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Joe Biden

Joe Biden is furious at CNN after they revealed Democrats’ big socialist secret



Joe Biden doesn’t want people to know how insane the Democrat Party has become.

He knows that it will hurt him in 2024.

So Joe Biden is furious at CNN after they revealed Democrats’ socialist secret.

To anybody paying attention, the love affair Democrats have for socialism is no secret.

But career politicians like Joe Biden know that socialism is extremely unpopular among voters in the U.S.

So they try to deny their ties to socialists, despite major figures in their party like Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar openly allying with socialists.

Generally, fake news networks like CNN will deny the reality of socialism in the Democrat Party, even going so far to claim that the “democratic socialism” so many in the party openly support isn’t really socialism.

But in a rare change of pace, a guest on CNN openly admitted that many Democrats support socialism.

Host Abby Phillip opened Sunday’s airing of Inside Politics talking about the “divide” in the Democrat Party about how to handle anti-communism protests in Cuba.

She first played a clip of Joe Biden condemning Cuba’s government, where he doesn’t specifically mention socialism or communism once.

Phillip then asked if this speech was Biden’s “golden opportunity” to win back voters he lost in 2020.

She specifically cites Trump’s historic support among Latino voters.

In response, CNN analyst and Washington Post reporter Toluse Olorunnipa openly admitted that many Democrats support socialism, which is why Democrats didn’t want to “push hard” against Cuba’s oppressive socialist government:

“They are really being led in many ways by the progressive wing of their party and the progressive wing of the Democratic Party does not want to go hard against Cuba, against some of the things that the Castro regime may have been a part of. In part because there are some Democrats, there are some progressives who agree with some of those things. They agree with universal health care. They agree with some of the programs that were in place in a more socialist kind of society.”

Olorunnipa just came out and said the Democrat Party were outright socialists.

And in response, a number of left-wing media figures were forced to agree.

CNN analyst Jackie Kucinich noted that the “very vocal progressive wing” of the party is “saying something that’s counter that could be politically damaging to what the Biden administration and the Democratic Party is trying to do.”

Rachel Bade, co-author of the Politico Playbook said, “clearly, you know, that Democratic socialism is still being embraced.”

Any attempt to distance the Democrat Party from socialism was killed in this CNN segment.

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Joe Biden

One of Joe Biden’s closest media allies just turned on him in this very public way



Joe Biden is experiencing negative media coverage for the first time in his Presidency.

It’s all tied back to his disaster in Afghanistan.

And one of Joe Biden’s closest media allies just turned on him in this very public way.

Meghan McCain was one of the leading Never-Trumpers in the media.

McCain supported Joe Biden for President because Biden was close friends with her late father Senator John McCain.

But even McCain ripped into Biden’s disastrous handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

McCain blamed Biden for the deaths of 13 U.S. troops put in harm’s way by Biden’s haphazard withdrawal plan.

“13 American soldiers are dead – most of them between the ages of 20-23 because they were put in harms way chaotically in the line of fire of a suicide bomber. Disappointed and disgusted President Biden says ‘this couldn’t have been done in a more orderly manner,’” McCain posted on social media.

McCain added that she no longer recognized Joe Biden and that America was in serious trouble.

“This is extremely difficult for me to say: I once thought I truly knew Joe Biden and he helped me through pain and grief, for which I am grateful. This man on tv giving this speech, I do not recognize this man. God help our country. God help the Americans we have abandoned,” McCain concluded.

Critics looked at Joe Biden’s bumbling and bizarre performance as President during this crisis and came to the conclusion that Joe Biden was unfit to lead.

Biden’s poll numbers entered the underwater territory on the RealClearPolitics polling average as one-time supporters like Meghan McCain jumped ship.

That’s because many Americans who supported Joe Biden in 2020 are looking at the failures piling up on his watch and are deciding they made a major mistake.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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Joe Biden

Joe Biden admitted something at a press conference that embarrassed the Fake News Media



Joe Biden’s Presidency is collapsing all around him.

And it got worse by the hour.

That’s because Joe Biden admitted something at a press conference that embarrassed the Fake News Media.

Biden retreated from public view for hours after his incompetent Afghanistan withdrawal culminated in ISIS suicide bombers murdering 13 American service members – 12 marines and one Navy corpsman.

The Commander-in-Chief hid from the nation until late in the day, staging a press conference at 5PM, which turned into a disaster.

When Biden began taking questions, he announced that the first reporter he was instructed to call on was NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell.

The Afghanistan debacle led to serious questions about Biden’s cognitive decline and ability to handle the job of President.

On the deadliest day for U.S. military personnel in Afghanistan since August 5, 2011, many Americans wondered if Biden is following instructions on who to call on at a press conference, who exactly is running the country?

It also led the public to question the corporate-controlled media’s participation in scripted press conferences where Biden takes questions from a prepared list of reporters.

Biden and the press’ conduct give the impression these events are like WWE wrestling matches where the performers execute a series of choreographed maneuvers leading to a predetermined outcome.

This was a day of great national crisis.

And the Commander-in-Chief admitted he wasn’t even in control of his own White House press operation and the media just played along.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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Joe Biden

You won’t believe how the corporate-controlled media tried to spin Joe Biden’s Afghanistan debacle



Joe Biden’s failure in Afghanistan is obvious for all to see.

But some in the Fake News Media are trying to spin a fiasco into a victory.

And you won’t believe how the corporate-controlled media tried to spin Joe Biden’s Afghanistan debacle.

Joe Biden faced negative press coverage for the first time over his failure to execute an orderly withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Critics contend the administration doesn’t even know the real number of Americans stranded behind Taliban lines, and that the Biden administration will not be able to evacuate all U.S. citizens from Afghanistan before the August 31 withdrawal deadline.

This led to corporate-controlled media outlets pounding Biden for his failures and a drop in Biden’s approval numbers.

But some members of the corporate-controlled media are demanding their colleagues go back to home team coverage and praise Biden for the supposed success of the administration’s airlift.

New York Magazine writer Eric Levitz demanded the media praise the Biden administration by falsely claiming there were no American casualties during the evacuation.

This was not true.

Casualties do not just refer to deaths.

And while no Americans died up to that time, the Taliban did beat American citizens that tried to escape to the Kabul Airport.

Levitz also accused corporate media foreign correspondents of being biased in favor of war and American engagement.

“I articulated my own substantive views on these matters last week . . . Those views may bespeak the biases of a millennial progressive whose formative years were spent gawking at George W. Bush’s war crimes and reading Noam Chomsky’s lectures. I cannot always prevent my ideological commitments from blinkering my vision. But I can be transparent about those commitments, and test my biased intuitions against the rigors of reasoned argument,” Levitz added. “The mainstream media’s most influential opponents of Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan refuse to do the same. This refusal may not be conscious. It can be hard to recognize one’s normative assumptions as ideological when those assumptions are commonsense among one’s peers . . . Nevertheless, the widely shared ideological assumptions and personal experiences of elite U.S. foreign-policy journalists biased mainstream coverage of Afghanistan over the past two weeks.”

But Levitz’s argument also turned out to be premature.

The ink had barely dried before two bombings occurred outside Kabul Airport killing 13 Marines and nearly 100 Afghans.

The truth is, Biden’s failure to plan for the Taliban taking over Afghanistan in a week is an objective failure by any measure.

Joe Biden making a mess and then half-heartedly cleaning it up is not a measure of success.

But some journalists like Levitz see negative coverage driving down Joe Biden’s approval numbers and reacted angrily.

That’s because deep down they do not believe there should be any negative coverage under any circumstances of Democrat politicians.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any developments in this ongoing story.

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