Late-night comedian interviewed Kamala Harris in one disgraceful campaign stunt

Democrats know Joe Biden is in trouble.

They’re hoping his surrogates can pick up the load.

And a late-night comedian interviewed Kamala Harris in one disgraceful campaign stunt.

Joe Biden is a terrible communicator at this point.

He can barely string two sentences together.

That’s why he and the Democrats are depending on others to pick up the slack with media blitzes.

First Lady Jill Biden recently went on The View for the umpteenth time, and Hollywood actor Robert De Niro gave a stump speech outside Donald Trump’s bogus hush money trial in Manhattan.

Harris trying to pump up Biden

Now, Vice President Kamala Harris is stumping for Biden by going on the Democrat-controlled shows.

She recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night show to sell the sham conviction of Trump and push for pro-abortion policies.

Democrats know the case was not on the level, which means the verdict requires intense amounts of propaganda.

Harris told Kimmel, “Just to kind of really level set — let’s think about this. . .A jury of 12 people, peers, over the course of six weeks deliberated on the evidence and facts and unanimously determined guilt for 34 felony counts. . .There was a defense attorney who actively participated in selecting that jury, who actively made decisions about witnesses to call, witnesses to cross-examine, and the jury made their decision. . .The reality is cheaters don’t like getting caught.”

That sure is a high-level analysis from a former prosecutor.

Of course, Harris left out all of the relevant details, such as George Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg concocted a novel legal theory in order to charge Trump with a felony.

Harris continued, “The American people want to know that there is a president who believes that they are accountable to the people.”

Trump currently leads in all seven battleground states, so apparently the American people saw the Manhattan case for what it was.

The “right” to kill babies

At another point in the interview, Harris compared the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Dobbs case to the notorious Dred Scott decision.

Harris said, “Well we, in our history, we know, I mean look at the Dred Scott decision. This is not the first time that we know the Court can make decisions that violate the civil rights of the people. But this is when we have to praise the fact that we still have an intact democracy with three co-equal branches of government. So what the Supreme Court took away, Congress can put back in place. And that’s where the people come in. With your right to then elect the people in the United States Congress who will fight and protect your freedom and put aside their personal opinion about what’s best for themselves, or their family, and let you make the decision that’s best for you and your family.”

The Democrats have been using the Supreme Court as a super-legislature for decades to force decrees that they could not pass through the Congressional process.

With a conservative tilt on the court, Democrats can no longer depend on that.

That is why the Left have been so aggressive in attacking the Supreme Court.

Whenever the Democrats don’t get their way, they pitch a fit.

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