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Media Bias

Jim Acosta admitted one thing about Trump that will leave you red with rage



CNN’s Jim Acosta is the poster child for fake news.

The White House correspondent used press briefings to shout Democrat talking points and to make himself the center of attention.

And now Jim Acosta admitted one thing about Donald Trump that will leave you red with rage.

Acosta appeared on Brian Stelter’s misnamed “Reliable Sources” program to promote his new book “Enemy of the People: a Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America.”

First of all, journalists in America are not in any danger for telling truth.

Donald Trump may call them names on twitter, but reporters that criticize the President are not facing any organized campaign of violence or intimidation.

In addition to the name of his book being ridiculous, Acosta told another whopper.

Acosta told Stelter his biggest regret was that the media did not stand united against the President.

Breitbart reports:

“You know, I wish at times that the press had been a bit more in solidarity with one another in standing up to this White House and saying, ‘Listen, ‘You know, the president can’t call us the enemy of the people. We’re not going to go along with that.’ Acosta told host Brian Stelter. “I think we’ve missed some opportunities here and there to challenge that.”

Acosta then praised how other members of the media supported him and CNN when his White House press pass was revoked.

He stated, “I will say, one thing I’m most grateful for during this experience is how just about every news organization in Washington and here in New York stood behind us here at CNN when they took away my press pass. That was a very important first amendment case. And I talk about it in the book. Had the Trump administration won that case, Brian, it would have sent shockwaves through our industry. It would have put a real chilling effect on the First Amendment in this country.

Acosta is lying when he claims the media did not unite in outrage against Trump.

A 2018 Media Research Center study found 92 percent of the news coverage Donald Trump got from the big three broadcast networks was negative.

If there is one thing most Americans can agree on it is that the media is united around their hatred of President Trump.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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  1. JC

    June 10, 2019 at 3:22 pm

    If all media was lying like CNN and NBC you would all be out of business!

  2. Bruce House

    June 10, 2019 at 3:24 pm

    Acosta is nothing but a lying political hack!

    • Hotnike

      June 10, 2019 at 3:59 pm

      Acosta is an IDIOT!!

      • willowa

        June 10, 2019 at 7:24 pm


    • Fred

      June 11, 2019 at 11:34 pm

      Mr. Bruce House, Sir, you hit that one right out of the ball park! I do believe that the real reason why that The Progressive Liberal Democrats have sooo much HATE toward’s him, is because they don’t have enough money to pay The Legally Elected US President Mr. Donald John Trump, to change his own mind, to do what they want to do!

  3. Kirby Anglin

    June 10, 2019 at 3:37 pm

    I don’t believe anything the far left lib dems say. All have a screw loose.

  4. Robert Morrow

    June 10, 2019 at 3:43 pm

    I am a 70 year old veteran and have not believed these pukes and traitors in over 50 years. President Trump is most correct when he calls them Fake News, for even if they have the Truth these low life scums will change it into a lie. I want to know just where is the FCC and why haven’t these crap people on the FCC board closed them down. The FCC people should do their duty for the people and closed these lying bastard down. These Fake News Scum by totally distorting the News have cause Riots,property destruction and good People hurt or murdered. All this is treason and they need to be shut down, put on trial for TREASON, found guilt and shot. So just what have these Liberal Scum like Pelosi given us, with the aid of the fake News,? Over 400 out of control Federal Agencies which now RULE, like the FCC. It is time to shut them down.

    • Robert Morrow

      June 10, 2019 at 3:53 pm

      Sorry I hit the wrong key, I am a 90 year old Veteran. Please note the correction to my writings.

      • Btty

        June 10, 2019 at 5:02 pm

        God Bless you Robert for your service to our Great country. I completely agree with you. I won’t tell you my age because it’s just a number thats unlisted. LOL But I am from a proud military family. We have been fighting in wars since the revolution,Civil War, WWI, WW2,Vietnam and Afghanistan. I lost a brother in Vietnam and I have to say that they must be rolling over in their grave at what is going on in our own country. Again Sir thank you for your service. I wish we had more men like you. You are 90 years young? What a wonderful blessing.

