Jen Psaki made one outrageous statement about her transition from the White House to MSNBC

Democrats work hand in hand with corporate-controlled media.

They don’t even try to hide it anymore.

And Jen Psaki made one outrageous statement about her transition from the White House to MSNBC.

Democrat-controlled outlets balked when Donald Trump called them “fake news” and the “enemy of the American people.”

Trump was talking about overwhelming media bias that leads to shoddy reporting.

And he was correct.

In fact, Trump has been proven more correct every day since 2016.

Psaki bomb

Now former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki came out and admitted what everybody knew but was chastised for saying.

During an interview with Stephen Colbert, Psaki admitted that she and the host are essentially partisan Democrats.

Colbert said, “I watch your show, I mean, I enjoy it. I just—I would just imagine that, especially as we get closer to the election, that tension’s going to be greater for you to stay objective, even if you actually believe in the objectives of the President of the United States.”

The idea of MSNBC being objective is a farce.

Psaki responded, “That’s true, but I don’t think my views of Donald Trump are a secret. I don’t think yours are either, if I’m being honest.”

Finally, some honesty from the corporate-controlled press.

Colbert continued, “But, I’m not a journalist and I’m not—you know, I’m a professional clown.”

Jon Stewart started the gimmick of clown nose on, clown nose off.

In other words, late-night comics want to be taken seriously as political pundits, but when they get called out, they just say things like “I’m a professional clown.”

Clown nose off

Psaki said, “Yeah, I think you’re way more than that, you’re informing the public.”

“Then I’m not doing my job very well,” quipped Colbert.

But he is 100% correct.

He is not doing his job very well.

Johnny Carson hated the idea of using The Tonight Show as a platform for partisan politics.

His job was to be a comedian for the entire country, and he understood that role.

Psaki continued, “I think people who are watching my show, I hope, and this is the North Star we always talk about on our team is, do people come away with a better understanding of a person? Maybe it’s Joe Biden, someone running for office, maybe it’s a governor, and an issue, and/or an issue. So is there an issue misconstrued out there that I can help explain? I don’t think it’s a secret, I don’t try to make it a secret. I worked for not just Joe Biden, I worked for Barack Obama, I worked on three presidential campaigns. That’s part of my story. I think I can bring a lot of insights to the public about how these things work, about how campaigns work, and also what’s actually at stake in this election. . .”

Psaki said that her job is essentially to provide proper framing in service of the Democrat Party.

She worked for Biden and Barack Obama, so when she talks about helping viewers get a “better understanding,” it’s coming from a very specific point of view.

Colbert asked, “Is there something that you could inform the audience about that might be something that you feel like the Biden Administration is not doing correctly right now? Some constructive information that they wouldn’t even mind hearing from you.”

That is a fair question, but again, the point is always to add a left-wing framing.

Colbert continued with his question, “For instance, how about outreach to young people right now? Much is being made of the fact young voters are turned off to President Biden, especially in light of his continued support of Netanyahu with the tragedy that’s going on in Gaza right now in response to the tragedy of October 7.”

So if Biden gets criticized at all by the press, it’s going to come from his left flank.

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