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Joe Scarborough’s latest outrageous and racist claim about January 6 will make you sick



The Left is obsessed with January 6.

Leftists have even gone so far as to compare this protest that got out of hand to the 9/11 terror attacks.

And Joe Scarborough’s latest outrageous and racist claim about January 6 will make you sick.

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough said that if the January 6 protesters had been black or Muslim, police would have “gunned them all down.”

“Most of the people you see in these videos are white,” Scarborough emphasized. “I said it the day after — if these were black protesters, you better believe the cops would have been up there in a second. If there were Muslims, there would have been cops standing on top of the buildings with rifles, gunning them all down.”

“I mean, there’s no doubt,” he claimed. “There’s no doubt in my mind that these people were allowed to sit out there with Confederate flags, with Trump flags, and desecrating the cross of Jesus Christ because they were white. It’s that simple. It’s that simple.”

Of course, Scarborough conveniently left out the fact that Capital Police did, in fact, gun down Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed Trump supporter.

But that was probably just an omission necessitated by the show’s time constraints, because instead Scarborough chose to repeat the lie that Capital Police were being “beaten to death.”

The reality is that Capital Police Officer Brian Sicknick died of a stroke two days after January 6, 2021 – he wasn’t beaten to death with a fire extinguisher. 

The medical examiner ruled that Officer Sicknick died from natural causes, and even left-wing so-called “fact checker” Snopes admits this fact. 

No police officers were killed on January 6 – zero.

And that’s with the law enforcement response to January 6 being much stronger than it was during the Black Lives Matter riots throughout the summer of 2020, in which some police departments were ordered to stand down and allow leftist thugs to burn down cities. 

And while BLM rioters were given light sentences and having their bail posted by Vice President Kamala Harris, prosecutors have been throwing the book at January 6 protesters. 

Leftists like Joe Scarborough love to scream about “police brutality” anytime a cop gets rough with a criminal.

But when it comes to supporters of Donald Trump, suddenly they’re demanding cops mow them down. 

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

Fake News

What The View said about Justice Amy Coney Barrett will make you blow your top



The View is quickly becoming one of the most hate-filled shows on network television.

The hosts take turns demonizing Republicans in the most despicable ways possible.

Now what The View just said about Justice Amy Coney Barrett will make you blow your top.

Democrats and their Fake News allies unleashed hell on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearing because he was set to be the swing vote on the Court.

They accused him of being a “gang rapist” without a shred of evidence.

But as Democrats’ anti-Kavanaugh propaganda began to fall apart under the smallest bit of scrutiny, that ugly smear campaign backfired in the court of public opinion, leading Democrats to somewhat temper their attacks during Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation process.

Nevertheless, the Left still branded her as a “Catholic zealot” who wanted to turn America into a religious theocracy like that portrayed in the dystopian TV series, The Handmaid’s Tale.

And the Left is still attacking Justice Barrett solely because of her Catholic faith, including the harpies of The View, who suggested that she should recuse herself on certain cases because of her religion.

Joy Behar kicked off the mind-numbing segment by claiming that because Justice Barrett is religious, she somehow should recuse herself from all cases involving religious liberty.

“Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s religious faith is being called into question again,” Behar said. “There were calls for her to recuse herself from a case which is about a web designer who wants to post a statement that she won’t design wedding websites for same-sex couples because it’s against her religious beliefs.”

“Now, here’s my question – she is, you know, a religious person,” she continued. “She belongs to this People of Praise group which the Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled them a hate group, and their founder has questioned the so-called separation of church and state. They believe that sex should occur only within marriage and, of course, between a man and a woman. They’ve got very specific things that they believe.”

First off, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is no longer a legitimate institution.

The SPLC admirably fought the KKK decades ago, but now the organization is nothing more than a left-wing slush fund for executives who then smear anyone who opposes Democrats’ agenda.

Furthermore, the SPLC has a long history of slapping “hate group” and “hate speech” labels on groups and individuals that leave many scratching their heads, like when they labeled British broadcaster Maajid Nawaz – a practicing Muslim – an “anti-Islamic” hate preacher for speaking out against radical Islam.

Nawaz sued the SPLC and won.

Also, the SPLC has been rocked by scandal over the years, like when co-founder Morris Dees was accused of racism and sexual impropriety.

Behar’s comments not only show how Democrats, like herself, don’t actually do their own homework and merely regurgitate what they’re told, but also how quickly the Left has moved from being the Party of “tolerance” to an outright authoritarian mentality of “comply or else.”

It’s not enough that religious Americans tolerate same-sex marriage and extend the same rights to same-sex couples – they must participate in it (ie. forcing pastors to marry same-sex couples inside their churches) and violate their faith.

“So they don’t recuse themselves when they have to deal with religious issues,” Sunny Hostin added. “But I will say this: She’s never — I’m not defending her just because she went to my law school. She’s never publicly acknowledged her membership in the community since becoming a judge. Did not disclose it though during her confirmation. And what made me most uncomfortable is at the time it was reported that the People of Praise erased every single mention and every single photo of her from their website. So if she wasn’t affiliated, then why remove all of that information? And I think the problem here is the Supreme Court has no procedure by which to force a judge’s removal. You get to decide on your own.”

It’s ludicrous that the Left believe Barrett and other conservative Catholics on the court must recuse themselves.

Based on that left-wing logic, leftist Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, who is a black American, should be forced to recuse herself from cases involving affirmative action or other issues that directly affect her race.

Justice Jackson also happens to be a protestant Christian, but the Left isn’t calling for her to recuse herself, as they trust she’ll be a reliable left-wing vote.