    • Ronald C Watt

      June 10, 2019 at 5:04 pm

      The evil anti American, low life sob George Soros owns them and congress. Cut off the head of the snake and the snake will die.

    • Gun Nuts of America

      June 11, 2019 at 2:25 am

      You’re a liar Morrow, see you tomorrow making new alibis for the mobster Trump.

      • Bob

        June 11, 2019 at 3:15 pm

        Go smoke some more crack you POS, you don’t attack a 90 year old Veteran that fought for your freedom !

      • Marinevet

        June 11, 2019 at 11:28 pm

        You are the liar. Trump doesn’t need alibis. He has been found not guilty of anything the left tried to accuse him of. Now you are looking for another way to get rid of him. We conservatives will make sure you never accomplish that no matter how many lies you tell. Lies you use to make yourself feel better because the people are seeing through your BS now more than ever.

        • Robert Henrix

          June 11, 2019 at 11:36 pm

          No, Trump was not found not guilty.

          From the Mueller Report:

          “Our investigation found multiple acts by the President that were capable of exerting undue influence over law enforcement investigations, including the Russia-interference and obstruction investigations,” Mueller’s report advises. And again: “The President engaged in a series of targeted efforts to control the investigation.”

          “If we had confidence after a thorough investigation of the facts that the President clearly did not commit obstruction of justice, we would so state,” the report points out. “Based on the facts and the applicable legal standards, however, we are unable to reach that judgment.”

          • Dee Pulsi

            June 12, 2019 at 8:15 pm

            The Mueller Report did not find him guilty of anything either. The Dems would be jumping on that if Mueller did find him guilty.

          • Robert Henrix

            June 13, 2019 at 8:37 am

            Dee Pulsi, The Democrats are getting their ducks in a row so they can impeach him with no doubt. They have multiple investigations using Mueller’s Report as a map.


          • dennod

            June 20, 2019 at 1:49 am

            In other words, mueller found him ” not innocent”. Mueller had nothing, and lacked the balls to just admit it. In keeping with the leftist ideals, he just had top throw some ambiguity in there to keep the charade going. It didn’t work, though, as you all will find out soon. The reckoning is here.

    • Dolores

      June 11, 2019 at 11:35 pm

      You tell them Robert Morrow. And I certainly agree with you. As far as I’m concerned, CNN, MSNBC and the democrats are the enemy of the American People

  5. Robert Henrix

    June 10, 2019 at 3:45 pm

    Journalists are in danger. They are being murdered, raped, shot, beheaded just for telling the truth.

    • dennod

      June 10, 2019 at 4:17 pm

      Where? Not here.

      • Robert Henrix

        June 10, 2019 at 8:00 pm

        Yes here. In 2018. 4 journalists were murdered, shot to death in Maryland’s Capital Gazette Newsroom.

        • Kathleen Mema

          June 11, 2019 at 10:51 pm

          Robert there was a shooting at the paper BUT NOT BECAUSE OF POLITICS. The attack was due to an article the paper ran about the individual. But keep up the current media standards by not telling the WHOLE story

          • Robert Henrix

            June 11, 2019 at 11:31 pm

            Was the article true? Then they were killed for telling the truth. Exactly what I stated.

            Please keep up with the conversation.

          • Dee Pulsi

            June 12, 2019 at 8:20 pm

            Robert needs to go back to school. He only pick out what he wants to and leaves the rest out to try to make him look good.

    • Dennis L Ruffin

      June 10, 2019 at 5:07 pm

      Name just ONE, moron, that happened to in America or STFU!

      • Robert Henrix

        June 10, 2019 at 5:27 pm

        I will name 4 journals who were murdered in the United States in 2018: Gerald Fischman, Rob Hiaasen, John McNamara, and Wendi Winters.

        I will accept your apology now Dennis L. Ruffin.

