopefully be clear by now, a second Trump term really promises to be far, far worse. Because if Trump’s first term was defined by chaos, his second could be defined by ruthless efficiency.”

Permanent Washington wants Americans to choose between two pre-approved candidates.

The 2016 choice was supposed to be between Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush.

Trump crashed the party, and the establishment has been trying to destroy him ever since.

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