The real problem for The View is that Justice Amy Coney Barrett has conservative values, and they’re attacking her faith.

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Anthony Fauci

Biden Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre snapped after this reporter tried to ask Dr. Fauci one lingering question



The COVID regime refuses to back down.

Despite a mountain of evidence that suggests the pandemic is over, the so-called “expert” class is determined to keep it going.

And Biden Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre snapped after this reporter tried to ask Dr. Fauci one lingering question.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has been the face of the COVID regime since the beginning, and he has a lot to answer for.

But the gatekeepers in the Fake News Media have refused to ask him the real questions, and Biden Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre ensured no one in the briefing room would try, either.

During a press briefing with Dr. Fauci, Jean-Pierre did everything she could to make sure The Daily Caller’s Diana Glebova did not get to ask Fauci a substantive question.

Establishment journalist April Ryan lobbed a softball and asked Fauci, “So what do you say about the word ‘mask’ now being a pejorative in some communities?”

“No, it shouldn’t be,” Fauci responded. “I mean, you’re absolutely right. I mean, I know sometimes when you walk in and you have a mask and nobody has a mask, you kind of feel guilty. You shouldn’t feel guilty. You look terrific, right?”

That’s when Glebova asked, “Dr. Fauci, what did you personally do to investigate the origins of COVID?”

But Jean-Pierre ignored her and tried to call on a different reporter.

“What have you personally done to investigate the origins of COVID?” Glebova persisted.

“You’re being disrespectful,” Jean-Pierre replied.

Undeterred, Glebova pressed ahead, saying, “That’s a major part of your legacy though, Dr. Fauci. Do you have an answer to that?”

Out of all the American self-proclaimed “journalists” in the room, only one had the courage to stand up for Glebova and admit the question should be answered – and that journalist was Today News Africa’s White House correspondent Simon Ateba.

That little bit of push back from an African journalist, though, caused Jean-Pierre to snap.

“We have a process here,” the Press Secretary barked out. “I’m not calling out on people who yell. And you’re being —”

“You call on the same people every single time,” Ateba interjected, pointing out that the Biden White House only wants to take questions from reporters they trust are on their side.

April Ryan, and other Democrat flaks, always get the lion’s share of the questions.

“You’re being disrespectful to your colleagues, and you’re being disrespectful to our guests,” Jean-Pierre scolded. “I will not call on you if you yell. And also, you’re taking time off the clock because Dr. Fauci has to leave in a couple of minutes.”

The corporate-controlled press portrayed former CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta as a hero for taking over briefings and refusing to give up the microphone during the Trump Presidency.

But Dr. Anthony Fauci is being shielded from the questions that the American people actually want answers to.

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Fake News

The Associated Press just took a swing at Donald Trump by gifting one crooked attorney with a new reputation



These days all it apparently takes to get a clean record is to take the right political stance.

That was illustrated when the Associated Press took a swing at Donald Trump.

And in the process, they gifted one crooked attorney with a new reputation.

America is continuing to slide into increasingly dangerous territory with political shenanigans that resemble something you’d expect to see in a corrupt third-world country.

A big part of the problem lies with corruption deep inside an institution that political scientists have long considered the “fourth branch” of the American government: the Fake News Media.

A free and robust press is supposed to provide accountability and oversight to political parties, elected officials, and unelected bureaucrats.

Instead, one of the top corporate-controlled “news” outlets on the planet just pushed out a piece of work that could have been written by the White House Press Office.

After Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed a “special counsel” to deal with the Biden regime’s blatantly partisan effort to weaponize the FBI against one of President Joe Biden’s top 2024 rivals, the Associated Press created a new, cleaner, identity for crooked attorney Jack Smith.

The Biden Justice Department crossed a line when it had FBI agents raid Trump’s home in a fishing expedition for anything that could be used against the former President to stop his 2024 Presidential campaign.

The Fake News’ claim that Trump was harboring all kinds of state secrets he planned to use in some sort of nefarious way was beyond ridiculous – and everyone knew it.

Along with his personal passports and a cocktail napkin, FBI agents spent all kinds of time digging through files Trump kept – not to mention former First Lady Melania Trump’s underwear – in a supposed effort to curate and maintain a Presidential archive.

Naturally, Trump and his legal team have demanded intervention from a neutral party considering the fact that Biden is his biggest political adversary and in the perfect position to abuse his power.

And apparently, he’s going to get some serious help from the Associated Press in the process.

After Attorney General Garland appointed Special Counsel Jack Smith, the AP put reporter Eric Tucker to work buffing Smith’s reputation.

While the self-proclaimed “journalist” went into nauseating detail about Smith’s past of supposedly “confronting corruption,” what is most significant is what was left unsaid.

While he was waxing poetic about Smith’s supposed fights against “corruption,” Tucker conveniently managed to overlook a massive left-wing scandal in Smith’s background.

“Jack Smith was looking for ways to prosecute the innocent Americans Lois Lerner targeted during the IRS scandal,” Republican Representative Jim Jordan wrote in a tweet. “And people think him serving as special counsel won’t be political?”

Of course, Lois Lerner was the official in Barack Obama’s IRS who was caught punishing Tea Party affiliated groups with expensive and nerve-wracking audits, and who refused to approve many of those groups tax exempt status, barring them from engaging in political activities.

By selecting Jack Smith to serve as “special counsel,” the Biden regime is sending a clear message about exactly what it wants to accomplish.

And it seems the Associated Press is more than eager to do its part.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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