      • Robert Henrix

        June 10, 2019 at 8:02 pm

        I am still waiting for that apology, Dennis L Ruffin.

    • Aline

      June 10, 2019 at 5:08 pm


  6. Gun Nuts of America

    June 10, 2019 at 3:47 pm

    Fox is the most watched “news” program, why was that not mentioned assuming that the big 3 didn’t include them. It’s clear Fox is the Trump Network as are all there other networks popping up like Newsmax. With Kashoggi, a writer for an American newspaper, getting hacked to death by the Saudis, and Trump says he believes the Saudi prince instead of spy agencies it is a dark time for reporting the truth. When Infowars, Breitbart, and Drudge and countless other right wing rags and websites can spew their lies and hatred with little criticism it is dangerous to report the truth. Trump doesn’t care about the truth. He and his campaign worked with the Russians to fix the election, all those people, Flynn, Sessions, Kushner, Gates, Manafort, Cohen met with Russian operatives, and ALL lied about it in their original testimony. Don’t you ask yourself why? Don’t you care? When real estate deals went bad and Trump was having problems don’t you think Trump consulted with his NYC mafia friends in how to deal with people he disliked?

    • dennod

      June 10, 2019 at 4:07 pm

      Kashoggi posted an occasional “opinion piece” for the washington post. It would be like any of us writing ” a letter to the editor” to a newspaper. He was a DC “socialite” with the “in crowd swampsters”, and who knows what other nefarious dealings he was up to with the Turks and the Saudis. He wasn’t a US citizen even though his children that were born here were. He was in Turkey, when he was supposedly killed by his own people, the Saudis. Frankly, Scarlett, I don’t give a feck.”

    • Dennis L Ruffin

      June 10, 2019 at 5:09 pm

      Another limp wrist beta male opines. Off your meds, again?

    • bo davis

      June 11, 2019 at 12:05 am

      you been watching cnn again

  7. dennod

    June 10, 2019 at 3:58 pm

    ” FAKE NEWs is the enemy of the people” was Trump’s quote. These lying weasels STILL can’t tell the truth about anything.

  8. Garry

    June 10, 2019 at 4:04 pm

    FAKE NEWS is essentially LIES. The sitting president (aka Pinocchio), personally with his 10,500+ lies and counting, his minions, sycophants, ultra-right-wing media, alt Right and Russian supporters are the greatest source of real FAKE NEWS. You mr. president (aka Pinocchio) are the “FAKE, FAKE, DISGUSTING” source of the FAKE NEWS! The truly HORRIBLE person is YOU! He and they are a clear and present danger to America. So, mr. president (aka Pinocchio), that makes you enemy #1 in America & Individual #1. VOTE BLUE and end the LIES and the INSANITY!

    • dennod

      June 10, 2019 at 4:15 pm

      Snowflakes be like flipping out. LOL…..that 10,500 figure comes from the biggest fake news outlet of the all: the washingtom com- post( hopefully, soon to be owned by Nick Sandman) . Not to worry: The Reckoning is here. ( the term ironically coined by an msnbc commentator while talking about if the mueller report exonerates Trump, just days before its release)

  9. Chainlink700rt

    June 10, 2019 at 7:54 pm

    Jim’s mental issues, are worse than I thought.
    He can sit there, and lie when he knows nobody backed him.
    News organizations are constantly trying to outdo one or the other.
    Every thing he says,…’s just sad.
    The reality, is he thinks trump will be impeached, he has a rude awakening. It’s not going to happen. Trump is on track with all these
    clowns, and sooner or later… William bar will spill the crimes
    for all to see….along with mr. Jim the leader of deception of news,
    and the democratic parties spy ring with hillary on top of the list.

  10. Spencer Downs

    June 10, 2019 at 8:23 pm

    This man is a confirmed liar and is as biased as they come! I believe nothing he says!

