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Jen Psaki

Jen Psaki was asked the one question she never expected to hear



The corporate-controlled media’s treatment of Jen Psaki just reached a new low.

And many Americans thought it could not get any worse.

Until Jen Psaki was asked the one question she never expected to hear.

The treatment Jen Psaki received at the hands of the White House press corps is very different from that of Sean Spicer, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, or Kayleigh McEnany.

Yahoo News correspondent Brittany Shepherd made that abundantly clear when she asked Psaki for an update on the Bidens getting a cat for the White House claiming the subject was of great interest to Yahoo’s readers.

“Any update on the White House cat?” Shepherd stated. “Is that something that’s still happening here? “Our readers are asking us a lot.”

There were many questions that could have been asked about the border, inflation, the rush of cyberattacks on U.S. industries, but Shepherd did not want to ask Psaki anything that might make the White House look bad.

Psaki was clearly grateful for the softball question.

“I bet,” Psaki shot back. “I’ve been joking, although maybe it might be true, that we’re waiting for a bad news day for that to come out. If you see a tail wagging coming out of the briefing room, you’ll know something bad is about to happen.”

“I don’t have any update on the cat,” Psaki responded.

That back and forth summed up the difference in the eyes of many Americans as to how the press corps treats Democrat administrations versus Republican ones.

Any reporter that asked a Republican President’s Press Secretary such a question would have been shamed out of the profession by their colleagues on social media.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

Jen Psaki

Jen Psaki just admitted something about the Fake News Media that will make your blood boil



The media always has a cozy relationship with Democrat administrations.

But in the Biden era it seems worse than ever.

And Jen Psaki just admitted something about the Fake News Media that will make your blood boil.

POLITICO reported that some White House reporters are frustrated with how the Biden administration demands the ability to edit and approve quotes given by administration officials to the members of the press.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki pushed back on this criticism by threatening to not make administration officials available to the press.

“We would welcome any outlet banning the use of anonymous background quotes that attack people personally or speak to internal processes from people who don’t even work in the Administration,” Psaki told POLITICO. “At the same time, we make policy experts available in a range of formats to ensure context and substantive detail is available for stories.

“If outlets are not comfortable with that attribution for those officials they of course don’t need to utilize those voices,” Psaki added.

Psaki’s ultimatum revealed that White House reporters are essentially a cowardly lot afraid to take a stand against a Democrat administration.

Other administrations have used this method of quote approval before, but none to the level that the Biden administration has.

Reporters are willing to let the Biden administration censor and rewrite their news because they strongly support Joe Biden and want to see him succeed.

Members of the press are deathly afraid of being criticized on Twitter by left-wing activists who believe the media cost Hillary Clinton the 2016 election by covering her email scandal.

The press corps is also afraid of getting frozen out as they value access to power more than the integrity of their stories.

Pants on Fire News will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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Jen Psaki

What Biden’s Press Secretary let slip on CNN proves one thing he didn’t want out



Joe Biden’s time in the White House has been shrouded in secrecy.

There has been a lot of speculation as to why.

And what Biden’s Press Secretary let slip on CNN proves one thing he didn’t want out.

Joe Biden’s mental decline hasn’t been a secret.

For decades he has made ridiculous gaffes, and in recent years he has been caught on camera seemingly not even knowing what state he is in or race he is running.

They have become so frequent that even his own staff are well aware of his shortcomings.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki recently spoke on her former Obama administration colleague David Axelrod’s CNN podcast, The Axe Files, where she explains that White House staff tries to keep Biden from taking questions from the press.

She explains that it is in order to keep the gaffe-prone President from going “off message.”

As Psaki explains, they prefer he stick to pre-written speeches and social media messages.

Axelrod responded to this by stating, “It seems to me that you guys have done a good job of managing that, because a lot of his interactions are speeches and settings in which you have a pretty good sense going in what he’s going to say.”

Psaki replied “I think the thing that’s interesting is that he actually takes questions – I mean he took questions, I mean he did a mini press conference yesterday. He takes questions nearly every day he’s out from the press. That is not something we recommend, in fact, a lot of times we say, ‘Don’t take questions.’”

Imagine one of President Trump’s White House Press Secretaries saying the same thing.

Instead of the Fake News Media being impressed, like Axelrod seemed to be, there would be round-the-clock media coverage about Trump being too unfit to hold public office.

There would be calls to invoke the 25th Amendment, where his cabinet officials could oust him from any official duties as President.

Instead, Trump took more questions than perhaps any President in history.

That would sometimes result in gaffes, as would happen to any person answering dozens of questions every day.

But Trump realized that it was more important to be transparent, and take the risk of misspeaking while on the spot.

If Biden did the same, he would make a fool of himself on a daily basis.

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Jen Psaki

Biden’s Press Secretary got caught in an embarrassing lie over gun control



Joe Biden is proving to be the gun grabber Republicans expected.

He’s already using executive dictates to chip away at Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

But Biden’s Press Secretary got caught in an embarrassing lie over gun control.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has been repeatedly called out for telling half-truths and flat-out lies during her press briefings.

It happened again when she was asked about Joe Biden’s position on guns.

Biden recently parroted the idiotic “gun show loophole” lie and said, “Most people don’t know
it: you walk into a store to buy a gun, you have a background check, but if you go to a gun show
you can buy whatever you want, no background check.”

That simply is not true.

Any FFL dealer must perform a background check.

The Democrats parrot this lie to ram through gun control legislation, and get one step closer to a federal registry.

When Psaki was asked about Biden’s falsehood, she did not tell the truth about his position on guns.

Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris represent the most anti-gun administration in U.S. history, and they’re living down to their reputation.

During the primary, Harris said she would use executive action to pass gun control policy within 100 days if she were President – Biden beat her by a month.

There’s no reason to think Biden and the Democrats will stop.

All of their pet issues are on the table: national gun registry, magazine capacity limits, red flag laws, limits on ammunition purchases, and more.

And expect Biden to lie every step of the way, just as he did about background checks.

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