  11. Bruce

    June 11, 2019 at 12:28 pm

    The “MEDIA”, is a TOOL of the Devil/Satan, and yes I know, people say Satan doesn’t exist! That’s what Satan wants people to think. The is NOTHING like a King James Bible to CLEAR this, or any, matter up. So let’s prove MY point, shall we? In Matt 4:8-10 KJV we have a scenario of Jesus Christ being tempted of Satan, and as you can read, you see Satan offering Jesus Christ the world and all that is therein. Yet, Jesus Christ does not rebuke Satan and tell him that it is not his or that he doesn’t have that power, because Satan does have that power! The world and IT’s systems of Govt and Media (2 Corinthians 4:4/Ephesians 2:2) and Finace etc all are in Satans charge! See, when Adam sinned and partook of the grape vine, he plunged the world into sin and gave Satan what he wanted to retain, the control of the world systems, as so it is….CONSIDER, the Media is controlled by a LIAR and the father of all LIES! John 8:44 KJV says Satan is a LIAR and a Murderer and Lustful, and there is no TRUTH in him! That’s the Media….LIARs, JUST like their father…Satan!

  12. Camille Billiam

    June 11, 2019 at 7:37 pm

    Acosta’s WH pres pass should have been permanently revoked. He acts like an as- most days.

  13. Brian Richard Allen

    June 12, 2019 at 3:52 am

    Acosta is lying ….

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Media Bias

The New York Times’ latest scheme left Trump shaking with rage




The New York Times is the flagship outlet of the Fake News Media.

Their propaganda pieces masquerading as journalism set the agenda and talking points for the Democrat Party.

But now The New York Times‘ latest scheme left Trump shaking with rage.

New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet recently held a town hall meeting for Times employees.

Baquet addressed his staff after the uproar on Twitter over a headline after President Trump’s speech on mass shootings that liberals on social media raged was too favorable to Trump.

The Times caved and changed the headline to reflect an anti-Trump sentiment more suitable for their left-wing readers.

During his remarks, Baquet made a shocking admission: The Times went all-in on the Russia Collusion Hoax because the paper was compelled to frame Trump’s Presidency in the most negative light possible.

Baquet added that The Times was now changing the focus of their coverage to calling Donald Trump a racist because that is what Baquet believes will damage Trump the most.

Baquet stated:

OK. I mean, let me go back a little bit for one second to just repeat what I said in my in my short preamble about coverage. Chapter 1 of the story of Donald Trump, not only for our newsroom but, frankly, for our readers, was: Did Donald Trump have untoward relationships with the Russians, and was there obstruction of justice? That was a really hard story, by the way, let’s not forget that. We set ourselves up to cover that story. I’m going to say it. We won two Pulitzer Prizes covering that story. And I think we covered that story better than anybody else.

The day Bob Mueller walked off that witness stand, two things happened. Our readers who want Donald Trump to go away suddenly thought, “Holy shit, Bob Mueller is not going to do it.” And Donald Trump got a little emboldened politically, I think. Because, you know, for obvious reasons. And I think that the story changed. A lot of the stuff we’re talking about started to emerge like six or seven weeks ago. We’re a little tiny bit flat-footed. I mean, that’s what happens when a story looks a certain way for two years. Right?

Americans know The Times is hopelessly biased against conservatives.

But what they could not believe was Baquet admitting to shaping his coverage around a conspiracy theory designed to overthrow the duly elected President of the United States.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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Tucker Carlson pointed out one fact about mass shootings that infuriated the Democrat Party




Tucker Carlson is an expert at destroying the Left.

He isn’t afraid to point out facts the mainstream media ignore.

And Tucker Carlson just pointed out one fact about mass shootings that infuriated the Democrat Party.

To the Democrat Party, and the mainstream media, there is one reason for mass shootings.

And that reason is that citizens in the United States have the right to keep and bear arms.

So their one and only solution is to strip that right away.

But as Tucker Carlson points out, the Second Amendment isn’t actually the problem.

During his vacation, he posted a surprise article on The Daily Caller, which he founded, where he explained the core reason behind mass shootings.

The most important fact that gets left out by the mainstream media and their Democrat pals is that suicide rates for young Americans are higher than they have ever been, along with drug-related deaths.

This increase is fueled by Left-wing policies that hurt economic opportunity and are destroying the family and religious institutions, therefore leaving many young Americans with the notion they have nowhere to go but self-harm.

And while those millions of cases of young people destroying themselves this way are ignored, the media instead fixates on the very small amount that cause mass shootings.

As written by Tucker Carlson at The Daily Caller:

Suicide rates for young Americans are the highest ever measured. So are drug-related deaths. Fifteen percent of millennials still live with their parents. Fifty years ago, more than 80% of American adults ages 25 to 34 were already married and living with a spouse. Today, less than half of adults in that age range are married. A huge portion of American young people aren’t in any kind of relationship at all. It’s no wonder millions of young people feel helpless, miserable and alone. They lack friends or parents or religious organizations to give their lives purpose and moral coherence. They live in a suffocating culture they feel no control over: Local identity and local institutions are the weakest they’ve ever been in this country.

Most people think our democracy is fake. The policies they live under, the jobs they hold and even their personal opinions are controlled by tech monopolists, media scolds and Washington bureaucrats. America is supposed to be a free country, but millions of young people look around and feel like they’re trapped in a stagnant dystopia. In such an environment, a few people will lash out in violence. Millions of others will simply fade away, from suicide or overdose or diabetes. This is the real crisis, the one that produced those horrifying scenes on TV over the weekend. Washington is happy to pretend it isn’t happening. But it is. You can’t ignore it forever.

Carlson truly hits the nail on the head in a way that only he can.

Democrats and the Fake News Media want to ignore all these points, as they are too difficult to swallow.

They would much rather simply say “guns are bad,” or “angry white men are bad” than get to the core of the problem.

Do you think Tucker Carlson is correct?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Media Bias

All hell broke loose at CNN when this shocking video went public




It’s been bad stretch of news for CNN.

Sex scandals, lawsuits, bad ratings, and anchors behaving like animals out in public rocked the fake news network back on its heels.

And now all hell broke loose at CNN when this shocking video went public.

One of the body blows fake news CNN absorbed this past week was a viral video of anchor Chris Cuomo losing his mind and threatening to kill a man by throwing him down a flight of stairs after the man called Cuomo “Fredo.”

Fake news CNN stood behind Cuomo and falsely claimed Cuomo was the victim of a racial slur.

But all was not well behind the scenes.

Word surfaced that CNN staffers were embarrassed by Cuomo’s behavior.

The New York Post reports:

Insiders say that — while CNN brass stood by Chris Cuomo after he was caught on camera threatening a man who called him “Fredo” — the newsroom rank and file was “embarrassed” by the blowup.

Cuomo, who hosts the 9 p.m. “Cuomo Prime Time,” told the guy in the Shelter Island confrontation that the “Godfather” reference was a racial slur “like the ‘N-word’” for Italian Americans, called him “a punk-ass bitch” and told him, “I’ll f–king ruin your s – t. I’ll f–king throw you down these stairs.”

One insider said they personally thought the run-in was “great” and that Cuomo would get a pass from higher-ups because “he’s BFFs with [CNN president Jeff] Zucker.” Another said the newsroom chatter was that “everyone thinks it’s fine to stand up to trolls, but it escalated way past where it needed to.” While they said Cuomo generally has a good reputation with the staff, “It was embarrassing.” They added, “It was an unforced error, and he gave the right — and the president — ammunition to use against him and CNN.”
It takes a lot to embarrass people that work at CNN.

Network anchors routinely spread fake news and conspiracy theories on the air as part of a Democrat Party effort to get rid of Donald Trump.

They don’t much care about professional integrity at fake news CNN.

The behind the scenes disgust at CNN shows just how far over the line Cuomo’s rant really was.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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  • After giving President Trump over 90% negative coverage, the mainstream media has earned the "Fake News" label.

    CNN and MSNBC have been caught red-handed peddling Democratic Party talking points and outright hoaxes to paint Trump supporters as "racist."